Sunday, 25 September 2011

Last day

Where has this week gone?  It seems that no sooner was I setting off on the flight to England, than here I am about to get the return flight today.

It's been a fabulous week.  I have seen my daughter and grandsons every day...I've looked after  both boys on my own a few times, and it's given them the chance to get to know me better.

My daughter and I spent her birthday last Monday together.  The boys stayed with their paternal grandparents, which enabled us to hit the shops and to enjoy lunch at our favourite restaurant...something we haven't been able to do for about 3 years now.   It was a real treat.  I have missed far too many of her birthdays, and I don't intend to miss another one.

A get-together with both of my brothers and their families yesterday, finished off the week nicely for me.  Although it will only be a matter of days before I see my youngest brother again, as he and his wife are flying out to Bodrum on Thursday, and they will be staying at the hotel where Mr A worked before his current job.

I will see my daughter and grandsons one last time this morning before setting off and I'm dreading it, because I know there are going to be tears.  Just the thought of leaving them...even typing about it making me well up.

I've made a decision though.  I have vowed to make a trip to see them every three months rather than the twice yearly visits.   It will mean making sacrifices, counting the pennies, tightening of belts...but it will be worth it.  I really want to experience more precious moments with these two beautiful boys.

Being a grandmother is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of my life.


  1. And before long they will be old enough to be brought out to see you and have the experience of another country and culture.

  2. Ayak..... you know that I can relate so well to these trips & then having to kiss grand children goodbye.Makes me feel like crying just to read about your heartache. However your vow to make these trips four times a year instead of two and the fact that you will be seeing & relating to your grandsons on Skype, will make them remember you.... definitely. I know that from my own experience.
    Hope that you have a good journey back and will settle in back home, really well.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  3. Fly: I can't wait for the time when they will visit us here.

    Maggie: It doesn't get any easier does it? Thank goodness for skype.


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