Friday, 2 September 2011

An interesting post

I had some welcome support for recent posts I published concerning the appalling state of a dog shelter in Izmir.

My fellow blogger jedilost showed his understanding of my feelings concerning the reactions I had to my posts.  But his post wasn't entirely about this subject.   It's a fascinating read and another insight into why people behave the way they do...take a look



  1. Fascinating post...thanks for sharing it.

  2. You're welcome Fly..I found it very interesting xx

  3. Gracious me! I have been out of the loop in recent days. Meaning not keeping up with my reading but now I just got over to your "controversial" blog post and all I can say is WOW!

    But then you see this all the time. Foreigners- even ones that have been here for years and years are simply not allowed to criticize any aspect of Turkey or Turkish culture. Even when those criticisms are handled in diplomatically, and with justification and evidence. As a foreigner, your opinions are not welcome because so many Turks simply cannot handle being criticized. And that would be well and good if they approached their problems more seriously and looked toward making their own solutions. But usually there is very little interest in that part. My Turkish friend, incidentally, has pointed this out to me on many occasions. He attributes it to a generalized "inferiority complex." That's sad. Nobody expects Turks to be perfect and there's no reason to over-react. But then it is easier to take umbrage than to admit there might be a problem. An admission would compel some kind of response.

    I applaud anybody anywhere who devotes their time and energy helping those that cannot help themselves.. animals, children, the elderly, the ill and the handicapped.

  4. Hi Nomad. Of course not all Turks are the same, but re my current situation, my FIL is a typical example of someone who can dish out the criticism to this yabanci gelen, but can't take it. And naturally because I'm a mere woman, and a foreigner to boot, I shouldn't have an opinion should I?

    (haha..don't mind me...I'm spitting feathers today..but you know me...I'll get over it ;-)

  5. I think all countries have something to hide or be ashamed about in the past. However..... we must move on and not harbour these grievances. I come across it a lot.
    I was recently told that *I* was responsible for the black slave trade. Was I really responsible for something that happened 400 years ago? No being alive then.....I hardly think so.
    Can we really be responsible for what our ancestors did?
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  6. I agree Maggie. So much needs to be forgotten and forgiven. We can really only be responsible for own actions ...we can't carry the burden of responsibility for all the mistakes made by our ancestors.

  7. this is another very interesting topic to discuss Maggie May and Ayak. we cannot/should not be held responsible for what our ancestors did in the past, and we cannot/should not be held responsible what other people do now.

    but what makes us feel like we are a part of a spesific event just because the perpetrators are from our nationality even though we probably have nothing in common, and we absolutely have no control or knowledge about what they had done?


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