Tuesday, 29 November 2011


I am quite adaptable when it comes to food and drink.  There are lots of things I miss from the UK, which I can't get here, but I will just search until I find a substitute. 

One thing I cannot find though is decent coffee.  The packs of filter coffee here are bitter.  I do drink a fair amount of instant coffee.   I used to buy Nescafe Gold Blend here.  It's a well known brand of course and more expensive than the rest.  However, it tastes nothing like Nescafe Gold Blend in the UK.   I've tried all the other "gold blend" instants here, and strangely the one I've settled for is the Migros (supermarket) own brand of "gold" which is actually about a third of the price of Nescafe.

But when I say I've settled for it...that's exactly it...I honestly can't say I enjoy it.

On my trips to the UK I usually bring back a supply of filter coffee and had been using my electric filter coffee machine daily until it packed up about a month ago.  I used to have a small cafetiere which I hadn't used in a while, but couldn't find it so I've been getting by with Migros instant.

Yesterday we went into Milas to buy a new microwave oven.  We found one for 99 lira (about 34 pounds)in Migros, having compared prices eveywhere, and this was the cheapest.  (I have decided only to buy cheap electric appliances from now on, because expensive doesn't last any longer).

While we were looking for the microwave we came across a lovely little filter coffee machine for 35 lira (about 12 pounds).  It takes up very little space and is very efficient and clean. 

It makes one large mug (or two regular coffee cups) of filter coffee in less time than it takes to boil a kettle.

I'm actually very surprised to have found such an appliance in Milas, a traditional Turkish town of tea drinkers.  I've never seen a normal sized filter coffee  machine here...although there are hundreds of different types of electric tea makers.

The shop assistant looked quite surprised when I picked it up.  I think I may well be the first customer to buy one.  She took it out of the box to check it and hadn't a clue how it worked.   I have a feeling the rest of their stock will stay on the shelves gathering dust for years.

How wonderful it was to get up this morning and drink good coffee.   It's the little things in life that make us happy isn't it?

What little things make you happy?


  1. I am the same about my coffee and for me, instant coffee will not do. I have lately been using Turkish coffee to sub for filter ground. It's about the same if it is fresh. (I keep it in the freezer)

    One thing that has always bugged me, though, was the fact that if you buy coffee especially designed for filter coffee makers, you have to pay an arm and a leg. Jacobs is ridiculously overpriced but that's the only choice generally. Green pack has the kick, while the red pack is never potent enough. (I drink coffee to knock me into reality and not only for the taste.)

    That's a general rule, I find, anything that comes from outside of Turkish is overpriced. I guess it's considered a luxury item.??? It doesn't need to be. I went to Kipa and found very reasonably priced Cafe Blend Coffee. Five liras for half a kilo? So naturally I cleared out the shelf. Well, I went back a about a month later and there were only two packs left. I asked the clerk when they'd be refilling the shelf, he made some noise (as they do) but I was skeptical. Sure enough, next time I went the space was filled with a much more expensive brand at 12 lira. I refused to buy it. Typical short term thinking you constantly find here.
    Later still, my friend came over with a pack of coffee he bought at IKEA! 6 lira. Great taste, good price but I am not sure if I want to elbow my way around IKEA for coffee. Still, I'd think the dependability factor is higher in IKEA but then I would have said the same thing about KIPA.

    I made a deal with a guy who will grind my coffee a little less fine than Turkish coffee (which is powder). It took a long time to get him to understand what I wanted and I was afraid to seem too thrilled when he agreed. I was afraid the price would jump up.
    If you ever find a source of filter coffee at a good price, then buy it up- as much as you can afford- because there never seems to be a guarantee it will be there next time.

  2. I do love a good cup of coffee!! A few years ago I bought Chris a Coffee Press. It's wonderful. You pump up the arm of it like you would a bicyle pump till the little guage hits red, pour hot water into the little water recepticle, put your coffee in (the coffee for the machine comes in something that looks like tea bags and you get fabulous blends) and press a button...the pressure you put in it from pumping it up brews the coffee and it's perfect everytime! I love it!!

