Thursday, 29 September 2011

A sense of perspective

Yesterday morning I set off on the bus to visit Gwen.2 in Bodrum for the day.  Along the Bodrum road, just before the airport, the bus slammed on the brakes.  I could see traffic in front of us doing the same thing and flashing their warning lights.  There was a road traffic accident.  It must have happened just seconds before we got there.  A car appeared to have hit a motorbike carrying a man and a middle-aged woman.  Judging by the state of the car it must have been some collision.   The man was trying, with difficulty and in a state of shock, to lift himself up from the road.  The female passenger was lying lifeless some 50 yards away.  The traffic had to stop, and it was pretty distressing, particularly as I was next to the window and the woman was literally a few feet away.  I'm pretty certain she was dead.   I pulled the curtain across the bus window...I don't know why...I think it was a mixture of respect and not wanting to gawp at such a tragedy.

But the picture of the woman is still in my mind and I just can't shift it.  I suppose that's normal.

Mr A met me off the bus in Bodrum to give me some money.  He had promised to pay for tickets for a daytrip to Kos on Monday, for me and my brother and sister-in-law.

I think he was a little bemused when I got off the bus and threw myself into his arms and burst into tears.  It wasn't just the sight of the accident.  Mr A and I had had a silly disagreement on the phone the night silly I can't even recall what it was about.  It made me realise how precious life is and how it can be cut short in a moment.  Mr A travels this treacherous road many times every week, and it's a terrible risk.

It puts everything firmly into perspective.  I vow from this day onwards that there will be no more petty arguments.  Life is just too short.

And I want to end this post on a lighter note, and replace the sad images in my mind with some joyful ones,  so here are a couple of pics of my lovely grandsons.
Beautiful Jimi

Billy washing his car in the sunshine


  1. Lovely photographs!

    But I know what you mean about putting things in perspective.
    Too many times I've regretted the flare ups over relative trivia when sitting beside Mr. Fly in a coma in hospital.

  2. Exactly's just not worth it.

  3. What a well wriiten and interesting post.
    It is always very disturbing to view a RTA. I had a few in my ambulance days and motor cycle accidents particulary showed how dangerous it is to travel that way, particularly for the pillion.
    You are exactly right when you say, "Life is too short for petty arguments". Wish some more politicians and so called world leaders would take this on board.
    What lovely grandchildren you have.

    Finally, I am so sorry that The Sunday Roast seems to have come to a grinding halt and your interview is in suspended animation. I have been so, sooooo busy outside BlogLand and just have not been able to do ANY work on the column. I am thinking of handing it over to someone who has more time or perhaps share it with a few bloggers. It is very time consuming and I did 55 of them.

    Best wishes and I have just signed up as your latest follower.

    Glad Maggie's treatment is over.


  4. Oh! I've already signed up!! Well in that case I will make sure you are on my sidebar.
    Must be yet another senior moment. I am so pleased the authorities decided to allow you continue blogging.

  5. Hi Eddie. Great to "see" you again. It's been a while now since the authorities allowed us to carry on blogging...thank goodness. Oh yes...the Sunday Roast...I can quite understand how time-consuming it has been for you to keep it going and no need to spologise for my interview not being problem. Real life has a habit of taking over at times, and that's how it should be of course.

    Thanks for the comment about my grandsons. I agree of course!

    And I too am so pleased that Maggie's treatment has finished. Let's hope she's back to her normal self very soon. xxxx

  6. Life is definitely too short Ayak for petty stuff. Lovely pics of Jimi and Billy. xx

  7. I completely relate to this post and feel that its only when you witness death or come close to it, that you realise just how precious everything & everyone is.
    I was thinking of writing a post about something similar.
    No more petty arguments. Life certainly cannot be taken for granted.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  8. PS..... the grandsons are so lovely. Just try and dwell on them.
    Maggie X

  9. Thanks Bomb xxx

    Absolutely Maggie. No more pettiness from now on xxx

  10. Thanks Maggie...they are lovely and are on my mind all the time.

  11. Life really is too short. This is something we should all remember when we have those silly rows.


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