Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Searching for Inspiration

It's been a week since I last did a blog post..most unusual for me.  I just don't seem to be able to find anything interesting to write about at the moment.  So just a quick update which will have to do until I feel a bit more enthusiastic and inspired to write more.

Today is the first day of Şeker Bayram, the holiday following Ramazan, when people eat far too much chocolate and sweets.  I have my basket of sweets by the door ready for the children who will come calling.

Mr A changed jobs last week.  Still selling the hamam experience, but for a hotel spa centre in Torba, just outside Bodrum.   He had become disillusioned with the way the last hamam was being run.  You may recall my recent post about this.   His new boss is someone he has known for a few years.  He worked for him a couple of winters ago in a hamam in Istanbul.  This man has been regularly contacting Mr A for weeks now, trying to persuade him to join him.  Finally, Mr A succumbed, and the decision was made easier by the promise of a higher percentage commission, and the possibility of a job for the winter.

The in-laws arrived yesterday, and have actually been quite pleasant company so far.  They are off out today to visit friends, then will start working on the land tomorrow.  As usual, I have no idea how long they will be here.

And that's it for now.


  1. I hope this job will lead into something for winter. I would be nice for your hubby not to have to worry come end of summer.

  2. Me too Kelleyn...fingers crossed!

  3. I´m sorry to hear that you lack inspiration. I always find it very interesting to read your blog, although I haven´t made many comments lately. The way you write about the every-day struggle with the electricity cuts and the trouble you´ve had with internet and mr Ayak´s work - and the in-laws. You are so open and generous, sharing your life with us, and it´s always interesting to read. Next year I turn 50 and by that age you don´t always jump out of bed with joy, but you still have to get up and go to your work and come home and cook meals...And then I sometimes think about your humorous and sympathetic way of dealing with your every-day life and problems. Sorry about my english, I hope you understand what I mean./Selda

  4. Hi Selda. Yes I do know exactly what you mean...your English is perfect by the way. Sometimes I feel that I moan too much about my life when really I need to find more positive things to write about.

  5. I enjoy reading about the things you write about. You lead such a different life to me. Fingers crossed for the new job and an inlaw short stay :)

  6. Thanks Kelloggsville. It's the differences in all of us that make blogs enjoyable. I love being able to take a peek into other peoples' lives

  7. I so wish you and Mr A were nearer me in Ovacik, you could easily live on what I pay my management company for the year and look after my villa and it would give you time together. I hope this works out for Mr A xxxx

  8. So do I auntiegwen...and we'd do a good job. Fingers still crossed for winter work for Mr A xx

  9. Life seems to find the best route to take and I'm glad that Mr a followed this one.
    Glad the in laws are being so good to you.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  10. Glad to hear about the better job for Mr A, Ayak, and fingers crossed for winter work. I know what you mean about not posting - my post yesterday was the first for three weeks, much worse than your one week :-) Hope the inspiration comes back soon. Your blog is one I always love to read.

  11. Maggie...well it's ok for now. As you know Mr A changes jobs so often I never take anything for granted.

    Thankyou Pertpetua..must pop across to see your latest post!

    Fly: Yes..amongst other things!

  12. I always love reading your Blog about anything you interesting your daily adventures and some of the characters along the way.
    Yes...yesterday was Bayram....I baked for my husband a big pan of Baklava and we had some Turkish friends over for dinner. He ate almost the whole pan himself....AS with all that butter and sugar I try and not make it too often. So if he has a craving for it, he usually goes to a Greek bakery for a slice but there's is different.
    My husband still wants to be a guest blogger but at the moment he's so bogged up with work that he hardly has time to sleep, next month it will slow down.
    Glad your in/laws were pleasant this time around, mine live on the other side of the world so I don't see them too often. But I know Turkish men change when their families are around.

    Well good luck with your husband's new job venture, maybe this is for the better.....and better during winter.I'm coming to Turkey next Sept.....I just can't handle the heat there and my in/laws are afraid of A/C because they will catch a it goes.

    Take care....even if you have to write what you had for dinner I always enjoy reading your Blog. :-)

  13. And I always enjoy your comments Erica...thankyou for taking the time to read and give me your views. I'll look forward to your husband's post when he has time xxx

  14. Even your uninspired posts are interesting to me. I find your blog fascinating and your sunny disposition refreshing. So keep it coming! I've been feeling uninspired lately as well. Guess it's the end of summer blues...

  15. 'Cross the Pond...Thankyou for your lovely comment. I think you're right it's that time of year


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