Friday, 4 November 2011

Best of the Web

I was recently approached by Pocketchange Lifestyle Blog to have my blog mentioned in their Best of the Web feature.  You can see it HERE

I'd never come across this blog before and when I had a look, discovered that it was primarily a shopping blog.  Not something I would normally look for.

However, it appears to be a useful resource, particularly their TIPS CENTRE which some of you might find interesting.

Anyway, apparently they get more than 3,000 visitors a day to their blog, so I was happy to have the opportunity to possibly increase my readership, and pleased that my blog was considered worth featuring.


  1. It's always nice to be noticed, Ayak, so well done. I bet your visitor stats really rocket today :-)

  2. Yes I have to admit to being thrilled when my blog is noticed Perpetua. It also gives me the chance to discover other good blogs too x

  3. Well done Ayak ... see you have a great blog xx

  4. So happy for you....see you are noticed. Love your Blog. Now you will have a bigger readership....

    Have a great weekend. :-)))


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