Friday, 21 October 2011

Turkish Animal Group ...Fundraising

T.A.G. are currently trying to complete the new shelter for the dogs that have been rescued from the streets of Turkey.

Time is running out and more money needs to be raised.

An online auction is being held and bidding is underway.

There are lots of lovely items which have been donated, so please have a look and join in the bidding if you can.

Here's the link!/pages/Online-Fundraiser-for-TAGs-Dog-Shelter-Build-Urgent-Ends-Oct-31st/180173178728200?sk=info

As my regular followers will recall, I have posted before about the wonderful work being done by Karen Lowrie Wren for almost 10 years.  She has worked tirelessly to rescue street dogs, provided veterinary treatment and shelter, and many have gone on to new forever homes here and abroad.

You can find out more about T.A.G. by visiting their website.  Maybe you or someone you know may want to adopt one of the dogs.   There is also a sponsorship scheme for those unable to adopt but who want to help.  Donations of course are always welcome.

And a personal thankyou from me to Karen for all your hard work xxx


  1. My daughter Jennifer adopted Sandi from Karen's group in May 2011. She waited for Sandi's arrival, like an expectant mother. When Sandi finally arrived, she called me to tell me what a lovely dog she is. My daughter had a Turkish stray before, she had adopted her Hayat when she was in her early teens. But that was a dog that I found. Then my daughter adopted Polina kitten, but that too, was an animal I found. Sandi was my daughters choice alone. She dotes on Sandi. When she comes to visit us, she brings Sandi, along with Sandi's entire grouping needs, blankets, toys, the special liver soup she cooks for her. When Sandi lies in the garden, Jennifer insures that Sandi is lying on her special blanket. She calls me twice a day if Sandi has an upset stomach, or she does not eat, or she pants too much. Jennifer simply loves Sandi. I hope that many others will find the dog of their dreams in the group of dogs that you have rescued and are sheltering. Not only will they be giving a dog a home, but will be gaining a cherished friend. It is a win/win situation for both parties. I wish all rescue dogs a happy, loving forever home as Sandi found.

  2. InJuly: Thankyou for telling us about Sandi's story.
    One thing that many people do not realise is how placid and loving the street dogs are. They crave a bit of affection as much as they crave food. They are often timid and have been used to being either ignored or sometimes treated cruelly. The dogs that Karen has rescued and rehomed over the years have proved what wonderful pets they make.

    My own two dogs are certainly proof of this..both rescued from the couldn't find two more loving and loyal companions.

  3. Just saw the news reports about the earthquake in Turkey. I hope you are far from it and safe.

  4. giftsofthejourney. Thankyou for your kind thoughts. Yes we are far away from the earthquake. It's in the Van area on the border with Iran. It's a major one..latest figures are up to 1000 people dead.

  5. Why do you continue to post about this group TAG ?
    They are not even registered or recognised in the UK
    Another interesting point is TAGs involvement recently with the mysterious pup in Olu Deniz that they were asking funds for apparently the pup didnt exist and this was nothing more than a money making scam.
    TAG may take dogs off the streets of Turkey but many were simply abandoned to several kennels in Bulgaria. that is not what I call a rescue!

  6. "Anonymous"

    I don't normally publish posts by people who don't have the courage to post under their names, but hide behind Anonymous, but I wanted the opportunity to respond to you.
    I continue to support TAG because they are doing a brilliant job. You on the other hand need to get your facts right. Nothing you have said here is in any way accurate. I know because I have checked it all out.
    Now I suggest you move away from the cowardly anonymity of your computer screen and do something useful with your life.

    Merry Christmas!


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