Saturday, 5 November 2011

Who says living in the country is peaceful?

I'm sitting here trying to browse the internet and I'm suddenly aware that this morning this part of the village seems to be the noisiest place on earth.

I don't just mean the noise from the cows, sheep, chickens and donkeys.  I can live with fact I find them quite comforting.  It's everything else that's going on at the moment.

The washing machine is chugging's on it's last legs so is getting noisier by the day.

Mr A is at the back of the house removing large rocks from the wall and throwing them down into the garden with a huge thud.

The woman who lives down below our house, who has learning disabilities, is being noisier than ever today.  She is always shouting or wailing at the cats or anyone else she takes a dislike to, but today she is excelling herself.  When she starts, my dogs bark at her.  She shouts louder...they bark louder.

Mr A has just shouted at her to be quiet.   She stopped for two minutes and then started up again.  Then her husband started shouting at her.  He is partially deaf so shouts louder than most people.  They are now both shouting at each other...and my neighbour has joined in.    Oh...and wait a minute...another neighbour has arrived to find out what all the shouting is about.

I am about to take myself off to the bedroom and plug in my headphones.

I crave peace and quiet.


  1. LOL, Ayak, though I know it's not so funny when it gets to this point. In Mid-Wales subtract shouting neighbours, but add church bells, low-flying jets and much more traffic than people anticipate.

  2. I suppose we will never escape some sort of noise Perpetua unless we find an uninhabited desert island!

  3. Sometimes I have those days too...where I just want peace and next door neighbour has screaming matches with her kids daily. The boy is 10 and the girl is 13 and when the husband comes home she's screaming at him....for just coming home. She's just a miserable, miserable person. I can't read a book outside due to her....but you know what? When she goes to visit relatives overseas for a month I'm bored, and it's too quiet for me.
    Also...I use to live in Manhattan for over 10 years so when I moved back to Toronto (which is a big city also) I couldn't sleep for weeks. It was too QUIET for me.
    Hope you can get some peace and quiet this weekend....and a new washing machine. Last year I got a new washer and dryer and when they finish they don't buzz where you jump but play a tune and I can't even hear it washing or the drying spinning around.

    .....take care...sorry for the long thread.

  4. Oh don't apologise Erica..I enjoy reading your comments. I think you have a point about missing familiar noises when they stop. In fact it's actually gone quiet here now....too quiet! Haha...never satisfied!

  5. Sounds a bit like my country neighborhood. When the noise becomes more than you can bare just raise your hands up in the air, close your eyes, and say "serenity now!" doesn't really work but it's something.:) Have a great day.

  6. Haha...I'll give that a try Mr H!

  7. The only rural noise I have is The Neighbour who has now started relaying his dance music over the area. I shudder to, rephrase that, I am delighted to think of the damage he is doing to his eardrums.
    Have played a clip of the Laughing Policeman to Don Freddy whose son is thinking of setting up a it seems a good time to nip off to the house in San Jose while the battle of the loudspeakers lasts!

  8. Actually Fly, I think loud music is worse than anything...particularly when it isn't to your taste.
    Oh..The Laughing Policeman..that brings back memories. My Dad used to play it to us (an old 78rpm) to cheer us up...always worked!

  9. Too quiet here today its like a morgue and it was too busy when I had to pop out to the Pharmacists lol cant win either way. At least think of a good point you are missing all the christmas hype they are actually playing the songs already in the supermarkets hehehehehe xx


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