Tuesday, 6 September 2011

In the absence of....

...anything really interesting to write about, I'll just do an update.   It's still very hot here, I'm pretty bored most of the time.  Nothing very exciting happens here.   Although...I could tell you about the invasion of the sheep.  I know you're supposed to count sheep to help you sleep.  And here I am at 2am, unable to sleep but thinking of sheep will most definitely not help me sleep.

I mentioned a while ago about the black sheep that managed to get into our garden and eat most of the new grapevine.  Well he's clearly been influencing the rest of the flock.

Early Saturday evening, the flock were making their way back down the hill at the back of our house after a couple of hours grazing.  Mr A was at home, in the sitting room, and I was on my laptop in the bedroom.  All of a sudden there was the sound of rocks falling off the wall at the back of the house and the clattering of sheep surrounding the house.  Mr A and I both rushed out into the garden, leaving the dogs in the house, to find that the entire flock (about 30 I guess) had managed to get into our garden. Some had managed to get in through our neighbours garden and over the wall, and others had clambered over the wall at the back of our house.  Because areas of the garden are fenced off with chicken wire to keep the dogs safe, the sheep were in groups in different parts of the garden.  They were helping themselves to the fruit trees and generally making a mess.  Then they started to panic because they spotted Mr A armed with a stick and me with the broom..intent on removing them.   So they began to head-butt the chicken wire in an attempt to get out.

It took us a good half an hour to round them up, open the gates and get them out.  One thing is for certain, Mr A and I are not good shepherds...we are pretty useless at getting sheep to follow us like sheep.

Mr A got quite cross with the shepherdess who had obviously taken her eye off the ball.  He told her that if he found another of her sheep in our garden, we would be eating it.


  1. I remember housing a Soay sheep years ago..supposed to be for its owner's holiday but owner never wished to reclaim it..
    The blasted thing was a Houdini...sound just like your invaders...

  2. ohh....that is too funny. I would have loved to see you and Mr. A. swinging a stick and you waving about with a broom. I know it's not funny because I probably would have had a hissy fit myself. I have a fit here when 'Alvin' the Chipmunk chews on my parsley...can't imagine a flock of sheep invading my garden.

    I know sheep look so cute and harmless but when I was in Bergama one time with my husband I was standing beside our car and a darn sheep (all alone he was) was coming right at me and I couldn't unlock the me that was frightening, so ever since I stay clear of sheep.:-))) My husband said maybe that one sheep was missing some marbles.
    Have a great we had a long weekend Holiday, it was Labour Day Weekend. It always seems that summer is over after this holiday.
    Bye for now. :-)))

  3. Fly: It was very good of you to look after that sheep...dreadful that you were stuck with it. They're not as easy as dogs are they?

    Erica: They are certainly not as cute and harmless as they appear! I think your husband was wrong about that particular sheep: none of them possess "marbles"!

  4. Oh my goodness. That sounds like a diversion from your boredom that you could well do without!
    Sorry, I can't help laughing, but I know I'd be annoyed if it was my garden being invaded by sheep.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  5. It's OK to laugh Maggie..we did after the event. I wish I'd had it on video!

  6. My mother gave me a stuffed black sheep a few years ago and he's the only "toy" that moves overseas with us. I have such a soft spot for black sheep, but maybe I've been a bit naive... they sound rather roguish!

    Definitely enjoyed the mental image of panicked sheep headbutting chicken wire! : )

  7. The Meanderers: Hi and welcome to my blog. I had rather a soft spot for black sheep too, until this incident!


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