Sunday, 6 November 2011

100 Followers...and my Sunday

Today I noticed that I now have 100 followers of my blog.  I'm amazed that people would want to continue to read something that really started out two and a half years ago as more of a personal journal.

I did keep a written diary in a pile of exercise books when I first moved here in 1998, but unfortunately these were lost during one of our many moves.

A very big thankyou to all my followers.  Your loyalty makes me very happy and I always look forward to your comments and words of encouragement.

I've just changed my header photo to this one.....

It's taken from father-in-law's land just outside the village, looking towards the hill where our house is situated.

The little black mis-shapen circle marks our house (I don't know how I managed to mark the photo, but once I had, I couldn't change it or make it neater, so it will have to stay like this!)

Today is the first day of Kurban Bayram which I wrote about a couple of years ago HERE.   So to avoid witnessing the slaughter of sheep, I've remained in the house all day, while Mr A continues the never-ending work on the garden.

Feeling restless, I decided to move the furniture in the bedroom around...AGAIN!   I often move the bed to a different spot but today, for the first time since we moved here almost 3 years ago, I wanted to move the wardrobe to the opposite wall.  This meant removing suitcases from the top and emptying the contents, which ended up in the sitting room.

As usual I got stuck...wedged into corners..several times, simply because I don't plan properly.  I just go at it like a bull in a china shop.  But eventually I managed to get everything moved and the room looks much bigger as I've discarded a fair amount of rubbish.  Not to mention huge piles of dust from under the wardrobe.  So it's now spotless and spacious and I am content.

The rest of today was taken up with baking pastry.   Two quiches, jam tarts and a chicken pie.  And I've peeled some small onions and left to soak in salted water, ready for pickling second batch since last week.  I love pickled onions!

Mr A brought home some sharon fruit yesterday.  I've never had them before and I tried one.  It was awful.  I've been googling sharon fruit and there seem to be different types, one of which is  very astringent...clearly the ones I have.  I felt like the enamel had been stripped from my teeth.

So I am wondering if anyone has any interesting recipes for these fruit....other than jam?  Please let me know.


  1. Congratulations on your hundredth follower...and I'll bet there are a few hundred more who read and don't sign up...which is my besetting sin. I mean to do it, and then get called away, or the line goes down or Blogger does its nut and it never happens.

    Oh, the dust behind the wardrobe!
    I moved one of ours this week, to allow the wall behind to be painted and had a fit at the rolls of dust which were revealed.
    Yes, and I got stuck between the wardrobe and the bed and had to scramble out in undignified fashion.

    I've been making pickled onions too...and 'chilero' which is onions salted as for pickling, then diced, diced sweet and hot chillies added to taste and covered in plain white vinegar. Give it a week or so and it makes a good accompaniment to bland rice and beans ...though my beans are not now so bland now I've learned what to add to the cooking pot!

    I love persimmons....real ones, not the blasted sharon fruit which never seems to ripen.
    A real persimmon has to 'blet' like a medlar and once 'bletted' is out of this world for flavour.
    There used to be a tree in the square of one of the villages near which I lived in France and the old people called it the orange tree.

  2. Congratulations on having 100 followers! And then I sniggered as I read to the end of your post. I ate a sharon fruit once and it wasn't ripe. The effect was to make both my top and bottom lip curl outwards - the face a neurotic horse makes sometimes - and I vowed I'd never eat another one. However, there must be another type though I can see no visible difference between them but these taste wonderful - like a mango but a nicer texture. I was offered a piece at the supermarket and didn't realise it could have been a lip-curler. Sorry, no recipes as yet. I wouldn't dare pay money for them, just in case.

  3. Yuck! Doesn't sound like a very good holiday. Have a great Sunday!

  4. I like the sound of chilero Fly. I might try that.

    As far as the persimmons are concerned, I found a tip on the internet about how to ripen them quickly by placing in the freezer overnight, which I did, then allow them to defrost and they soften up...which they have. Still don't know what to do with them though!

  5. Thanks Annie. Yes this one made my lips curl too. Unless I can think of something to do with them that will miraculously make them taste delicious, then I certainly won't be buying any!

