Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A warm welcome

I arrived home in the early hours of Monday morning.  Mr A collected me from the airport on the motorbike.  It's amazing how much he can carry on it...a large suitcase, hand luggage and me.

As I walked through the gate to the house, the dogs greeted me with excessive enthusiasm.  I love the loyalty of dogs.   When we were driving from the airport Mr A mentioned that he hadn't managed to get any shopping, just milk and water.  I was too tired to worry about it and avoided having a moan.

When I entered our house I could see that Mr A had done all the housework and for that I was very grateful.  I put the kettle on to make coffee and on opening the fridge for the milk, found it absolutely full of food.  Everything I could possibly need to last me for ages....meat (including steak...oh what a treat), vegetables, salad, fruit, and all the basics.  I was delighted.  He apologised for having forgotten to get me icecream (he knows I love icecream) but he brought home 3 cartons on Tuesday night.  

I think I should go away more often!

PS:  Having attempted to catch up on much needed sleep over the last couple of days, I've just found time to start reading my favourite blogs....only to find that I am still unable to leave comments on the majority of them.  I still have no idea why it's possible to comment on some but not others...even when they are all Blogger blogs.  So apologies for this...but rest assured I am reading.


  1. So glad everything was spic and span when u got back and that Mr A had indeed suprised you lol xx

  2. That husband of yours is an angel!

    There was a problem with commenting on mine but it should be cleared now.
    Please try.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  3. Super return home...and what a tease from Mr. Ayak!

    As to Blogger...words fail me and even if they didn't Blogger would probably make sure that they did!

  4. Sounds like a great homecoming!
    Welcome home!

  5. Bomb: A very pleasant surprise :-))

    Maggie: I'll give it a try!

    Fly: Still waiting to see if you are brave enough to attempt Wordpress

    Deniz: It really was...thankyou x

  6. Glad you got home safe and sound and that you had a great time.....what a surprise from Mr. A

    ......perfect ending to a fabulous week. He's a keeper. ;-)

    take care and welcome home!!!

  7. Welcome home! I thought about you many times and knew you were enjoyng those grandsons!

  8. Thanks Charlotte Ann...I certainly was!


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