Monday, 5 December 2011

Dropping like Flies

....this expression could apply to several things going on here lately.

Wouldn't you think that after the recent spate of almost all of my electrical appliances dying on me, that there couldn't be anything else left to go wrong?

Yesterday my laptop died.   I've had a feeling that the battery was pretty much useless, but as long as I kept the charger plugged in, it worked fine.

But yesterday it just would not switch on.   The battery light was flashing but that's about all.

I learned something new from Mr A.  I expect everyone else but me already knows this, but I didn't realise you could use a laptop without the battery.  Mr A removed the battery from his laptop, plugged in his charger and showed me that this was indeed true.   We tried it with mine...still nothing.   He reckoned my laptop had a virus.  I thought it had to be either the battery or the charger that was at fault.

We went to a computer shop in Milas where Mr A and the assistant discussed viruses at length.  I kept trying to interrupt to suggest they tried my laptop with either a new battery or new charger.  But no...they wouldn't listen...Turkish men always think they know best and that women are stupid.  The assistant wanted to keep my laptop for the rest of the day and try to establish what the problem was.   Hang on...I've been here before...this is when they completely wipe your hard drive, and at the same time create other problems that previously didn't exist.

So I kind of stamped my feet a bit and insisted they try plugging in a new charger.  Well...surprise worked.  The laptop came to life.  Problem solved.   Although the assistant wasn't really prepared to accept immediately that I was right, so he insisted on leaving it plugged in for an hour because he was certain there must be another problem.  I'm sure he hoped there was.  Not only to prove me wrong and have the last word...but of course he would make more money than the cost of a new charger if he took my laptop to bits.

An hour later...laptop charger purchased....and a slightly smug Ayak leaves the shop.

Talking of flies.  Although it's now winter and the flies should have disappeared, there are still lots about.  We are having unusually mild weather during the day with temperatures at times reaching 19 or 20 degrees and even though I have screens on all windows and the front door, they still manage to find their way into the house.  I'm hoping the drop in temperatures at night...down to -1 yesterday, will gradually kill them off.  It doesn't help that Beki has a way of opening the screen door from either side by forcefully pushing her nose against it, and then leaving it open to let the flies in.  I'll have to try and train her to shut it behind her.

Finally, and sadly, people in our village are dropping like flies.  I think the cold nights have something to do with it.  I've mentioned before that we have a lot of elderly people living here, so I guess it's inevitable.   It seems like almost  every day there is a call from the mosque to announce another death.   Mr A has attended two funerals in the past four days.  I'm sure he will have more to attend before the end of winter.


  1. I always say if they make it past February they'll go another year. It's a tough time for the elderly. How you feeling now? (not that you are old or about to drop like a fly!, that came out wrong arggggh!)

  2. It's OK Kelloggsville...I knew what you meant. Feeling a little better today...thanks x

  3. Had to giggle about the man wanting to keep your happened to me in France.
    I told the chap not to meddle if he found he couldn't repair it...and came back to the thing wiped clean and a large bill!

  4. Yep..that's exactly what happens here Fly, more often than not. Once bitten....

  5. Happy you got your laptop back and running.....what would we do if you don't come on your Blog,hehehe.

    I know what you mean about those 'fix-it' computer guys. They rubbed my daughters stuff off.

    This year I'm ready for the flu...I got a flu shot for the winter. But that only covers 3 types, so hopefully some other type won't attack. Too bad so many people are dropping like flies.
    Seems like everyone there eats so healthy compared to the American diet, I can notice the difference when I go there. well I wash my hands everytime .....and I try and not eat out too much. I've had waitresses handing you food sneezing away and a runny nose. Well 3 days later I was sick as a dog.

    Up here in The Great White North we also have had a mild winter, no snow yet and it is in the 40's and 50's here.....hate shovelling snow, but itis a good workout.

    ..............bye for now. :-)))

  6. Well done for sticking to your guns, Ayak!

    Flies in December. Yuk! We've had very few flies this year, either in the UK or Normandy. I think the last couple of very cold winters had something to do with it.

    Yes, it's sad to see winter take some of our old folk. I always think this time of the year is hard on people - dark, miserable and with the worst of the winter still to come.

  7. Hi Erica. I really should think about having a flu jab. I's a very sensible thing to do.

    Perpetua: It is very sad when so many old folk suffer in winter. I still miss a little old lady who lived half way down the hill. She used to stop me to chat on my way up to my house and rush out with water for me to drink in the middle of summer. She died last winter and I feel sad every time I pass her empty house.

  8. Sorry about the locals dying off. Its worrying.

    Glad that you got the laptop fixed & that you were right!
    Also pleased that you seem to be feeling better.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  9. Happy laptop OK, flies can be such a nuisance, I think there's statistical data somewhere about more people in general dying during the winter but especially more older people. Prayers for the families and friends!

  10. Hi Theanne. It's so difficult in winter for old people everywhere isn't it? particularly for those who don't have family and friends to look out for them.

  11. Sorry about your computer! How sad!


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