Sunday, 13 November 2011


We all need to be distracted at times from ordinary everyday life and I'm no exception.

Winter can be pretty boring, particularly when you live in an isolated village such as ours.  It's easy for me to find myself stuck in the house day after day, and the longer it goes on the more difficult it becomes for me to motivate myself to get out and about.

I forced myself to get on the bus to Bodrum on Friday to see Gwen and Suleyman.  They are at the Gumbet hotel for a few weeks, tying up loose ends and having talks with the hotel owners about a contract for the shop next year.  The hotel is now closed.  No guests, just a few members of staff, cleaning up.  It's like a ghost town.  So they met me at Bodrum bus station and we set off  for Oasis shopping centre.  It's one of my favourites..but mostly for window shopping rather than buying as most of the shops are expensive.  However, they do have a Marks & Spencer and although the prices are in Turkish lira they are comparable with English prices.  I picked up a couple of pairs of leggings, which look nice with long jumpers but also double up as longjohns under jeans when it gets colder.

We had lunch in Gumbet and then I went to buy some bacon and pork sausages from a supplier that Suleyman knows.  This was the highlight of my day of course and means I can satisfy my cravings for pork products.  This particular supplier also has pork chops, but I'd spent enough so they will have to wait for another visit.

Gwen and Suleyman will be going back to their home in Aydın soon but we've promised to make the effort to see each other during the winter months.

Distractions aren't always helpful.   Mr A is still working away at the fences in the garden, but he keeps being distracted by neighbours or men who happen to be passing.  Not happy with a 5-minute chat, Mr A sees it as an excuse to down tools, sit and drink tea.  Unfortunately this can happen several times a day, and these breaks can last anything up to a couple of hours.   Of course I don't begrudge him this time but I'm anxious about things being finished before he sets off to work for the winter.   Some of it can wait, but at the moment the garden isn't secure for the dogs.  There are still areas from which they can escape.  And the forecast is rain today, so it's a mad dash to get things done.

I managed to fiddle with my camera yesterday and we took a few photos of the garden:

Mr A hard at work

The newly levelled and cemented driveway, taken from the entrance

and the driveway looking towards the entrance

Newly erected walls inside the garden and wooden fence.

All of the fences have been made from scratch by Mr A.  Measuring, cutting, sanding and erecting.  Pretty good aren't they?

I'm really proud of him and what he has achieved.  Now if only he can get through today without any distractions he should be able to complete the fencing and the dogs will be safe. by the end of the day.


  1. Mr. A.....did a beautiful job. The garden and wooden fences look great...yes he did an excellent job with the measuring, cutting, sanding and erecting of the fences........ looks like very hard work and I hope he doesn't get distracted so he can finish before winter sets in and your doggy's can be safe.......

    I know what you mean get bored......I myself haven't worked in 20 years since my daughter was born. It gets boring :-(, even though I live in a huge city, b/c all my friends work. Well I do help my husband with his business but to me at home is not work. Same old routine, tidy up, cook, laundry, etc.....happy you could see your friend Gwen for a bit.
    We use to have Marks and Spencer here in Toronto for a few years but then they closed them all up....those stores sure were tidy and all neatly organized.I use to love them biscuits they had.Don't know why they packed them up here, the stores always looked busy.

    Hope all goes well with you and Mr. A did a fabulous job. :-)

  2. Thanks Erica. I do like M & S. Unfortunately this one doesn't have a food section because I love their biscuits too!

  3. He's made a great job of it all, hasn't he?
    I'm sure he'll make it secure for the dogs as a priority...even given the tea breaks!
    I'm always amazed by the number of visitors we have who just appear without warning - it's not as if we're on a main road, either - so your 'Turkish' cake has been a real Godsend!
    I caught Mr. Fly handing out Christmas cake slices the other day and felt most unseasonably uncharitable toward him.
    'Well I thought it was the Turkish said anything could go into it!'

  4. Fly..we are also not on a main thoroughfare either..except for the sheep, so it surprises me how many people have turned up recently. They are of course being nosy as they've heard about Mr A's work with the wall.
    Oh I'd have been a bit unhappy at christmas cake being given away.
    Talking of the Turkish cake, I used the sharon fruit in one the other day. It was disgusting. Even the dogs refused to even sniff it!

  5. Hi Linda! I like the new pic at the top! What are sharon fruit? Hope the job got done without any more delays! It's much colder today here - sounds the same where you are.

  6. They say good news travels fast, Ayak, and what Mr A has achieved in your garden looks like very good news to me. Fingers crossed the distractions don't prevent him from finishing a great job. I love your new driveway and the fences are impressive.

  7. Mr A has done a wonderful job with those walls and the pathway. Isn't he clever?
    I used to experience the same thing when my husband down tools on the job he was doing so he could talk to neighbours. Every time I looked out of the window he seemed to be doing that! Seems to be a man thing because a woman would probably talk and keep working at the same time!

    Can't believe that it gets as cold as that in Turkey that you might need leggings under tights! Thats what I do over here!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  8. Mr A's done a fabulous job, so fingers crossed that he gets it all dog-proofed!

  9. Hi Claudia. The little black circle under the word "Delight" on the header is our house. Sharon fruit also known as persimmon. No idea what they are in Turkish but I'm sure you have seen them in the markets...... pic here

    It is colder here today and rain is on its way.

  10. He has done a fantastic job. I think Mr. A might have found a new profession.

  11. Perpetua. He has pretty much finished the fencing now or as much as he is able to do and it's secure for the dogs. The fence along the driveway is really to keep the dogs off our garden on the other side.
    He's now busy making some shelves for the kitchen. I'm making the most of his enthusiasm for DIY while it lasts!

  12. Maggie. It's definitely a man thing. They don't seem able to multi-task the way that we do. It doesn't really get as cold as England but I notice it more because we don't have central heating. The leggings under jeans will be used mostly if I'm on the back of the motorbike.

  13. J: I'm very pleased with what he has achieved...and its looking dog-proof now.

  14. Kelleyn: I did actually suggest to him that this could be his new career, but he says he has only been enthusiastic about it because it's our garden. He's quite glad he's coming to the end of it!

  15. I don't know why this popped into my mind - especially as Mr A's efforts are not dry - but this little ditty by Pam Ayres (remember her?) always amused me:

    I am a dry stone waller
    All day I dry stone wall
    Of all appalling callings
    Dry stone walling's worst of all.

    However, the final effect is stunning - I really love handbuilt walls and fences and Mr A has done a fantastic job. But I do agree that he will be very glad to finish.
    We've had some lovely weather here in Andalucia this autumn - am hoping it will last a bit longer.

  16. Hi Annie. Haha..I do remember Pam Ayres and also that particular ditty. She was very funny wasn't she?

    The weather here has been glorious too...unusual for this time of year. Unfortunately the rain has now started this evening and thank goodness the wall and fencing are now finished.

  17. wow he's been working hard (amongst the tea drinking!)

  18. He certainly has Kelloggsville. I'm pretty impressed.

  19. Wow its looking great Ayak Mr A has done a good job xx

  20. Thanks Bomb. I'm very pleased with it all xx


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