Wednesday, 7 September 2011

It started well...

...yesterday.  In fact for the most part it was a pretty good day.  I had arranged to meet up with my friend Gwen from Selçuk.  She had never been to Bodrum so liked the idea of a day out there.  It wouldn't have been my choice.  I do like Bodrum.  The hustle and bustle, the harbour with it's magnificent boats, the views.  But Bodrum is expensive, and if you're a foreigner and not familiar with the town you get ripped off.

I set off from home just before 9am and met Gwen at Bodrum bus station at 10.30am.  We took a gentle stroll along the harbour, and stopped for a coffee.   Well the truth is we stopped at the third cafe we came across, having refused to pay exorbitant prices for a cup of instant coffee at the previous two.  We still paid over the odds but by then we were desperate for coffee so gave in.  

We checked out the cost of a day trip to Kos.  If you ever decide to do this, don't buy tickets from the agents in the town.  Always go down to the departure point at the harbour, where you will find there are usually special promotions available.  One company is currently doing the return trip for 12 Euro, which is excellent value.  I'm hoping this price will be the same when my brother and sister-in-law are here at the end of this month as we are planning a day trip during their week's stay.

It was market day in Bodrum yesterday so we decided to take a look.  The prices are ridiculous, often double what you will pay for the same items in markets such as Milas and Selçuk.  If you want a reasonably priced lunch, opt for one of the small cafes in the market area, who serve wonderful pide and kebabs.  We had pide which was delicious.  However, always check your bill before paying.  Gwen paid the bill without checking, and it wasn't until we were outside the market that we discovered she had been overcharged by 7 lira.  I was all for going back to complain, but Gwen wasn't, so I backed down rather than cause a fuss.

It was very hot, and we had walked a great deal.  Gwen was due to return on the 6.30pm bus but decided get the 3.30pm bus instead.  We had both had enough.

I caught a bus over to Torba to Mr A's hotel and stayed there until he was ready to leave work at 7.00pm. 

On Sunday I had made the trip over to the hotel where Mr A previously worked.  I've found an excellent hairdresser there called Ferdi.  He has a small salon in the hotel, and it will remain open all winter, even when the hotel is closed as he has many clients from the surrounding area.  He first cut my hair about 5 weeks ago when Mr A was still working there, and as Mr A is his friend, he only charged me 10 lira rather than the normal price.  I was delighted with the result and paid him 15 lira...still very cheap.   So on Sunday he cut it again for me.  I was expecting, and fully prepared to pay the normal price, but again he insisted on only charging me 10 lira...and I insisted on 15.

Whilst I was sitting over at the Torba hotel yesterday, their hairdresser, Uğur, came out to chat to us.  He asked where I had my hair cut and I told him.  He said it was very good, but he thought it needed a little thinning out at the back.  So I let him do it.  To be honest it doesn't look very much different, but he hadn't any clients so it seemed to make him happy.   He is trying to improve his English, so has offered me free haircuts in exchange for a bit of help with his English. I told him I'm happy to help with him with his English, but I will stick with Ferdi.   I think most women would agree with me that when you find a hairdresser who suits you, you don't change unless you really have to.

We set off  for home at 7.00pm, and halfway there, the motorbike started to splutter and there was a smell of burning.  We pulled up at the side of the road and Mr A wasn't sure what was causing the problem, but it was clear we couldn't take the chance on trying to go any further on it.  We were a couple of hundred yards from a petrol station so we pushed the bike there and Mr A made some phone calls.  His previous boss is still a good friend and he offered to find a vehicle big enough to collect us and the motorbike.  However we were probably going to have to wait a while, and if I had to be dropped off at the village first, it would delay them getting the bike back to Bodrum. 

I had a bag of shopping containing fresh and frozen food...isn't it always the way?  And I was anxious to get home.  There was a taxi driver in the petrol station, and Mr A negotiated a price with him to take me to the village.  His final price was 50 lira..still expensive but we had no choice.  I didn't have enough money on me but the taxi driver stopped at an ATM on the way home...and I eventually arrived at just after 9.00pm.

Mr A and motorbike were eventually collected just before 10pm and taken back to Bodrum, where he will get the bike repaired over the next few days.  I'm hoping it's not too serious or costly, as we are counting on him coming home every night for the dogs when I go to England for a week on the 17th so it has to be in good working order and safe.

Soooo looking forward to my trip to England...can't wait!


  1. What a day! I bet you were glad to fall into bed.

  2. I most certainly was Kelloggsville xx

  3. What a shame about the rip happens here too.

  4. Sorry about the motorbike, Ayak, but glad you enjoyed your day out otherwise. Agree about the hairdresser - a good one is worth sticking with.

  5. Perpetua...Good hairdressers are like gold dust!

  6. For me going to the hairdresser's is really stressful. I just want to go in, get cut, and go out - all in a maximum of 15 mins. Here there is always a long discussion about how to cut it and I always have to fight off the helpful advice from all around about what should I do about my grey hair that is slowly setting in. If I've got grey hair, then that's life!!! I'm 44 not 18 why try and pretend? Sorry, I'm already getting het up that's wwhy I avoid hairdressers' !!

  7. Fly: It happens everywhere I'm afraid.

    Bomb: It was!

    Vixky: Hi and welcome! I know what you mean. I just want a hairdresser who does exactly what I ask him to do, and I really don't want to chat either..luckily I've found one.

  8. Sorry about the motorbike spluttering to a halt like that. Hope it can be fixed inexpensively.
    Glad you got a good hairdresser. Stick with him, I should.
    Pity your friend got ripped off. Well its a pity anyone gets ripped off but I'm sure it happens here too.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  9. Unfortunately Bodrum is rip-off town for visitors and residents alike, It doesn't help when rich Turks expect to pay over the odds. Many seem to think that if it's not expensive, it can't be any good. That's rubbish of course.

  10. Maggie. Motorbike now fixed! Oh I think you do get ripped off pretty much everywhere these days...shame.

  11. Jack...Nail on the head there..Bodrum is the rich Turks' paradise and as you say they think that expensive must mean good. Of course WE know better ;-)


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