Friday, 9 September 2011


Yes I am very happy today because I've been to the dentist.  No...I am not cracking up.  I wouldn't normally be happy about a visit to the dentist but today I really am.

I have been struggling with a broken back tooth for years now.  When we lived in Cappadocia I had it re-filled a couple of times, but gradually bits would chip off and lumps of filling would drop out.

Most of the time I can tolerate it.  It doesn't usually ache, but sometimes the jagged edges cause me to bite my tongue and the inside of my cheek.

I have been searching for a dentist since last year who would either be prepared to extract it or to re-build be honest there really wasn't much left of it to re-build.  I found a dentist in Bitez last year who filed it down as a temporary measure, in the hope that I would return to have it crowned.  He informed me that it was too far gone to re-build.

Now this is the problem I face.  Since then I have not been able to find a half-decent dentist in Milas, so for the past couple of months I have been searching for one in Bodrum.  BUT not one of them will remove the tooth.  AND they say it's impossible to re-build it and that I must have it crowned.  Oh and while I'm at it I should have that crown attached to a bridge which would be attached to another crown.  And by the way several other teeth, which I didn't ask them to look at, in their opinion need crowns, bridges, veneers, etc etc.
All of which would cost me a small fortune.

So I walked away from all of them.  OK maybe I do need more dental work, but it will be my choice as to when I have it done.

I searched the internet last night and found another dentist in Bodrum, and decided to give it one last shot.  I set off on the bus, and found the dentist's surgery at 10.20am.  I rang the bell, the door was locked and there was no answer.  A notice next to the door said opening hours 10.30 am till 7.00pm.  I waited half an hour...till 10.50am and no-one arrived so I gave up.  I went off to visit Gwen at the Gumbet hotel (I will now refer to this Gwen as Gwen.2 to avoid confusion (my other friend Gwen from Selçuk is Gwen.1).

Mr A's former boss, Yaşar, (who helped Mr A sort out his motorbike the other day) said he knew of a very good dentist in Konacık, just up the road from Gumbet.  He offered to take me there, and Gwen.2 came with us.  He then insisted we ring him when my treatment was finished and he would collect us.  What a kind and helpful man he is.

This dentist speaks very little English...his only words are OPEN, CLOSE, RINSE and BITE.  But that was fine.  Most important of all was that he looked at the offending remains of my tooth, and said he would fix it.  He didn't tell me it couldn't be fixed, or try to convince me that it should be crowned, bridged or whatever.  He just said he would re-build it and it would last at least two years.  And the price he quoted was an absolute fraction of what I had been expected to pay elsewhere.

He x-rayed it to make sure there were no signs of an abscess.  After 4 injections, he drilled,  filled layer by layer, filed it down to get a good bite, more drilling, all of which took about an hour.  He even matched up the filling to the colour of my teeth to get a perfect result.  And it is indeed a perfect job.  It feels so good and it looks like a brand new tooth.   He didn't then try to recommend any further treatment, he just said if I had any problems or needed any further work to let him know.

That's why I'm happy.  I now have a dentist who will do exactly what I ask him to.  I wish all those other dentists who are just interested in making money would take a leaf out of his book.  Gwen.2 has now made an appointment with him for some bridge and crown work and we have recommended him to two more people.  In my opinion he will be far more successful by not being pushy.


  1. A good - and honest - dentist is worth his weight in gold fillings!

    We had a super one in France - did what was needed and no more but can't say the same for Costa Rica.
    We go up to Nicaragua for dental problems.....sounds terrible, but it's only a bus ride!

  2. It's worth a journey to get a good dentist Fly. In future I will need to get 3 buses and it will take about 2 hours..but I don't mind at all

  3. finding a good dentist is like finding a hair dresser you love. sigh. Well done for finding yours.

  4. An honest dentist! How rare! You should have him gilded [g]

  5. Being a non pushy, good dentist is the very best thing. I am so pleased you found him and that the tooth is comfortable in your mouth as well as looking good.
    Being pushy would definitely put me off. If a dentist is sincere then that goes a long way to making me loyal to them. Think of all the recommendations too!
    So pleased to hear it was a painless procedure too.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  6. Kelloggsville..Yes and I've been lucky enough to find both recently. Also now have a good vet for the dogs so things are looking up.

    I should indeed Deniz x

    Maggie. He's a keeper definitely. Jaw is a bit stiff today..not surprisingly..having to keep my mouth wide open for an hour takes its toll..but the tooth is wonderful.

  7. I know Kellogsville said it first, but it bears repeating :-) First a hairdresser and now a dentist who will do what you want and no more. You are SO lucky, Ayak!

  8. I need one of those too maybe Ill have to fly over lol xx

  9. We had a similar experience when my partner's (newly filled in the UK on the NHS) tooth broke. Quoted a fortune for massive amounts of work by a very impressive dentist in Kusadasi. He sounded quite reasonable but we couldn't make him understand that we wanted a practical solution, not a cosmetic solution.

    Back to the dentist recommended in Selcuk who fixed just that one tooth. On the spot. No idea what it 'should' have cost but we found the price quite reasonable. And it looks better than it did before.

  10. Perpetua. Yes very lucky. And also a vet...did I mention the vet? After I return from England he will collect Poppy from the village, take her away to be spayed, cut her nails and clean her teeth and bring her home...all for a ridiculously small amount of money.

    Bomb: I'll make up the spare bed;-)

    omentide: Hi and welcome to my blog. I'm afraid that Kusadasi is much like Bodrum as far as dentists are concerned. Dental treatment here has always been good and inexpensive. However many Turkish dentists have latched onto this and are just out to make money. The prices have risen rapidly over the past couple of years. Silly people...they will eentually price themselves out of the market.


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