Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Getting back to normal

I returned late last night from a week in England, visiting my daughter and grandsons.  My flight was due to depart at 11.40am.  As my brother had to be at work and also needed to avoid the rush hour traffic on the M4, he dropped me off at Heathrow at 7.20am.   There's nothing worse than hanging around airports when you really just want to get going....made worse by the fact that the flight was then delayed by an hour.  This resulted in a mad dash at Istanbul airport to get my connecting flight to Bodrum.

Mr A had hoped to borrow a car to collect me but unfortunately was unable to do so, resulting in squashing me and my luggage on the motorbike.  Boy was I glad to get home  and climb into bed with the electric blanket on.

I am usually quite organised with my English shopping list but this time I got it completely wrong.  I was overloaded with chewsticks and treats for the dogs, but completely forgot to get filter coffee or chocolate. I can just about do without the chocolate but I'm not sure about the coffee.  It will be at least another three months before I can stock up again.

Mr A is waiting to hear about a job to start on 1st February.  It's back to selling carpets again which he is happy about.  It means he will be away for a while but frankly, after having him under my feet for almost three months, I'll be glad of the break from him!

I've missed reading all your blogs for the past week and once I've waded through the washing and ironing and re-stocked the fridge and food cupboards (Mr A compulsively eats while I'm away!) I'll find some time to catch up.

I also find that if I don't blog for a while, I can't seem to find anything to write about...hence this post which is already making my eyes glaze over.  Hopefully I'll be back to normal soon.

In the meantime I'd like you all to tell me what inspires you to write a blog post.  Do you search for topics?  Does something just pop into your head giving you a perfect subject for a post?  Where do your ideas generally come from?   And do you, like me, occasionally find yourself with a blank mind?


  1. Welcome back! I'm crossing fingers for Mr A for the carpet job!

  2. I only write a blog post when something pops up....I don't know how people manage who have schedules for posting!
    No idea where the ideas come from, though.

    Fingers crossed for the job...having just had half a week of freedom while Mr. Fly is renovating the house in San Jose I know exactly what you mean!

  3. Welcome home, good to have you back again.


  4. Welcome back from me too I wasnt sure when u would be back. Dont worry too much about your goodies maybe santa was a bit lazy this year but Im sure he will catch up lol xx

  5. Welcome back!!!! Happy new Year, hope you had a great visit with your family.
    I hope Mr. A gets the carpet job.....I love those carpets. My home is starting to look like a Turkish carpet store.

    Yes...sometimes it's good to have a break from them husband's. Mine works out of home so I'm with him 24/7. When he goes to Turkey the odd time himself I'm crying he will be gone for a month, then I'm crying thinking darn he's coming home now, too soon......I was having fun without him.

    You are funny I too miss my dogs when I'm away the most and always bring back a treat, even if I only go to the supermarket.

    Glad you are back.....

  6. Fly; No I couldn't schedule posts either. Things to write about just pop into my head too. Enjoy your "me"time!

    SP: Thankyou xx

    Hi Bomb: Thanks...and I'll catch up with you for a chat tomorrow no doubt xx

    Erica: With husbands I sometimes think it's a case of "can't live with them...can't live without them"!

  7. Welcome home, Ayak!
    Hmm, I wonder where I get blog ideas from... Sometimes it's from something I've read, sometimes it's a contest or part of a blogfest I've joined, other times I post snippets of writing. I also love guest posts :-)

    I can send you coffee if you like!

  8. Hi Deniz..I think you probably find it easier to write posts because you are a natural writer.
    Thankyou for offering to send me coffee...that's so kind of you, but don't worry...I will survive!

  9. Welcome home. We were relieved to get back too. Nothing like your own bed. In answer to your question. No idea how I pick the subjects to write about. Things just pop into my head during the day. Of course, at the moment it's all about the book which is becoming a bit tedious!

  10. Welcome back, Ayak, and hope you had a great time. Best wishes to Mr A for the job. DH and I are together all the time since we retired (albeit in different rooms quite often) and I do welcome the odd day or two of having the house to myself.

    I'm much newer at this blogging lark than you and I find ideas for new posts sometimes come to me unbidden and sometimes I have to think of what I'd like to write about. If my mind is a blank I just leave it and go and do something else and sooner or later something will turn up. I don't (couldn't?) post every day or anything like that, so if inspiration dries up or life is busy, a week or more can easily go by without a smidgen of an idea.

  11. Hi Jack..Oh yes I'm pleased to be back in my own bed!
    Things just pop into my head too...or not.
    And talk of the book is not becoming tedious. I tried to get into it while I was in England but was distracted by 2 energetic kids so have only got to chapter 9 in fits and starts, but I'm enjoying it immensely. Will probably finish it tomorrow.

  12. Thanks Perpetua. Yes I think I'm much the same with blog ideas...and I don't worry too much if ideas dry up for a while. I don't think I could find enough to write a post every day either.

  13. Hi Ayak, yes I do have blog fatigue every now and again...when my mind freezes and no ideas are forthcoming! I just wait till the thaw and continue on!

    Your post was fantastic...I loved imagining you and your luggage etc squashed onto a motorbike! Very hopeful for Mr A to sell carpets again...I like it when people can do what makes them happy!

    Look forward to your coming posts!

  14. My post inspiration ebbs and flows. Sometimes I'm red hot and other times I struggle to get anything out. I've been suffering from a lack of creativity lately. HOpefully that will go away and I'll be back in business soon. Glad you're back. Fingers crossed for Mr. A. Send my your address - I'll mail you coffee and chocolate!! Truly, I will.

  15. Happy New Year hon. Hope you had a fab time in the UK.

    I'm a bit like you...I find the more I blog the easier it is to blog but if I've left it a long time then I find it really difficult to get back into. As for blog posts, I have no idea where the ideas come from...they just seem to pop into my head!

    C x

  16. Welcome back and Happy New Year. Good luck to Mr A for the job - our place will be fuller of kilims when our boxes finally clear customs...

    Having a shared blog helps when it comes to ideas. If I can't think of a topic, Ashley usually can. I'm running 3 blogs at the moment (I'm a bit of a compulsive writer) and the one with the theme and the plan is easier in terms of 'what to write'.

  17. Welcome back. Hoping Mr A gets on well with the carpet job.

    As regards posting. I usually wait until an idea pops into my head. Sometimes I just cannot get anything down for lack of inspiration.
    Taking a photo sometimes helps then the words follow.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  18. 'Cross the Pond: It's funny how sometimes we can think of enough things to write several posts in one day but at other times the mind goes blank. Thankyou for your kind offer to send chocolate and coffee but I'll cope without for a while..honestly. You're offer is much appreciated xxx

  19. Oh no!! Blogger is messing me about again.

    I've just written individual responses to everyone's comments and only some of them have appeared.

    I won't repeat them now and hope they will eventually appear here.

    But if they don't please accept my apologies and thankyou all for your kind comments and good wishes.

    Happy New Year everyone xxx

  20. We're just preparing to leave the UK - me and the 3 children - so I'm SO hoping we have a car and not a motorbike waiting at the other end! (We should be OK; we don't have a motorbike as far as I know, but then my husband has been on his own for a week!)
    To blog whilst on holiday would seem rude to my family so I haven't done it. I am looking forward to returning to read all my favourite blogs though. As for blogging, not sure what the first one of 2012 will be but I did enjoy yours!

  21. Thanks Annie. Safe journey home and fingers crossed there is a car waiting for you! xx


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