Monday, 21 November 2011

Mobile Phones

I've never really liked them but like the majority of people on this planet, I've become used to my mobile being part of my life.

I can't be doing with anything too sophisticated or clever though.  I'm not interested in iPhones or similar contraptions.  I don't need my phone to be able to do anything other than allow me to make and receive calls or text messages.

Mr A on the other hand is obsessed with them.  The more complicated the better as far as he is concerned.  So naturally it was a big decision for him to make recently, to sell his iPhone (it may not have been an iPhone..I don't really know...but it was an all-singing/all-dancing phone) to raise more money to spend on the garden.  He is now using a cheap, simple, secondhand mobile, but I'm sure that when he's working again, a newer one will be top of his to-buy list.

I've therefore had a very simple Nokia for the past 7 years that does the trick for me.  Last year I dropped it and damaged the screen.  Mr A was all for persuading me to upgrade to a cleverer model, but I managed to get a new screen installed and was happy.

Yesterday morning, I discovered that the screen on my phone was blank...nothing at all.  I used the house phone to ring the mobile and it was still working, but of course I can't make calls out or send/receive text messages because I can't see anything.

There are plenty of mobile phone shops here to choose from so we set off to Milas yesterday afternoon to look for a new phone.  We spent hours in and out of shops, with Mr A trying out and testing numerous phones...complicated ones...whilst I just kept getting sneers from the assistants every time I produced my old Nokia and asked for a similar one.  

I stood my ground and eventually found a phone which did pretty much the same as my old phone...albeit that it was a slimmer version.  It was new, the price was OK, but it had no box or guarantee with it, so I wasn't too happy about buying it.

We then retraced our steps, visited all the shops again, looking at secondhand phones.  By this time, I was getting fed up with Mr A trying out all the super-dooper contraptions and insisting that they were just what I needed.  

He produced a secondhand Nokia, which he said was a brilliant phone.  The price was good and feeling under pressure and just wanting to get a phone, I gave in and bought it.  I inserted my sim card. Tried it.  It worked.  So we set off for home.

Of course this phone has far too much clever stuff on it which I will never use..but after an hour or so I managed to work out how to phone and text, which will do for me.

However...there is a problem.  If I switch it off I can't switch it back on again.   I was pretty annoyed with Mr A for persuading me to buy this bloody contraption, but more annoyed with myself  for allowing him to talk me into it.  NOTE TO SELF:  Do not take Mr A with you when you want to buy anything in future.

At almost 8pm last night, Mr A set off for Milas to take the phone back to the shop.  I asked him to just get me a refund.   It was closed, but he spoke to a man in the phone shop next door who said it must be that the battery was dead.   So he bought a new battery.   When he arrived home, he inserted the new battery, put it on charge and guess what?  You still can't switch on the bloody phone!

And to top it all...for some unexplained reason...the screen on my old phone has now reappeared.  So I'm back to using it and Mr A has been instructed to take the new purchase back to Milas this morning for a refund and not to return until he has my money in his hand.


  1. I loathe the things, but eventually bought the cheapest possible to be able to either call for a lift when I'm about to descend from the bus or to give to Danilo when he is up in the coffee if anyone needs him.

    Horrible brute it is!
    It's switched itself needs some peculiar number inserted when you charge the battery...I need glasses to see the controls and I hate it with a fervour which is overwhelming.

    And I don't even have the excuse of Mr.A!

  2. Another mobile-phone phobic here! I have a very simple one (about 4 years old now) which I keep firmly switched off unless I want to use it, so that no-one gets the idea they can call me on it. That's what landlines are for. I'm useless at texting too. However I did enjoy playing with all the bells and whistles on DS's iPhone 4, but could never contemplate actually buying and paying to run one.

  3. Heavens...... that sounded horrific. I hope you get reimbursed for the second on & the battery that didn't fix the problem. I wonder if the first one got a bit damp or something?
    Like you, I only want a simple phone that texts and makes calls. I've had the present one for a long time & dread it dying on me because I am so satisfied with it.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  4. Sorry you had to go through the trouble with your phone issue.

    I...on the other the hand never knew how I survived without an IPhone before. I use mine all the time, texting is very important for my business and especially for my daughter if she's late at school so I know if all is okay with her, or where to pick here up? I also keep my shopping list there, appt.'s, addresses, GPS, I don't like to play games can't stand them. Take lost of pics with my camera or videos. I got all these pricey cameras and I hardly use them due to the IPhone.

    Sorry if I sound like an IPhone 'snob'.....but I have now got use to it and it does a lot of jobs for me.....

    Hope you can solve your cell phone problem.....take care....xx

  5. Well Fly, Perpetua and Maggie, it would seem like we all feel the same way about mobiles. Of course we are of the generation who didn't necessarily even have a phone at home when we were children, and had to trek to the nearest phonebox. I really can't keep up with the rapid advancements in all this new technology.

    Erica: I am quite in awe of people like you who can take to these things like a duck to water!

  6. I must admit I love mobile phones. I'm still using my old Sharp GX10 which cost €280 when it was new! I love the new phones, just touch the screen and scroll....... the best way to learn is to play around with the phone, just like you do on the computer. Select and click on something and see what will happen. Beware, it can become addictive!!

  7. Hi Noreen. Oh no..the new touch screen ones terrify me! Mr A had one and I had a little go but I'm clearly too heavy-handed and ended up doing all sorts of things quite unintentially!


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