Sunday, 2 October 2011

Our newly covered balcony

Mr A's father sent him some money last week...yes you heard it right.  Apparently it was to be used to rebuild the dry-stone wall that surrounds the garden.  I'm highly suspicious about FIL's actions.   Sending money to Mr A is totally out of character.

However, Mr A did his sums and worked out that he could re-build the wall himself at a fraction of the cost of hiring workmen.  He will be finishing his job within the next couple of weeks as the season comes to an end, and will make a start on the wall.  He also has to remove all the silicone from the uPVC extension and re-seal it.   He made a decision to use the remaining money to get our balcony covered.   Not only will it provide shade in the summer but it will give us some extra shelter in the winter, so we can leave our shoes outside without them getting wet.  I'm not sure whether FIL will approve, but frankly I don't care if he doesn't.

On Friday evening he went into Milas to get a quote, and being satisfied with the price, arranged for the workmen to start yesterday morning.  They arrived at 9.00am and worked flat out until 8.00pm in the evening.

Making a start

Taking shape

Sealing the roof

And the end result


  1. That looks great! And well done to Mr A for finding good workmen. I can just see that in the summer with some honeysuckle or something growing up the posts - very happy for your good news!

  2. Thanks Vicky. These particular workmen were really good. We're very pleased with the result.

  3. Looking good and it'll certainly keep you flip flops and wellies dry as the weather draws in.

  4. that's brilliant, very very useful. I bet it will make a huge difference in helping to keep the house cooler.

  5. Thanks Jack. It'll also keep me dry when I want to sit outsde and watch the rain.

    Kelloggsville: Yes I've noticed the difference already. The room is usually very hot because of the uPVC...much cooler today.

  6. It looks super!
    Well done Mr. Ayak and fiddlesticks to FIL!

  7. Oh lovely! Is that the balconey where you had all the lovely blankets and cushions?

  8. Three cheers for your father in law. I think you have him eating out of your hand!
    Brilliant balcony cover!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  9. This is great.....more shelter and it will be cooler and a place to drop your shoes.
    thats great that Mr. A found some good workmen and the rest he can do himself. Love any improvement done to my house.

    ....have a great day!!!!

  10. Fly: I don't give a stuff what FIL thinks. I've no intention of discussing it with him.

    Deniz: Yes it is and the cushions are back there now. We've also moved a 2-seater sofa out there too..very cosy.

    Maggie: I'd like to think I had FIL eating out of my hand, but it's unlikely!

    Erica: It's not always easy to find workmen who do a good job but we were extremely lucky this time.

  11. I could sooo be sitting there right now, working on my next novel, having some kahve and eating green plums...

  12. Maybe one day Deniz..on your next visit perhaps xxx

  13. Wow, looks really good, Ayak, and so useful and all at FIL's expense :-) Result!


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