Thursday, 20 October 2011

Books worth reading

I recently received an email from Julia Terentyeva at The Browser drawing my attention to an interview with Norman Stone, the British academic and author who lives in Ankara.

The interview is very good, and so are his choice of five books...which I have already added to my "to read" list.

So I decided to share the link with my followers, who may also find this of interest.


  1. Interesting... A pity none of them are in eformat. I'm only buying stuff I can download to my Kindle.

  2. omentide. I'm still one of those who hasn't converted to kindle. I love real books!

  3. These books sound very interesting....I'll be sure and show my husband who would be very interested to read these. He did pick up some books on the Ottoman's when he was there last time in Turkey. He attended some Book fair in Izmir.. I should see if any of them are these books.

    I too enjoy a real book, flipping pages and all.

    Hope all is well and enjoy your weekend. I'm getting better after my surgery and started to decorate for Halloween here. My husband is all into decorating for all the various holidays ....he said they never had that in Turkey when he was growing up....and really enjoys it here.

    Take care... XX

  4. Hi Erica: Glad to hear you are recovering well and getting back to normal. I agree..nothing quite like a real book xx

  5. I read the interview. Very interesting and insightful, I thought.

  6. Yes I thought so too Jack x


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