Tuesday, 15 November 2011


I thought Mr A would be pleased to have finished building the fence this week and was pretty sure he would have had enough of sawing, sanding and hammering.

Not so.  He has become obsessed with making things out of wood.

Having driven the final nail in the fence on Sunday afternoon, he asked me if I would like a couple of shelves in the kitchen.

I've been asking him to put up shelves since we moved here so of course I said yes.

I now have two deep sturdy shelves built into a recess which now house my microwave oven and pots and pans, freeing up much needed work surface and cupboard space.

I didn't see Mr A at all yesterday until around 9pm.  After breakfast he set off for his shed and there he remained all day, sawing, sanding and hammering.  He is buıilding a picnic table for the garden.  He informs me it's practically finished and the "unveiling" will take place in the morning.

His next plan is to make a shoe cupboard for the balcony...and then he tells me he is going to build a table for the kitchen.

Will this enthusiasm for carpentry ever end, I ask myself?  Or will he keep going until he replaces all our furniture?   Hmm...we could do with a new wardrobe.....


  1. Tell me!
    They get into something and that's all they want to do!
    At least it's useful!

  2. Don't stop him! His work looks really good. I think he missed his vocation! I am very envious of you having someone so very good at making/mending things!

  3. I think Mr. A is on a roll. That's so nice that he's building you things......glad that he's not hanging around those 'tea houses'. Here they call them coffee shops....and they are jam packed.

    Waiting to hear how the 'unveiling' went in the will be nice to sit and eat kahvalti with a bardak of cay outside on your new picnic table. :-)

    Since he's on a roll you should ask him to do something that you need done.....I sometimes do that with mine. Mine was on to gardening this summer and I finally got him to replant my huge Hostas.

    Take care..... xx

  4. Fly: I agree. I could thşnk of far worse obsessions.

    Kelleyn: :-)) xxx

    Vicky. This is the first time in nearly 14 years that he has attempted to make anything so it's all a bit of a shock.

    Erica: Well I was about to ask for the shelves but he beat me to it. I d need other things done and I've mentioned them. However they don't involve wood and that seems to be his obsession at the moment.

  5. Good for Mr A! A productive use of non-working time. How extensive are his woodworking skills, Ayak? Enough to get work in this kind of field or just good enough for useful home improvements?

  6. Perpetua. At the moment I think his skills are probably more suited to home improvements although he's getting a lot of practise so improving all the time. As far as I know carpenters here tend to be father to son businesses and I don't think they make a lot of money. Maybe we should explore the possibility though.

  7. You lucky lady, Mr. A is wonderful! Can't wait to see more photos of his work. I too would love new kitchen shelves and a picnic table in the garden...........

  8. Hi Noreen. We had to go into Milas for the market today and it took longer than anticipated so the table isn't quite finished. I'll take some photos when it is.

  9. What a marvellous man!
    Send him to me when you are finished with him!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  10. If you tire of his carpentry, please send him over here. I have a list of projects that will keep him busy until 2015.

  11. Perhaps I should think about renting him out Maggie x

  12. 'Cross the Pond: Looks like you might have to join the queue!


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