Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Accident prone

Does anyone else get days where they seem completely out of sync?  I do.  Days where I burn myself on the iron or the oven, bump into doors and trip over my feet.

Today was a typical example.

I woke up early, let the dogs out and made myself a coffee to take back to bed.  I placed it on the bedside cupboard and opened the drawer to get something, knocking over the mug of coffee which shot everywhere.  Up the wall, the bed, the top of the cupboard and inside the drawers.  So everything had to come out to be cleaned and dried out, and the bedding changed (I only changed it yesterday of course).

I had arranged to meet Gwen.1 in Milas today at 9.30am.  I showered and got dressed.  I leave the dogs outside while I'm out so I filled their large water container to put in the shade. As I was carrying it outside and down the steps, I tripped and tipped the water over myself.  I was drenched and had to hastily change my clothes.

By this time it was getting late so as I rushed out I banged the top of my foot on the metal gate.  It just broke the skin but wasn't bleeding, but it is now bruised and swollen.

Fortunately, I managed to spend the day in Milas and return home without further mishaps.   However, whilst washing up about an hour ago, I dropped a glass jar in the sink.  As I tried to grab it, it smashed and sliced the top of my finger quite deeply.   It probably needs a stitch, but I have managed to stop the flow of blood with a steri-strip type dressing, so hopefully it will heal ok.

I should have stayed in bed today.


  1. oh dear, stay in bed tomorrow to recover xx

  2. I think it's best auntiegwen xx

  3. There are days like that...I'm naturally clumsy but some days one thing follows another...cuts, burns, bumps...
    Sometimes wonder whether a straitjacket isn't called for...

  4. For me it's definitely hormone related. Dropping milk bottles is my piece de la resistance. I once dropped a four Pinter in a revolving door! Please wrap yourself in cotton wool tomorrow. X

  5. Fortunately our milk comes in cartons, although I often drop them. That must have been quite a mess with the revolving door.

  6. Awww Ayak hope today is much better xx

  7. (((HUGS))) Hope you have a better day today and that deep cut heals properly. It's just one of those days...I seem to be having a lot of clumsy days where I trip so as I walk I think of every step.

    My husband has a habit of breaking my antiquey things, why I don't know. It's like they are sitting there waiting for him to knock them over and they have survived for over a hundred years.

    About coffee my husband rarely a morning goes by wthout him spilling a cup of coffee all over himself or the floor....he said it's too early...blah blah blah same story every morning.

    Have a great day

  8. Don't you just hate days like that!! I have way to many of them ;) Tomorrow will be better! Well it couldn't get much worse could it lol....

  9. Hi Erica: Hmm my husband's pretty clumsy too and lots of things get broken. Between us we're a bit of a disaster!

    Bomb: Touch more mishaps...yet!

    B & W: Hi and welcome to my blog. No it couldn't have got much worse...and didn't fortunately!


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