Friday, 9 December 2011

Attempting to keep up with technology.

Anyone who knows me, recognises that I don't have the brain capacity to absorb the rapid advances in technology.

I'm always quite a few steps behind everyone else.  I find it hard to keep up...probably because I don't like change.

My computer/internet knowledge is limited compared to most people.  Although I found blogger friend, Fly in the Web, to be a like-minded soul.  She and I have muddled through various techy problems together through trial and error. We once joked about producing a book for computer numpties.

I am almost completely self-taught...not easy on Turkish computers I can tell you.  It can take me hours, if not days, to work out how to do a simple task, which would take most people minutes to perform.

My introduction to the world of the internet happened when I worked in a gift shop in Goreme about 7 years ago.  The shop was quiet most of the time so I was allowed to mess about with the computer there.  And a lot of messing about took place.  I made an awful lot of mistakes, and often lost or deleted stuff.  Thankfully I had an understanding boss.

When we moved from Cappadocia to Selçuk, we bought a secondhand desktop from an internet cafe that was closing down, and used it until it finally gave up.  I replaced this with a Lenovo laptop which lasted for 2 years, which was then replaced by my current laptop...also a Lenovo.   There were plenty of models to choose from, but as I said,I don't like change, so stuck with what I knew.

I like to take my laptop with me on my trips to the UK, and also to wherever Mr A is working during the summer months, but it's so heavy and cumbersome.

Mr A's  boss at Torba last summer,  was a bit obsessed with gadgets and bought a Toshiba N250 notebook.   He then went on to buy a different model and  gave the Toshiba to Mr A.   It weighs just 1.8kg and is described as follows:

*Essential netbook computing. Offering up to 8.5 hours battery life, the ultra lightweight NB250 has a stylish gloss black textured design and features a 25.7cm (10.1" TruBrite display. Processing is provided by the latest Intel Atom processors and the NB250 has a near full-size keyboard for ease of use*

Mr A has since offered to swap his netbook for my laptop because he knows I would be better off with something more easily transportable.  But I usual scared of change.

Yesterday, however, I bit the bullet and decided to give it a go.  Mr A took it to the computer shop and had the hard drive cleaned and a new programme installed.   Windows 7 in ENGLİSH...yay!   I spent the rest of the day, evening, and until the early hours of this morning, downloading everything that I hoped I would need and generally trying to work out how to use it.  At the same time I uninstalled and deleted stuff on the laptop, enabling Mr A to take over.

I love it!  I wish I'd changed before when I had the chance.  Why on earth do I not have the confidence to tackle something new?

Of course it would seem that many people have moved on to those touch-screen notepads now...the tablet type thingy.  And as usual I'm a step behind.  It will probably be years before I attempt something like which time of course, technology will have moved on and something different will be in fashion.


  1. Glad you've made this step. When I began blogging the ex Mr FF bought me a little notebook such as you are now using and I loved it. In fact - some seven years later - two weeks ago in fact I have only just replaced it with a laptop.

    Enjoy your new toy and many happy blogging hours to come. xxx

  2. Thanks FF. I am really enjoying this wonderful little toy. I'm very easily pleased! xxx

  3. So pleased for you. It will be great for travelling and looks like you can do everything that you need on this lovely little computer.
    Enjoy it!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  4. Thanks Maggie. So far so good! xx

  5. I'm full of admiration for the determined way you've taught yourself to use computers with very little help, Ayak. I'm lucky enough to have a husband and son who are very knowledgeable indeed to help me out. Blogger is about the only thing I've ever mastered singlehandedly.

    With my poor sight I still use a desktop all the time, as the screens on laptops and netbooks are just too small for me to be able to read comfortably. That doesn't stop me having iPad envy :-)

  6. Well the print is a bit small for me Perpetua, but while I was sorting it out yesterday I came across a built in magnifier which I thought would be useful sometimes. Problem is, now I can't find it again :-)))

  7. Ayak, I applaud you! It would have taken me a lot longer to decide to change over....if at all....just because I'd worry about how to use the thing!

    I'll always be grateful to you for 'talking' me through speak left me cold, but your instructions were clear and simple.

    Touch screen! Eeek!

  8. I use a notebook too and I love it!! Its so wee and light...amazing how they can get all that functionality into something to wee isnt it!

    Glad you made the change :-)

    C x

  9. Fly, I think when we first "met" we quickly realised that our minds thought alike as far as anything pc techy was concerned..and that really helped both of us.
    I put off this swap because I was terrified of being unable to fathom out how to use it. It's just wonderful. If I can use it I have no doubt at all that you can too.

    Touch screens...eeek indeed. I'm far too heavy handed and could do all sorts of damage.

    Hi Carol. Yes I am amazed at what it can do. I somehow thought that I wouldn't be able to do as much on this tiny thing as I could on the laptop. And I was pleasantly proved wrong.

  10. You've made a change and didn't it feel wonderful! And how kind of your husband to switch with you! You'll enjoy Windows 7...I believe it's the best OS MS has come out with so far! Have fun!

  11. Thanks Theanne. I am having a lot of fun with it today.


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