Tuesday, 22 November 2011

A pleasant Tuesday...and more about the mobile phone.

The saga of the new mobile phone continued today.  The second replacement phone appeared to be working OK.

Again, I spent a couple of hours setting it all up and making sure it was able to do what I wanted it to.

After all this fiddling about with it, the battery had run low by this morning, so I plugged the charger in...and...nothing.  It wouldn't charge.  We had a couple of spare chargers and tried those but still it wouldn't charge. 

So off we go to Milas once more to the phone shop.  The guy in the shop told us that the person who repairs their phones had gone out  so we would have to come back later.  I suggested he call him on his mobile phone (if he had one that actually worked) and ask him to return to the shop.  I was informed that he hadn't taken his phone with him (maybe it wasn't working?).

We sat and waited for about 10 minutes, having been offered tea, as is the norm.  Mr A was getting very irritated by then.  I was already angry, but what can you do?   There was another customer in the shop about to buy a secondhand phone.  Mr A suggested he thoroughly tested it out before parting with his money.  This comment prompted the shopkeeper into action.  He took my phone and trotted across the road to another shop and asked the man there to take a look to see if he could solve the problem.  We followed and waited while he dismantled it, prodded and poked it with various tiny tools, and reassembled it.  All of which took a further 45 minutes.   It still wouldn't charge.

By this time the repairman in the other shop had returned so we crossed the road, gave him the phone, and he proceeded to dismantle, prod and poke, reassemble, etc.  Not once, but several times.  He did manage to get it to charge at one point, but only when the phone was completely dismantled.  He seemed rather pleased with himself and I honestly think he believed we would accept this!   Until I firmly informed him that I had no intention of taking the phone apart every time I wanted to recharge it.

By now another half an hour had passed...more tea in the meantime....and I had had enough.  I insisted on a refund and it was reluctantly forthcoming.

Coming out of the shop, Mr A suggests we look for a phone in another shop.  I was not amused.  I said I would rather be without a phone than have to go through this over and over again.  I repeated myself twice to make sure he got the message.  But he's a man...he doesn't listen...and before I knew it he was inside another phone shop with an identical phone in his hand, asking the price.

As it transpired, after Mr A and I both tested and retested the phone thoroughly, we established that it worked, it charged, it switched on and off with no problems, and it seemed to be in better condition all round.   AND it was 10 lira cheaper than the previous two phones.  We bought it, and as I write, it is still working.  But call me a cynic if you like, I'm not totally confident that it will continue to do so.  Watch this space!

It was market day in Milas and we stocked up with vegetables and fruit.  I love the vegetables at this time of year...spinach, brocolli, enormous cabbages, purple carrots and green beans.  And mandarin oranges are in abundance and very cheap.

 We also needed to get some vests and socks for Mr A.  It's getting colder and we realised this morning that he was down to one vest and two and a half pairs of socks.  Before returning home, we stopped for delicious cheese and spinach gozleme.

Apart from the hassle with the phone...quite a pleasant day.


  1. I love happy endings. Vests and socks! And cabbages. Cold heart officially warmed (mine, I mean. It's been a rough couple of weeks).

    I hope the phone works for years to come. Güle güle kullan.


  2. Hi Stranger. Yes indeed...the new vests and socks made the day! I know it's been tough for you lately and I hope you will be feeling a bit happier very soon xx

  3. purple carrots?! Purple Angry Ayak whilst in the phone shop!

  4. I love spinach and fav pizza here is the spinach and cheese one...and I also really like it when you post pictures like the vegetable market one on this post. I notice a woman there wearing jeans. Is she a tourist? I find these pictures most interesting to see the dress of the people...and their surroundings!

  5. Hi Charlotte Ann. She wouldn't necessarily be a tourist. To be honest, it depends on the area as to whether Turkish women are westernised in their dress. In the towns it's a mixture of both. In the tourist areas and the big cities, more people dress in Western styles. You find that the majority of women in the villages (such as ours) predominantly wear headscarves and shalwar (the baggy pants).

  6. Kelloggsville: Purple carrots are delicious. Here's a useful link if you're interested:

    And yes..definitely purple with anger in the phone shop!

  7. Lovely pics Ayak. Hope the phone this time works better than the laptop lol xx

  8. Happy about your new phone.....I'm sure this one will be fine for years to come.
    I was laughing to myself, my husband still has his vests......we have a heated house with a central furnace. Living in Canada we all do..... he still wears that darn vest.

    Love that gozleme with those lil' women sitting on the ground whipping them out......they are my husband's favorite.
    The Turkish veggie markets are amazing with their abundance of fruits and veggies. They actually taste like they supposed too. Not like the ones we get here at the supermarket which they ship from California or Mexico....days and days later.

    Take care and enjoy your new

  9. Bomb: Thanks. The laptop's still giving me grief x

    Erica: The vegetables here are indeed wonderful and taste as they should. The gozleme was made by one of the ladies while we watched with spinach from the market across the road, picked that morning...wonderfully fresh.

  10. But, but, but... I thought the replacement phone you had before was supposed be new too, Ayak. I truly hope this one is the real deal.

    The vegetable market looks wonderful. I love vegetables of all kinds, so would be in seventh heaven there.

  11. But..but..but Perpetua...I thought so too. I have a feeling Mr and I were being conned. Well touch wood the third phone is still working...fingers crossed it continues to do so.

    Yes I love vegetables too. I smetimes think it would be easy to become a vegetarian here.


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