Saturday, 26 November 2011

OK...enough now please!

It seems like this has been the year for my electric appliances to give up.

Already since this summer, my toasted sandwich maker broke.  I had to have a new element fitted to our electric oven.  The coffee machine, electric kettle, toaster and iron all died on me.

Today my microwave oven decided it would like to join all its friends in the electrical appliance graveyard.

It appears to be functioning in every respect, other than actually heating anything.

I' ve done a bit of googling and it would seem that the obvious problem is that the magnetron has given up.  According to various sites, this is the most important part of the microwave oven that is responsible for heating.  It's also about 95% of the cost of the microwave, so it's not worth getting repaired.  And we all know of course that microwave oven repairs are not safe for DIY.

So, I guess another trip to the shops is in order.

BUT the mobile phone is still working by the way, albeit that it needs a new battery because it's currently having to be charged every day.

I always believed when these things happened, it ran in "threes" (one of my late mother's old wives tales)...obviously that's a load of rubbish in my case.


  1. Poor you I know the feeling, yesterday my blender broke and I use it every day boo hoo. xx

  2. Has it been raining?

    I recharged my phone and it would not work afterwards.
    I even read the users' guide which told me everything I needed to know about how to play music and do all sorts of daft things...but not how to get the b....thing to switch on.
    So Danilo asked his son to come down. He touched the bit of the thing the guide says switches it off....and it switched on!
    I give up.

  3. Bomb: There's always something :-(

    Fly: No rain!
    My phone seems to switch itself off but someone told me that means its in "sleep" mode. So the bloody things sleep too??

  4. Me too Fly...really scary ones :-)

  5. Ohhh I hate when that happens.....I swear they make things work for a short time then you have to purchase new ones.

    A couple of weeks ago our microwave was making such a horrendous sound that I thought it would blow up.....then later that day I needed the food processor and there the motor went, so I stood there slicing cabbage forever by did these people ever get by without these appliances.
    Well I ended up buying a new microwave...but when I saw the price of a new Kitchen Aid food processor...I thought I'll swing on to my dear husband later sometime soon about the price. It was almost triple the price of a microwave.

    I always believe things come in three' my car battery went on the blink this morning. UGH!!!!!

    take care and I'm glad your cell is working so far. :-)))

  6. I'd have the Turkish electric supply checked it I were you. Sounds very suspicious that things are breaking all the time and the single common factor is that they have to be plugged in to work. Sort the national or local grid out and everything will be fine. Can you do that?!!

  7. Annie: We've been discussing this today and will be making every attempt to get it checked. although that may be easier said than done!

  8. Erica: Things just don't last long these days do they? And isnt it annoying when they pack up just after the guarantee runs out?

  9. Ayak, my mind is thinking along the same lines as Annie's. It isn't normal to have so many appliances breaking down in such a short time. I do hope you can find out whether that is a contributory factor.

  10. Perpetua: I think you and Annie are probably right. Although it's happened in almost every place we've lived. Turkish electrics leave a lot to be desired and it's extremely difficult to find a decent electrician. But we do need to get it checked.


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