Friday, 14 October 2011

One of those weeks

It doesn't rain but it pours.  Literally.   The rain has now stopped leaving a lot of damage in it's wake.  The lanes leading down the hill from our house are an absolute mess.  Soil has been washed away leaving jagged rocks, making it almost impossible to go up or down on the motorbike, and it's treacherous to walk on too.

Part of the dry stone wall surrounding our garden was knocked down by the force of the rain, taking a large chunk of the garden with it.  Mr A had already planned to completely build the wall anyway, but this damage has made the task harder.

Drying out the house is taking time.  The window frames need re-sealing and the forecast is for more rain on Sunday or Monday, so we are running out of time.

Poppy is improving slowly.  I am continuing to use the Betafix strips to cover the wound, because it's still partly open.  Although it's not oozing anymore so any infection I think has gone.   I think it probably should have been re-stitched but I'm reluctant to let the vet anywhere near her again, unless I absolutely have to.

And my ongoing battle with electrical appliances continues.   Turkish appliances just don't seem to be made to last.   This week my filter coffee machine stopped working.   The toaster blew up.   And when I plugged in the iron to do some ironing, the red light came on but it remained stone cold.

I searched the old house for a previously broken iron, and Mr A attempted to dismantle and fix both of them, but failed.

So we made a trip into Milas last night to get a new iron, the most essential of the broken appliances.  Fortunately Carrefour had a promotion on electrical items so there was 20 lira off the normal price for the iron.   We also noticed a grill/toast maker on offer. (Similar to the George Foreman grills you can buy in the UK).   We dithered a bit over whether to buy this or not.    I used to make a lot of toasted sandwiches until my sandwich maker broke a couple of months ago.  It was sent off to the manufacturer to be repaired because it was still under guarantee.  They couldn't repair it and wouldn't replace it because they said it must have been bad handling on our part that caused it to break.  Of course this came as no surprise...Turkish guarantees are not worth the paper they are written on.

So this machine in Carrefour would be ideal for toasted sandwiches, but also for grilling other food, as we don't have a grill on our we bought it.  It works...and so does the iron.  For how long?  Your guess is as good as mine.

It really has been one of those weeks...let's hope next week is better.

Have a good weekend everyone.


  1. ahhhhhh.....wish I could give you a (((HUG))). That saying is true when it rains it pours.

    Glad that Poppy is improving... how he couldn't with all your love and taking care of him.

    Sorry about the extra work you have to take in repairing most of the damage from the rain. I hate when that happens, our basement is leaking too from the rain so for 2 weeks they have been digging here and it cost an arm and leg. :-( So husband decided to change the interlocking also so it is taking forever.

    Good luck with your new appliances.....I'm off for surgery this morning so I won't be able to read your Blog for a bit...take care.

  2. Erica, all renovations and repairs end up costing far more than anticipated don't they?
    Good luck for today. I'll be thinking of you and wish you a speedy recovery xxx

  3. This weatherproofing business is a race against time... We're so lucky with this place though - to date it has not leaked and Ashley has fixed the bathroom window.

    There are so many small bits and pieces we want - I think a sandwich maker will have to wait. Weatherproofing and woodcutting are taking prioirty at the moment.

  4. Yes you are lucky Hilary that you don't have quite so much to repair.
    Well the sandwich maker was way down on my list of priorities too, but the fact that it doubles up as a grill swayed me...I'm not happy about frying things which I've had to do without a grill..and of course it was on special offer...can't resist a bargain!

  5. Sorry that you're having such a hard time with bad rain and failing electrical appliances.
    Things are not made the way they used to be made..... to last.
    Sounds horrendous amount of rain to have in a country where you wouldn't expect to have so much.
    Hope you get everything fixed soon.

    Glad Poppy is getting better. At least that is something that is going right. No thank to the vet though.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  6. Thanks Maggie. I do seem to be moaning a lot lately. I must try to think of something positive to write about!

  7. So glad Poppy is coming along...and I don't think I'd risk the vet twice either.

    It's bucketing down here and despite all the run off ditches and channels Danilo has made the road beside the house looks like a river.
    We're lucky with the soil here, but on the other side of town landslips have blocked the main road and 40 children were cut off in a school bus....but rescued really quickly.

    My mixer is on the blink...I sometimes wonder if electrical appliances don't like wet weather...

  8. I'm starting to wonder if you might have a point there Fly. I mean my electrical appliances have given up this week during the worst rain we've had for ages..hmmm

  9. Glad to hear Poppy's improving under your care. I hear there's sunshine in the UK (where my friend just got married) - hope it comes your way soon!

  10. Hello, not commented before but enjoy reading your blog very much. I think electrical appliances wait until another one packs in and then they join in - usually when I can least afford to replace them :) Pleased to see your little dog is on the mend, hope you get all your repairs done before the bad weather returns, Chris (tine) x

  11. Well Deniz we've had two days of sunshine now but the forecast is that more rain is on its way :-(

    Hi Chris and welcome. I'm glad you enjoy my blog and thanks for leaving a comment. Poppy continues to improve and I'm grateful for your good wishes. I think you're right about electrical appliances packing up at the same's almost like a conspiracy!

  12. Good to hear Poppy's on the mend. We all have our 'I hate Turkey' moments from time to time and you're allowed yours. It usually doesn't last.

  13. Thanks Jack...and you're quite right...I'll be back to loving it next week:-))

    PS Happy Birthday for tomorrow...Have a wonderful day xxx

  14. What is it with the weather? Far too much rain in some places and nowhere near enough in others. So sorry to hear about the rain damage and the dying electrical equipment, Ayak, and hope this week has been a better one for you.

  15. It's been a much better week thanks Perpetua xx


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