Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Turkish Vets...aaargh!

I just knew it was a mistake to trust a Turkish vet.  I thought I'd found a good one, and to give the benefit of the doubt, he is probably good with farm animals, but not so good with domestic pets.  But of course, most Turks don't consider dogs to be pets and think we foreigners are rather strange because we care about them.

I thought Poppy was recovering pretty well from her op on Friday.  She was moving about, eating, going to the toilet without any problems.  But today I noticed that her stomach was a little swollen and hot.  Mr A was going into Milas so I asked him to call in and talk to the vet.  He came back with 3 syringes containing 2 lots of antibiotics and one analgesic.  By the time he had returned I noticed that the wound had started to bleed and it looked like the stitches were not holding.  I administered two of the injections, one being kept for tomorrow.

Because I was still concerned, Mr A phoned the vet and asked him to come out.  He eventually turned up 2 hours later with a large bottle of iodine (about a litre) and some gauze.  I spread a thick clean towel on a chair so that he could treat Poppy.  He opened the bottle of iodine, placed it on a coffee table which had the only decent silk cloth I own, and promptly slopped some of the solution on it.

He then soaked the gauze in iodine and bathed Poppy's wound...then he knocked over the bottle, the contents of which covered an armchair, the fitted carpet and a cream rug.  Iodine is it's not a pretty sight.  There was about an inch of solution left in the bottle and he kindly gave me this so that I could bathe Poppy's wound kind of him!

I guess he's normally used to treating cows and sheep in farmyards, so if he spills stuff it doesn't really matter.

I am left feeling that if this is significant of how clumsy he is...then I'm not really surprised that Poppy's stitches have burst.   I have just checked to make sure that Poppy's wound is clean and I have placed some Betafix strips on it...these are similar to steri-strips which I keep handy for when I have cuts that need more than an elastoplast.   I'm hoping that these will do the trick.  At this point in time I am more inclined to trust my own judgment than the vet's.

I won't be using this vet again and I really wish I had never decided to have Poppy spayed.  I'm feeling so guilty about subjecting her to this and I hope she is going to be OK.


  1. You poor and Poppy!

    I know how it feels....French vets could be so careless and uncaring...and you feel responsible for putting the little thing in their hands.

    Fingers crossed for Poppy.

  2. I know how you feel.....I'm sure she will be okay. You seem to be doing the right thing for her.....poor thing. Keep us posted.



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    Thanks x

  4. So sorry Ayak about Poppy hope she improves soon. Damn vets eh xx

  5. I am so annoyed. This is outrageous.
    Think what an uproar there would be if it happened in England.
    Front page news I should think.
    I hope poor little Poppy recovers very fast. She must be made of strong stuff.
    Give her a little cuddle and a kiss from me.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  6. Maggie: She's a little fighter that's for sure. She was 3 years old when we rescued her and was in a very bad state. She's used to suffering and that's what makes me angry and guilty because I feel like I put her through this ordeal and wish I hadn't.
    She's getting lots of kisses and cuddles at the moment and I'll pass yours on xx

  7. Sounds like the clumsiest vet in the world. I had a very happy experience with my vet- (that came out wrong)Anyway, my cat started drooling and I did my research online and figured it was some kind of dental problem. When it didn't get any better, I finally took my cat to the vet. Five days of antibiotics pre-op and he was persuaded to come to my home to give them too. Anyway on the day of the op, he and his nurse removed the offending tooth without much problem. But I do think they gave my cat a bit too much of the knock out shots because it took nearly a full day for the poor thing to come around. (My other cat scratched me too, trying to protect his brother, while I was trying to move him.) It was all rather nerve racking. Another good thing, the vet really didn't charge much.
    I hope Poppy gets on the mend real soon.

  8. Hi Nomad. I think vets in the cities here are probably much better than the ones in this are lucky to have found one you can have happy experiences with ;-))
    I was rather dismayed when this vet sent Mr A home with 3 syringes for Poppy. It's a good job I don't have a problem giving my dogs injections...and on reflection it was probably safer for me to give them!

    Poppy isn't really back to herself yet, but I am hopeful. She won't leave my side at the moment. Even insisting on getting into bed with me but I don't mind...anything that makes her comfortable and helps her recover.

  9. Really sorry to hear about Poppy. I wish her a swift recovery and I'm sure you're doing the very best to make that happen.

  10. Thanks Jack. She's much brighter today xx

  11. So sorry the good vet turned out to be less good than he seemed, Ayak, but glad that Poppy is recovering in spite of it.

  12. It's two weeks now Perpetua and I wouldn't say that she's 100% but I've been re-dressing it every day and this afternoon it looked pretty good and healed up enough to leave it uncovered.


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