Monday, 9 January 2012

A brilliant new book

I have just finished reading the first book by author Jack Scott, one of my blogging friends.   I've been following Jack's blog perkingthepansies for some time now, and it's one I look forward to every day.  It's a very popular blog and Jack now has thousands of followers from all over the world.

He writes so well, that it was inevitable a book would follow, and with much encouragement from his followers Perking the Pansies, the book, was published before Christmas, and is proving a success already.

I kind of expected the book to be much like the blog.  In a way it is, but it is so much more.  It's funny of course, but it is incredibly moving too.   On reaching the last page, it leaves you wanting more, and I have it on good authority from Jack that he is indeed thinking about the next installment.  I can't wait.

You can read more about the book here

Well done Jack.  Here's to your continued success.


  1. Linda

    Lovely. Thank you so much for the post. I really, appreciate you taking the time both to read the book and to comment on it. It's made my day! Jack x

  2. You're most welcome Jack.
    L xx

  3. What a lovely post. You are now officially one of my favourite people - and great to look around your blog. Power to your 'pen'.


  4. Thanks Liam and very pleased to see you here xxx

  5. Linked you up from my blog today. Its obviously sharing season :) Hope you are drying out some x

  6. Thanks Kelloggsville...I'll have a look. Not as much rain today so hope it's a sign that the weather's changing

  7. Visited Jack's blog and just bought the Kindle version of his book!

    I like his style of writing and look forward to reading his book...thank you for sharing the information in your post!

    Has the horrendous rain stopped? Hopefully yes!

  8. Hi Theanne. If you like the blog, you'll love the book.

    Rain stopped yesterday but it's back again today, minus the gale force winds which is a relief!

  9. Next book to get, I can download to the PC!

  10. But I'm not so clever as you Fly...anyway I still prefer real books xx

  11. I love (and totally agree with) the lines 'I kind of expected the book to be like the blog. In a way it is, but it is so much more'. Say. It. All. Nicely done Ayak!


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