Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Patience.... a virtue.  So they say.   My patience has been wearing thin of late.  Today it has almost run out.

I have patiently tried to adapt to the ongoing powercuts, knowing that I would have internet access early morning and late evening.  I'm even coping with the water cuts, making sure I fill up large containers for when this happens.

Imagine how I felt last night when the power came back on and I discovered that the phone line was dead and I have no internet access.

Mr A phoned TTNet last night and they said it would be fixed...last wasn't.  He has phoned again this morning and they have promised it will be fixed today...hmmm.

So this morning I am at the hotel using the internet..but I have limited access.  Hence this blog post to say to my followers, old and new, thankyou for continuing to read and leave your comments, and apologies if I don't always manage an individual response.

Bear with me please...hoping to be back to normal service soon...I live in hope!


  1. It is such a drag, isn't it, when things just don't work as you expect them to! Sounds like Ankara when I first came here - those water cuts used to really get me, bathrooms full of bidons etc :(. But no internet is awful! We are so used to it and it a window to the outside world. Hope it all comes right soon, dear Ayak!

  2. I'd be grinding my teeth down to the gums...

  3. Let's see if blogger allows me to comment...
    Hello from Kusadasi! You could come down here if you like [g]
    No internet at our house - we came out to a nearby restaurant/bar to finally get on!

  4. What a drag, I hope these issues are soon resolved for you.

  5. Take the opportunity to have a bloggy break :)

  6. That's crazy! How much do they expect people to accept? These have become essential services- yeah, even the Internet.
    Hang in there, dear. There's not a lot else you can do. Maybe SOLAR PANELS!!? At least you'd have some electricity in the day. Also maybe it's time to drill your own well. A windmill to pump water? Crazy world we live in when we can speak to people directly any place in the world but we can't find running water in our homes.

  7. (((HUGS))) I just don't know how you can cope. I'd be popping pills of some kind to get rid of my headaches.

    Sometimes I can't write any comments on Blogger but my computer tech guy told me to get Google Chrome (takes a minute to download and it's free) and now I can leave comments anywhere on anybodys blog.

    Hope you get your electric and water back on soon. Is there a hamam you can go to in the day time or are they out of water also.

    Take care and as they say in England "Keep Calm and Carry On'. wonder who wrote that.

  8. Thanks everyone for your comments and's very much appreciated xxx


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