Friday, 7 October 2011

Poorly Poppy

I've been on tenterhooks all day.  The vet from Milas collected Poppy from our house and took her to his surgery to spay her.

I never totally trust Turkish vets, but this one is the best I've found.  Nevertheless they never quite feel the same way as we do about our precious dogs.

She was with him for 6 hours during which time he performed the op, checked and cleaned her teeth and cut her nails.   Also, as instructed by Mr A and not me, he trimmed her hair.  Well more to the point he shaved her.   It wasn't really necessary but it's tidy and clean, and at least it will be more hygenic not to have her hair caught up in her stitches.  

You may remember the vet came out a while ago to the village to look at Beki and Poppy.  Beki had mastitis and the medication prescribed cleared it up in a few days.  Beki was pronounced too old for the snip, so Poppy had to suffer alone.

I hadn't paid for the vet's previous visit...he told me to wait until after Poppy's visit today.  I am totally amazed at the cost for all this treatment, which included two round trips to the village.   190 lira...which is approx─▒mately 69 pounds.  I'm sure this will come as a shock to those of you in the UK who make regular visits to the vet with your pets.

Poppy is clearly uncomfortable at the moment, and when I tried to pick her up on her arrival she gave me a nasty nip on my finger.  She never bites so clearly she is in pain.  Poor little girl.    Mr A is on his way home now with pain relief and antibiotics prescribed by the vet.  The picture shows her snuggled up on my bed with her favourite cuddly toys.   I'm hoping for a speedy recovery for her.

It's been quite a day....I don't know who's more traumatised...Poppy or me!


  1. Poor little girl.
    They look a picture of misery when they're not feeling well, don't they?

  2. Poor little thing, hope she recovers quickly.

  3. They do Fly. I wish you could make them understand that it will get better.

    Thanks Mr H x

  4. Poor little thing. Hope she feels much better soon.

    I had to pay about £90 for my rabbit to be spayed and she weighs less than a bag of sugar!
    She made a very quick recovery.
    Hope your little one does too.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  5. They do seem to recover quickly don't they Maggie? She is already a lot brighter this evening. Thanks xx

  6. ....ahh poor lil' girl, she looks so adorable on your bed.I hate when my pets are not feeling well. My husband says I get sicker then them worrying about them. Glad she's might brighter today.She's probably all happy there with all her favourite toys.

    That sure is cheap for a I pay about $350.00 dollars just for a yearly shot and it takes 3 minutes.My neighbour across the street is a Vet and she makes a fortune, you can tell by her cars, house and clothes.

    Happy all is getting better. Have a super great weekend. :-)))

  7. Thanks Erica. You never see a poor vet in the UK either. Just as you don't see a rich one here

  8. WOW! That is dirt cheap! Glad that poppy got the royal treatment and that everthing went well with the operation.

  9. And she's recovering very well Kelleyn x

  10. Poor Poppy!! I'll be sending her lots of good thoughts. Its for her own health but its sad because we can't make them understand that. :( Hope she heals very quickly.



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