Monday, 30 January 2012

I miss.....

...Mr A.   Well if I'm totally honest I'm not actually missing him that much because before he left for Istanbul on Thursday he had become Mr Grumpy again.  He's been like that for weeks, mostly due to being out of work since October.   I'm enjoying the peace and quiet, and the fact that I don't have to tidy up after him.  Why do men make such a mess? 

I won't say much about his new job, which he started on Saturday, because I don't want to jinx it.  So you can all keep your fingers crossed until I let you know otherwise.

Now...two people that I really really miss are my adorable grandsons Billy and Jimi.  My daughter's laptop is on the blink and the webcam has been out of action for weeks so I haven't "seen" them.  Thank goodness I get regular photos, and I'll share some with you:

Billy loves cooking

The next Jamie Oliver?
Jimi loves eating!

On his feet already and he's only 9 months old

Such a happy little boy

Brotherly love


  1. I understand how you feel...I have Mr. Grumpy here too sometimes. More often then needed.I know what you mean cleaning up after them. When mine goes to Turkey for a month we can eat off the floor with my daughter the house is spotless.

    Your Grandkids are soooo cute. They look so happy and like they are having fun. Jamie Oliver ...hahaha. But hey who knows, not a bad profession......?

    Well enjoy your peace and quiet with your doggy's....and I won't jinx Mr. A, but I'll keep my fingers crossed.

    Take care....

  2. Super photographs!
    Jimi looks so purposeful...on his feet, rummaging!
    I hope the webcam etc starts working again soon to keep you in touch with their progress.

    Fingers crossed for Istanbul.

  3. Beautiful healthy children. Jimi has grown so big already. Have you booked any flight for the summer yet?

  4. Gorgeous photos, Ayak. The two of them are so sweet! Fingers crossed for Mr Grumpy that the job pans out well and you can both relax a bit. It must be so hard for him to have to keep finding work like this.

  5. Men are happiest when they have something to do...occupying their minds and hands! When Don finally retired (health and age) it took me a long time to adjust to having him home all day.

    Beautiful photos of your grandsons...I love those little feet Jimi is standing on! Hope computer and cam are fixed soon so you can keep in touch more often!

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments and for keeping your fingers crossed for Mr A. Am hoping to go to England to see the boys in April for their birthdays, but no flights booked as yet.

  7. Why do men make such a mess! I wish I could answer that. Living with two brothers, one would expect me to know. Haha, but I don't.

    Your grandsons are so cute Ayak! I am sure you miss them loads and loads. I hope you get to see them soon.

    I really pray that the new job turns out awesome for Mr. A! :) All the best wishes.

    I hope you are doing amazing. After a long time today, I had time ALL to myself. And what more would I love in that time then to visit my bloggy-pals! :)

    Have a great week Ayak. You and your blog have been missed. ^_^

  8. Hi Kaibee..lovely to see you here have been missed too. I hope everything is good with you. Yes I also have two brothers and I can remember what they were like when we were growing up. Thankyou for your good wishes xxx

  9. Goog for both of you that you are getting some breathing space. Your grandsons look very sweet!
    I shall not say anything about Mr A's job so as not to attract the evil eye but will be muttering mantras under my breath.

  10. Thanks Vicky...mantras will do nicely x

  11. The DAY the husband leaves to go on a job, I get all the launry done up, the floors cleaned, the kitchen counter cleaned up..and ..amazingly..I don't have to do a thing more until he gets back home..Strange how that works huh?
    Web cams are awesome for long distance communication. I hope things get straightened out there for you!

  12. Hi Charlotte Ann: Same here..I cleaned thoroughly after he left on Thursday and haven't had to do anything since!

  13. What super photos Ayak,I can imagine how you feel.

  14. The photos are precious. What sweet little boys! I hope you can see them again soon - virtually or in the flesh!

  15. 'Cross the pond.thanks..I hope so too xxx


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