Thursday, 17 November 2011

The most irritating TV ad ever...

We haven't had a television for nearly two years.  We don't miss it.  Mr A likes football and when big matches are broadcast he prefers to watch in the men-only teahouses because there's more of an atmosphere.

Any other programmes we want to see we are able to catch-up on our laptops.

I have to admit to being hooked on UK soaps.  Eastenders, Corrie and Emmerdale.  But what irritates me most about ITV programmes these days are the sponsorship ads.  

The advantage in catching-up online is that usually the ads are cut out.  However, I tend to use Youtube for the soaps as they are posted up pretty quickly after broadcast.  Or I use Expatshield and go directly to ITV iPlayer.  Unfortunately in this case, the sponsorship ads still appear.

The sponsorship ad for Emmerdale, produced by an online bingo website, makes me want to scream.

They have used real people...those that use their bingo website.  Their ad is trying to tell a story.  It's all about real people getting together, doing real things like go-karting, hot air ballooning, messing about on a beach, etc.

The reality of course is that these people don't do REAL things.  They sit in front of a screen, in isolation, playing bingo.  That's what irritates well as the annoying jingle!

Are there TV ads that irritate you?


  1. Missed you, Linda - I must get back into the blogosphere


  2. Missed you too Julie. Get blogging again..we all miss your posts. Lots of Love xxx

  3. All of them. While the programme I'm watching runs smoothly, for some reason all the ads are jerky and take twice as long to show.

  4. Oh that happens with mine too Fly. I thought it was my laptop

  5. Barely notice the ads at all, Ayak, partly because I don't watch much TV nowadays. No TV in France and Scotland and in both places our broadband is too slow to watch online. In Wales we tend to record and watch later, which means we can fast-forward through the ads. An ad-person's nightmare :-)

  6. Perpetua I guess I'm an ad-person's nightmare too. Ads either annoy me or I ignore them. I've never been persuaded to buy anything from seeing a TV ad.

  7. We're just a month or so into TV-free life. I love it, though I'm pretty sure I've watched "Nightmare Before Christmas" about 50 times in the last 2 weeks. Good thing it makes for alluring earworms.

    I hated Sensodyne commercials intensely, with the fake dentists. And junk food commercials with skinny attractive kids rocking out to Cipsos or whatever. And of course Mentos. And in general just the 1950s mentality of any Turkish commercial that takes place in the home. Really? Is this all there is?

  8. Stranger: One of the biggest advantages in having a TV-free life for almost 2 years now is not having to watch Turkish commercials..they pretty much all made me want to scream!

  9. "Ayak's Turkish Delight" has been included in this weeks Sites To See. I hope this helps to attract many new visitors here.

  10. FishHawk: Welcome to my blog and thankyou xx

  11. There's one on ITViPlayer that is AVIVA da da da di da da di doo but I can never remember what it's advertising so can't be having the right effect can it!

    We too live an iPlayer life that means virtually no ads and no trailers.

    I love that in France you have really no idea that Christmas is coming!

  12. Hi Rosie: Oh yes..missing out on all the UK Christmas ads...what a treat!

  13. I despise all the bingo ads. They are all awful. Thank heavens for the DVR - I never watch anything live, only taped.

  14. Hi Erin: Yes they are all awful..I agree x


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