Monday, 17 October 2011

A day off

Mr A has been working flat out for nine days knocking down and rebuilding the stone wall that surrounds our garden.  It's back-breaking work, made more difficult because the rain had knocked down some of the wall, taking parts of the garden with it.

The rain hasn't really stopped him.   He has found other little jobs to do in the house when it's tipping down, and he's also been fighting against time and the weather to re-seal all the uPVC windows and panels.

As you can see, he's making a very good job of the wall.  There's still a long way to go though.

Yesterday morning the sun came out and we decided that he should take a day off, so we set off to Bodrum on the motorbike to meet up with Gwen and Suleyman (who run the small shop in the hotel where Mr A used to work).

It's coming up to the end of the season at this hotel so this was probably the last chance of seeing them before they shut up shop and move back to their house in Aydın for the winter.

There were still guests at the hotel, but when we turned up at the shop it was closed and empty of stock.  I phoned Gwen to let her know we were here and 5 minutes later she appeared.  She was angry and upset and started to explain that there had been a huge row between her, Suleyman and various bosses the previous night.   At that point one of the bosses appeared and Gwen asked to talk to him.  Unfortunately, her Turkish is non-existent and Mr A got roped in to translate.

Without going into detail, it would seem that Gwen and Suleyman are owed money by one boss, who refuses to discuss it.  The previous evening had ended up with crockery being smashed and lots of shouting.  The biggest problem as I see it, is that there are simply too many chiefs and not enough indians at this particular hotel.  Too many people interfering in things that are none of their business.  Exactly the reason why Mr A decided to leave when he did and move to the hotel in Torba.

When Suleyman arrived, more discussion ensued, by which time Mr A couldn't seem to extricate himself from the situation without appearing rude.  But in a way he seemed to succeed in acting as mediator.  All sides calmed down, and agreement was reached, and hands shaken.

We took the first opportunity we could to get away, and as dark clouds were looming in the sky, we set off on the motorbike for home.   Unfortunately the dark clouds opened on our way and we arrived home drenched and muddy.

So much for  Mr A's day off!


  1. Nice job Mr A. Him Outdoors gets lots of satisfaction out of stone walling. You can hear him muttering - don't pick it up unless you're going to use it - to himself !

  2. That made me laugh Rosie...Mr A mutters to himself while he's working too x

  3. Hes done a wonderful job with that wall (& I'm a brick layers wife!).
    Hope he put in a good foundation!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  4. I think he has Maggie..he's determined to ensure it never collapses again.

  5. I think the wall looks great too, but shame the day off wasnt quite as good as expected xx

  6. I love the wall - it's beautiful - and that's not a usual word to describe a wall. Give him another nine days to work his wonders, then take another day off, but this time, sneak off!

  7. I'm really proud of Mr. A...he did a fantastic job. It looks very back breaking. Going to be nice next spring for your garden, that is if those darn sheep don't hang around.
    Glad you took a day off but sorry you got soaked and muddy, but at least you don't lead a boring life.

    Take care and have a great day. :-)))

  8. Bomb: It could have been better!

    Annie: Yes it is quite beautiful. Next day off will be on our own!

    Erica: We will also have some chain link fencing a some stage to keep the sheep out! Thanks x

  9. Aww, glad he could help though, even if it ate into his day off!
    That wall looks great - it must be neat knowing how to build a stone wall.

  10. Deniz. His first attempt was the balcony which you can see in the background and that turned out pretty well. I don't think he realises how good he is!

  11. Rain + motorbike is not usually a whole lot of fun. Glad to hear you got home safe and the wall does look good.

  12. Thanks's coming along nicely.

  13. The wall's looking really good. The current fine weather must really help. As for the row. Isn't this the typical way Turks do business - all rows, flayling of arms then compromise and agreement?

  14. Absolutely Jack. But it's a terrible waste of time because you always know how it will end!

  15. What a beautiful piece of work, Ayak. Having grown up on the edge of the Lancashire moors I know a good bit of stone-walling when I see one. Sorry the day out didn't live up to expectations. Better luck next time.

  16. It's looking good isn't it Perpetua? And almost finished now.


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