Friday, 27 January 2012

Beki's new bed

After much faffing around and because of my non-techy brain, I have at last managed to work out how to take a photo with my phone and upload it to my notepad.

OK the photos aren't particularly good quality, but as my camera isn't working, this solution is better than nothing.

My lovely Beki, who is now around 10 years old, suffers with arthritis in her back and hind legs  (hmm I know how she feels).  As those of us who are inflicted with this condition know, it's much worse in winter when it's cold and damp.

We found yet another vet in Milas last week.  This one is definitely a keeper and I wish I had discovered him before Poppy had her op a couple of months ago.  This new vet has a surgery which is clean and well stocked, together with a shop that has everything a dog could need.  And a bonus is that he speaks good English and is very knowledgeable.

I spent some considerable time last week discussing my dogs with him and he suggested various treatments for Beki.  To start with he gave me a 10 day course of tablets which have helped considerably and Beki is no longer yelping quite so much when she tries to jump up.

We allow Beki to sleep on our bed in winter because it's warmer and gives her some comfort.  I know there are probably lots of people out there who don't approve of dogs sleeping on beds, but no dogs are part of our family and Mr A and I will allow them to do anything which makes them happy.

Unfortunately, it's becoming increasingly difficult for Beki to jump up on the bed now so we decided we must get her a warm comfy bed.   The new vet ordered one for us and it arrived yesterday.  It's extremely hardwearing and excellent quality.  The vet only charged me 55 lira (less than 20 pounds) which is amazing as in the few places here that I've seen them they have cost far in excess of 100 lira.

Beki loves it...and as you can see from the photo..Poppy has taken rather a shine to it too!  In fact every time Beki gets out of the bed, Poppy jumps in.  Unfortunately Poppy does have a tendency to leap about a bit, which can be uncomfortable for Beki.  Poppy has put on loads of weight since her op and has outgrown her own little bed, so I think I may have to get a new one for her too.


Update on Mr A.   We had been waiting since Tuesday to hear about building work.  Yesterday afternoon he received a call from Istanbul to start work in a carpet centre there immediately.  I could scream...if only he had stayed there on Monday instead of returning home, we could have saved the expense of him having to go again.  So he flew to Istanbul last night.  Fingers crossed please that this is a real job and not another false hope.


  1. What lovely dogs! My friend's dog is of a similar age and suffers with arthritis, but she's much better after taking flea-casing tablets apparently!? Might be worth looking into!

  2. Fingers, (eyes and legs) crossed, Ayak.
    Have you tried glucosamine for Beki. The doggy version works a treat for my sister's 10 year old dog - she's like new. Works for my husband too - not the dog tablets, human ones - for the pain he has in his knees. He swears by it. (A different sort of swearing from his usual kind !)

  3. BavarianSojourn: A warm welcome to my blog. Very interesting about the flea casing tablets..I'll look into that one x

    Thanks for crossing everything Annie! Well I have been trying but unable so far to find glucosamine here..still searching because I would rather give her this than some of the medication prescribed by vets these days. May have to wait till my next visit to the UK to stock up x

  4. Fingers crossed for Mr. just don't know hopw things will fall out, do you...he might have stayed on and found nothing...
    I do like the bed for Beki...I've never minded dogs on the bed...they're free of fleas, after all.
    I had a dog years ago with arthritis problems and I used to use one of those hand warming devices wrapped in a scarf to give her a bit of relief at night when she would get 'stuck' in one position.

  5. That's a good idea Fly. I did think of a hotwater bottle but Beki tends to flop down very heavily and I worried she might burst it. Mr A suggested an electric blanket for her...he's always OTT!
    Keep those fingers crossed for Mr A. One brief phone call from him today indicates it's promising.

  6. Fingers crossed for Mr A over here too, Ayak, though it's a pity about the earlier wasted trip. Not having dogs I can't offer advice about poor Beki's arthritis, but I do think the new bed looks very comfortable.

  7. Thanks Perpetua.
    The new bed is amazing. I don't know what kind of fabric it is but once Beki is settled in it, it seems to warm up with the heat from her body...very cosy.

  8. How about a wheat pack if you are worried about her bursting a water bottle? Or would they chew that? Fingers crossed indeed x

  9. Thats an idea Kville...although the outer fabric would need to be very strong or I think it might get chewed.
    Glad you and everyone else is keeping fingers crossed..surely it will help x

  10. Lovely photo! All my good wishes for Mr A's new job.

  11. That is an adorable picture of the dogs sharing the new bed. Yes, it was a real bargain and looks so comfy.

    Glad Mr A has got another job. Hope he gets on fine and is appreciated.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  12. Thanks Maria and Maggie xxx

  13. Don't scream! That's the way life works, sometimes things work out exactly in the right order but mostly they don't! don't beat yourself up over it. So glad he got that phone call, it's looking good and probably just in the nick of time, well done to Mr. A, he must have made a good impression. Maybe there will be more work in Turkey now with many people returning home due to the new visa and high health insurance rates.

  14. Lovely photo! My mother has a cushion filled with cherry stones(I think) which you heat in the microwave (I suppose you could put it on the soba) and which eases her polyarthritis.

    All my fingers and toes are crossed for Mr. A.

  15. Thanks Noreen. You could be right..there seems to be a lot of disappointment and confusion amongst the expats here.

  16. Hi vicky..thankyou. that's an interesting idea!

  17. Found the link:

  18. I've got my finger's crossed for Mr A Ayak, and I love Beki's bed... she obviously does too.

  19. Hi J..nice to see you back again. Beki does love it and is tolerating Poppy squeezing in it with her occasionally. Thanks for keeping your fingers crossed xx

  20. Oh, I hope it's a real job for Mr. Ayak. And the dogs look so cute and cuddly together. Very sweet.

  21. Cross the Pond: The job seems real so far..just hope it lasts!

  22. Awww, they look soo happy snuggled in their new bed :-)

    *crosses fingers that all works out with the job*

    C x

  23. Thanks Carol. So far so good although I'm reuctant to say more than that in case I jinx it!


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