  3. What a cool little gadget! Glad uou can happily drink your coffee again, Ayak. The little thing that makes me happy is my morning pot of tea, which I'm still drinking (overslept today) It has to be Clipper Fairtrade tea to make me completely happy. :-)

  4. Well, if no one else buys one, the stock will still be there when this one blows up in two years' time...
    It does look natty, though, I must say.

  5. Oooooh Ayak that would make me happy too. I cant find a good coffee machine either and now that I only drink decaf its worse boo hoo and I hate ordinary tea xx

  6. I'm happy you found that lil' coffee machine good for a mug.Just hope you can get some good coffee grounds.

    I know what you mean about a good cup of coffee over in Turkey. I can't stand NESCAFE........ doesnt matter what blend it is, it tastes horrible to me (but that is just my opinion to my taste).

    When I go for a visit I stock up on coffee grounds from here and bring my French press.....because all my sisiter-in-law has is NESCAFE. Sometimes I bring instant Folger's Coffee. Even when we go to Turkey we bring back huge containers of NESCAFE for them, only b/c it's cheaper here and they come in huge containers. When they come here all they drink is Nescafe again, they don't like anything else. But now it's better because STARBUCK'S is in Turkey so I'm happy......when I was in London a few years ago we went to a cafe and I ordered coffee well the waitress just stared at me and said 'will that be white coffee or black" being dumb didn't think fast enough and I thought she meant white chocolate and said what is white coffee? WEll all the other tea drinkers in the cafe just looked at me like I was a space cadet. She said white coffee is with milk duh!!! In Italy once a waiter brought me an espresso in a big mug with a lil' coffee in it...he said this is American cup for you...okay I thought if he went to all that trouble. :-)))

    About microwaves I find this funny. They all smoke inside the house my husband's relatives with lots of smoke you can cut with a knife and they are afraid of using a microwave b/c it gives you cancer. I wouldn't worry with that cigarette smoke will do you in faster.

    ...have a great day and I'd better stop writing before this becomes a short story........enjoy your coffee.

  7. Hi Nomad: I've also used Turkish coffee in desperation if I ran out of filter. It's OK as you say but ground too finely.
    Of course Izmir is too far for me to go to get coffee from Ikea, and the nearest Kipa is in Bodrum. don't like the Jacobs filter coffees but will use them if I have nothing else..but yes they are pricey. I should just have enough of my current supply till I get to England on 27 Dec.

    Hi Carol: Oh that sounds like a lovely gadget. I' ve never seen them.

    Hi Perpetua. It seems most people are either tea or coffee drinkers. I never drank tea in England. I only havethe occasional Turkish çay here which is ok for me in small doses.

    Fly: I doubt anyone in Milas will buy one. They have about 20 in the shop...should last my lifetime!

    Bomb: It's a lovely little machine. I think you can get something similar from Amazon. It's called a desktop machine I think.

    Erica: Write away...I enjoy your short stories!
    The problem is that Turks tend to make nescafe very strong...your spoon could almost stand up in it. And if you want it white they use the powdered creamer...ghastly!
    They do seem to have a fear of microwaves don't they? Mr A used to be scared to use it when we bought the first one until I reassured him...and he's a heavy smoker too!

  8. Cutest little machine ever. Güle güle kullanın and may it last years beyond its worthless guarantee...

    Has Starbucks invaded anywhere nearby you yet? I buy their whole beans and grind it myself. I hate myself every time I buy from them, but it's the best I can do after the coffee I bring from the US runs out. I bring back like 5 pounds of coffee every trip. A 2 pound bag of decent coffee over there is around 17 dollars. 250 grams from Starbucks is 15 lira. Pisses me off but coffee is a necessary pleasure, a "luxury" I refuse to do without.

