Monday, 21 November 2011

A pleasant Monday and another trip to the Dentist

You may remember that two months ago I found a super dentist in Bodrum who charges "normal" prices in Turkish lira rather than the inflated prices in Euros charged by the posh Bodrum clinics.  Instead of being fobbed off by the expensive dentists telling me that my tooth could not be repaired but would have to be expensively crowned, bridged and whatever, my new dentist insisted he could rebuild my tooth.  He made a very good job of it too.

However on Friday a bit of the filling came out, leaving the tooth very sensitive so I phoned to make an appointment to see him.  As it happened Suleyman had another appointment with the same dentist today, so he and Gwen picked me up on their way from their home in Aydin.  Mr A decided to come too.

My dentist has put some kind of fluid onto the tooth to "calm it down" plus a temporary dressing and I will return again on Thursday to have the tooth rebuilt.  He explained that there was always a possibility that this might happen the first time it was done because it was so badly damaged.  I asked if it was perhaps better to have it extracted, but he insisted that he would make every effort to save the tooth, even if it took several attempts, and that he will not be charging me for any of this additional treatment.  He says he is determined to get it to the stage where it will last at least a couple of years.  I'm very happy to have found this dentist and wish I had discovered him before.  When we were chatting I discovered that  he had been in practise in Selçuk before he moved to Bodrum, at the same time that we were living in Selçuk.  In fact his surgery was just around the corner from where we lived!   I wish I'd known.   Isn't it a small world?

Suleyman and Mr A spent some time drinking tea and chatting and Gwen and I browsed the shops.  We all met up for lunch and then Suleyman dropped us back home.   A pleasant day with good company.

Before we set off today, Mr A popped into Milas to return the "new" (secondhand)  mobile phone which wasn't working.  He was under instructions to accept no excuses and to insist on a refund.  It didn't quite work out that way (now why does that not surprise me?).  Apparently the shopkeeper said he couldn't refund the money as he didn't have any...hmmm.  Mr A stood his ground and when it was clear that no money would be forthcoming, he made a very loud fuss and refused to leave the shop.  Eventually the man gave Mr A another phone...identical to the previous one.  Only this one was brand new, retailing at 370 lira...about 130 pounds).   It must have been some fuss that Mr A made because we only paid 160 lira for the previous phone and the shopkeeper let him have the new one at no extra charge.   Result!

The phone is working perfectly.  I have worked out how to make and receive calls and text messages.  That's as far as it goes for me.  It does, however, do lots of other things.  These are the product details:

Compact modern design featuring sophisticated stainless-steel covers, glossy black finish, and rounded edges.
Integrated 2 megapixel camera with 8x digital zoom
Music player, FM stereo radio, and video player
Access your email on the go and send messages with attachments
Store music, videos, and photos with up to 2GB microSD card expandable memory.

....but of course all of that goes way over my head.  You never know though...maybe in time I'll learn how to use all these extra gadgets.

Now if someone invented a phone that could do something useful like the housework and ironing..I'd be first in the queue to buy one.


  1. Poor Ayak. Sorry about the tooth but very glad the dentist is being so helpful and reasonably-priced.

    Great result about the phone. Good for Mr A, though you'd better be careful about overusing the new phone as data downloads can be very expensive (item on BBC website on the subject today)

    PS Is there some weird blog linking going on? Your is the second post running I've read about dentists and someone has just done one on comfort food, like my last but one post. I'm getting a strong feeling of deja vu :-)

  2. He does sound a super dentist....for anything that looks like being major we go to Nicaragua...very good dentists and a third of the Costa Rica price!

    Well done Mr. never know, you might find out what all those things do if you get a few wet afternoons!

  3. Perpetua: I don't understand anything about data downloads so I doubt it will be a problem.
    Oh..I haven't seen another post about dentists...perhaps we bloggers are becoming telepathic!

  4. Fly: Fortunately my appointments are coinciding with those of Suleyman so I'm lucky I can get a lift there. Otherwise I will have to catch three buses...although it's well worth it.

  5. Oh that's funny, about the dentist having been in Selcuk! And how neat that you got a brand new phone! I wasn't sure about all the bells and whistles on mine either, at first, but now I find it makes a great backup camera when I've forgotten the actual camera :-)

  6. Hi Deniz. I must admit I like having the camera. My old phone had one but you couldn't upload to a pc. The new one comes with a usb port so this will be useful.

  7. Sorry about your tooth (((HUGS))). But happy you have a good dentist with a reasonable price. Funny about how you lived near by before, small world it is.
    The dentists here are so EXPENSIVE. I just had 4 of my wisdom teeth ripped out, but was free due to going into the hospital for all 4 at once. Otherwise it would be $1400. a tooth...yikes!!!!!! My daughter 2 weeks ago had some gum surgery and it was $1800....we are praying that before Christmas my husband doesn't need any dental work.

    Happy about your me if I can manage one of those phones you can too. I just practised, even if I screwed it up. I just had my husband put it back to the original.

    Take care......

  8. Hi Erica. Goodness...that's so expensive. I think it's pretty pricey in the UK for dental treatment too these days. It is much cheaper here and most of the dentists are really good. Even the posh Bodrum clinics, although expensive, are still cheaper than the UK.

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  10. Dentist Arlington: Very good advice and I quite agree. These are certainly issues that I have covered with my new dentist. Thankyou.


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