Wednesday, 24 August 2011

My wonderful brother-in-law....

Mr A's brother is a treasure.  He lives in Ankara.  We never see him.  But every time I have a problem with my laptop I contact him and he takes control of my laptop via teamviewer and sorts it out for me.

He is extremely busy though and has very little free time, so I always feel a bit guilty about asking him for help.  Sometimes I have to wait a few days but we get there in the end.

The problem is that his free time seems to be very late at night and when I'm expecting him to call I have to force myself to stay awake.

Last night he called at 11.30pm to help me reconnect to the wireless network, something TTNet's technical department seem unable or unwilling to do.  No wonder, as this time the whole process was a lot more complicated than it usually is.  Certain downloads had to be uninstalled, new ones installed, some of which didn't work.  They were then uninstalled and others tried.  Each time I had to re-boot the laptop, which meant that on opening it again I would have to download teamviewer again for BIL to connect.

I worried about him having to be up early for work in the morning and told him I wouldn't be offended if he decided to give up for now.  But he cheerfully replied that he would keep trying.

Eventually at 2.45am I was reconnected to the wireless network and could remove the USB cable.

I thanked him and apologised for keeping him from his bed, to which he repied " or night..I'm happy to help".    Bless his heart!


  1. How on earth did awful FIL produce two such nice sons...

  2. Goodness knows Fly. Their sister is lovely too!

  3. Now THAT'S an ideal brother in law!!! What a nice guy!!!

  4. He sounds like a man in a million. Well worth his weight in gold.
    So glad you are fixed up.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  5. Wow! What a nice man. Thank heavens your sorted - being tied to the USB cord stinks.

  6. Maggie and 'Cross the Pond. Thanks. It's nice to be free of the USB cable!

  7. A treasure indeed, Ayak. So glad you have such nice Turkish relatives as well as the dreaded in-laws.

  8. Now that's a fantastic brother-in-law!

  9. Perpetua I do indeed have some very nice Turkish relatives..makes up for the "not-so-nice" ones.

    Megan: Welcome to my blog. Yes he is fantastic!


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