  6. Well at least I kept busy Kelleyn...better than watching the sheep being slaughtered.

  7. Congratulations on the well-deserved hundred followers, Ayak. Like Fly, I'm sure you have many more who read regularly without having clicked that Follow button. I know I have some like that and I've not been at this blogging lark very long.

    I envy you the determination and vision which gets you moving furniture around. Once I've got a room reasonably satisfactorily arranged I can't seem to imagine that it couls be any other way in future. :-)

    Off now to google sharon fruit / persimmons. I've vaguely heard of them, but that's it, so no recipes from me, I'm afraid....

  8. "CONGRATULATIONS" on your 100th Blog Follower........I bet there a few more hundreds that will join.
    :-))keep it up b/c I immensley enjoy reading your Blog.

    This holiday for Kurban Bayram I make sure that I NEVER go for a visit......I'm sorry I can't watch, torchering a poor lil' cute animal. UGH!!!! They can't get away with it here b/c Animal Control will be at the doorstep. So here they are in some designated area with a permit they had to get.

    I found this for (persimmons) Sharon fruit;


    In 2002 it was published in USA that the Sharon fruit is the most effective fruit in preventing heart attacks and reducing the risk of heart diseases. It contains twice as much fibre as that in apples.

    It is also rich in other elements such as calcium, iron and magnesium. Food and herb specialists believe it can clear the heart, lubricate lungs, relieve diarrhoea, treat hypertension, senile asthma and cough with mucus.

    It is high in tannins, and when tannin is absorbed into tissues, it protects cells, it astringes tissues, and it suppresses the propagation of bacteria. They are known to protect the body from influenza by developing resistance against virus infection.

    As an herbal medicine, Sharon fruit is effective for recovery from intoxication. Persimmon juice lowers the density of alcohol in the blood stream and therefore alleviates hangovers
    .....I never knew this but I thought it was interesting. Pretty soon Dr. Oz will be talking about it on Tv. Do you get to watch Dr. Oz????.

    Happy your room is moved around and is bigger.

    .........have a good evening. :-)))

  9. Thanks Perpetua. Oh don't envy me re moving's simply me being restless. My back will suffer today and I'll be covered in bruises.
    I think we all read blogs and don't always register as followers. There are a lot of good ones out there aren't there? I add myself as a follower if I find myself going back for more.

  10. Thanks Erica.

    Wow what an amazing's really gone up in my estimation now. I guess I'll have to force myself to eat the damn things.

    No..haven't seen Dr Oz. We don't have a TV but I catch up with various programmes online so I'll look out for him. xx

  11. Well done on your 100th follower, I hope you get many hundreds more

  12. Well done re 100th follower and keep scoffing the fruit,


  13. Thankyou SP. Now that I have frozen the fruit and defrosted them, they taste surprisingly good!

  14. Hello Ayak, I'm glad to see that you and your blog are still going strong, and congratulations on having that many followers. Wow!

  15. Congratulations on reaching 100 followers!
    I sometimes get the furniture moving bug too.
    And all that cooking sounds yummy!!

  16. Thanks Deniz. And do you feel like I do after moving furniture? It makes me feel relaxed and content...worth all the effort.

  17. Oh yes! I feel organized and efficient and rejuvenated :-)

  18. That makes a lovely header.

    I am just catching up with unread posts in my reader as I've been busy helping son to move.

    I've never tasted Sharon fruit and after your experience....... don't think I want to now.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  19. Hi Maggie. They taste better after freezing and defrosting but I'm still not a fan.

  20. Congratulations. It's well deserved. Although very personal, your blog is well written and fun to read. Can I make a suggestion? I think your blog deserves more much attention. Joining NetworkedBlogs on Facebook and allowing people to subscribe by email would increase your exposure. I could help if you like. Just a thought. Don't want to interfere!

    BTW Liam made some sharon fruit chutney last year. It was horrible!

  21. Thankyou Jack...very kind words which I really appreciate. There is a reason why I don't publicise my blog on Facebook. Mr A and I both have FB friends who are members of his family...including FIL...and because I write about family stuff here I don't want them to see it. So I try to keep the two separate. That way I'm not restricted and can write what I like and remain anonymous.

    Oh I've tried to like the sharon fruit..I really have. They have no redeeming qualities. I made a cake with them yesterday. It was awful.


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