Thursday, 27 October 2011


The wall around the front of the garden is now finished.  It looks really good.  The garden behind it is an absolute mess but it will be sorted over the coming days...hopefully.

Mr A has the dry-stone wall bug now and has decided to replace the chickenwire inside the garden with a wall.   We had put up the chickenwire to keep the dogs off part of the garden.   He has enough cement and stones to do the job.  He demolished part of a neighbours house which gave him more stones to use.  Oh don't worry...the neighbours weren't inhabiting's been unused for years, crumbling slowly and frankly a bit dangerous so he has done them a favour.  They were delighted to have the job done for them at no expense...however Mr A being the big softy actually gave them 20 lira and said thankyou for the stones!

We needed another tractor load of sand to go with the cement so Mr A arranged for this to be delivered yesterday.  Unfortunately it was dark when it arrived.  I remained in the house with the dogs and listened.  There was an awful lot of scraping and crunching and similar noises going on outside...and a considerable amount of shouting between Mr A and the tractor driver.  I didn't dare look.  I waited until the tractor had left.

The tractor had managed to uproot half of the large fig tree, knocked off branches from the smaller fig tree,  crush the chickenwire fence, and totally demolish the wooden fence  and gate that Mr A had built last year to cut off another part of the garden.

And so the amount of work still to be done increases by the day.


  1. Mr A is extremely clever to do this as it is a real skill.
    You are lucky to have him.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  2. Oh gosh, Ayak, two steps forward and one back! Sorry about the unnecessary damage, but glad the wall is finished and looks good.

  3. How frustrating! I suppose because you are in Turkey that you can't hold the driver responsible either. I guess when it rains it pours doesn't it!

  4. Maggie: Clever at building walls but not at directing tractors! step forward..two back..story of my life! certainly does!


  5. Ohh sooooo annoying. Always something, like you said one step forward...two steps backwards. Maybe it was too dark for him to see how to direct better other then crushing your fig trees. Love, love those figs there. I ate so much one time I had to get an ultra/sound I got so sick. I guess I didn't realize I devoured the whole bushel. :-( by myself.

    Glad Mr. A is finishing his wall, he's very good at it I see. He's a keeper. Thats funny taking pieces off the neighbour's house.

    Take care and hope all will be getting done faster and no more stepping back.

  6. Hi Erica: Well I'm hoping there won't be any more steps back or it will take forever to finish the garden.
    I'm afraid I've made myself ill before now with figs. They are so delicious but I try to restrict myself these days.


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