  9. Dark chocolate makes me happy! Except when I look at myself in the mirror!

    I am strictly a tea drinker but glad you found a little coffee maker for yourself.
    You sound as though you bought a couple of bargains.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  10. im glad you found your toy :) i never enjoyed filter coffee and thats funny because people tend to give me their excess filter coffee knowing that im a coffee man. i dont know, maybe it is me and i dont know how to make a proper filter coffee. but i love instant coffee. i used to buy nescafe gold. even though it is more expensive than the rest of the pack, it really tastes good. and then i realized that jacobs cronat gold tastes better than nescafe gold. so i try to stick to that.

    BUT, i do try to drink less coffee nowadays. i try to jump into the healty food wagon.

    and nowadays, going to this club every mornnig at 6 am and swimming makes me really happy. i dont know how long i can do that.

  11. i dunno why google still does that. this is just a dummy post to enable the follow-up option. you dont have to approve this.

  12. Hi jedi lost. I do prefer Jacobs Cronat Gold to Nescafe Gold. Have you tried Migros Gold? It's very much cheaper and is the only instant I drink nowadays.

    Well done for taking up the early morning will be very good for you.

    (I did publish your follow up comment because I wanted to respond. I am so fed up with these commenting problems with Blogger. The only way I can comment now is to NOT stay signed in to my google account. Which is a nuisance because I have to keep signing in every time..aaargh!)

  13. Ayak, you don't have to publish this, but I just wanted to ask whether you've tried using another browser. I think it's only Internet Explorer that has this ongoing problem with commenting in Blogger. I too can only comment using IE8 if I don't stay signed in, so in desperation I downloaded Google Chrome and this works fine. Well, you'd expect it to, since they are both Google products. :-) Just a suggestion....

  14. Perpetua. Thankyou. I've tried to download google chrome..several times...but for some reason I can't. I have no idea why. I must ask my brother in law to help me with it.

    I also decided to have another look at changing to Wordpress...but it's just too complicated for my PC numpty brain!

  15. thanks for the suggestion Ayak. i will try Migros coffee when my stock is finished -only if i dont forget about it till then.

    funny thing about Chrome. I cant update the version i have here in the office. It is funny because a. i have no such problems at home, and more importantly b. i do have chrome in the office. i downloaded it once.but it is an older version. and i just cant download the new one because it gives error all the time and i dont care much enough to try to find a solution about that.

  16. That's interesting jedilost. I thought I was doing something wrong or it was my laptop at fault but if you're having the same problem it kind of reassures me.

  17. Gosh, I thought you'd be up to your necks in really fab coffee, my Turkish friend is always telling me how much he misses his coffee from home.


  18. Hi SP. No doubt it's his Turkish coffee that he misses, which is very nice, but quite different from everyday filter or instant. Like Nomad who commented above, I've tried Turkish coffee in my filter machine but it really doesn't work. The taste and texture is quite different.

  19. It is the small things - like a good cup of coffee in the morning - that make or break a day. I can't do without my coffee so I so feel for you. I'm glad you found the perfect coffee maker and will be having that cup every day - on your new balconey - with your fabulous view. Lucky you!

  20. 'Cross the Pond: I so agree! And the weather is still pleasant enough to sit out on the balcony with my coffee!

  21. It is indeed the little things on which our day to day happiness depend. Missed ya! xx

  22. Missed ya too FF...glad you're back xxx

  23. I love coffee. The whole year we lived in Turkey I was a little bothered that all that was available was Nescafe. But I do like Turkish coffee a lot - recently discovered that it's ten times better without any sugar (I'd been drinking it orta sekerli all these years cos that's how my grandmother makes it).
    At least in Istanbul, there are a lot of coffee chains now where you can get real coffee, but it's very pricey. I'm surprised they have Gloria Jean's - it's a Canadian company!

  24. Deniz I aso like Turkish coffe but only occasionally..and without sugar.
    Gloria Jeans has been at Ataturk airport for as long as I can remember. I think it's still there but I usually head for Starbucks.
    I had a really nice coffee last week when I went to Bodrum with my friends but şt's a long way to go..on 2 buses just for decent coffee!


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