Monday, 10 October 2011

Rain, rain, go away

I'm typing this on one of the rare occasions I've been online since Saturday.  We have had terrific storms, torrential rain and gale force winds since then.

Mr A's job finished on Saturday, and because his father sent money for the dry stone wall to be re-built, he had been hoping to start work on it yesterday.

He had ordered sand and cement from Milas but because of the non-stop rain, the main village road is flooded and the truck is unable to get through to deliver.  And we are unable to get out.

The garden is flooded, and part of the wall has collapsed into the lane below, leaving much more work for Mr A to do.

As always, water is pouring into the house and I have been rushing around placing towels under windows and walls to mop it up.

When Mr A was down in the village yesterday afternoon, checking to see if the road had cleared for the delivery lorry, I suddenly noticed that there was water pouring out of the fuse box and running down the wall.

Boy was I scared.  I quickly switched off the supply and waited for Mr A to return.

Whilst there was a short break in the rain, Mr A climbed up on the roof and found the leak and managed to seal it.   We left the fuse box to dry out and then Mr A bravely switched on the supply again while I waited for an explosion (ok perhaps it wouldn't explode.  I don't know exactly what I expected to happen but I knew electricity and water don't go well together).  Anyway it was fine. 

We've had much more rain today along with a considerable amount of thunder and lightening.  No more leaks into the fuse box, but until the rain stops and everything dries out, Mr A can't re-seal all the windows.

He has been outside all day between showers, dismantling the wall, ready to re-build it.  When the rain starts he dashes to the old house where he has knocked down a wall  to make a "garage" for his motorbike, and somewhere to keep his tools. 

Meanwhile, I am confined to the house, where my modem has been more off  than on, to avoid it being struck by lightening.  So I've kept myself busy making potato borek, a cake, and tomato and pepper soup.

Can't wait for the rain to stop.

PS.  Poppy is recovering well from her op on Friday.


  1. omg what happenings hope the weather improves soon, S o glad though Poppy is on the mend. Love and hugs xx

  2. Glad Poppy is feeling better....and sympathise with your rain problems.
    I've been unable to ring my mother on Skype this weekend as the storms have been non stop and I don't want to blow up another modem.
    No sooner do I think one storm is over...plug in and get started than another one starts up.

    Goodness Mr. Ayak is brave touching that fuse box...I don't know what happens either, and don't want to find out!

  3. at least you have the verandah roof now to add some extra shelter.

  4. That is impressive rain. It's still gorgeous here but the farmers are now agitating for a bit of the wet stuff. I do hope we don't get quite the quantity you seem to have suffered. Hope all dries out soon.

  5. Gosh, that rain looks heavy! Sorry to hear about the garden wall damage and hope the modem escaped unscathed.

  6. Perpetua. The modem escaped being struck ..thank goodness. As you're catching up now, you'll see that the wall is well under way.


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