Saturday, 14 January 2012

Mr A's adventures...continued

I haven't mentioned Mr A and his adventures much recently.  It's been a quiet winter so far and I've enjoyed the fact that he's been keeping out of mischief and causing me much less stress than usual.

He's worked hard on the garden since October.  It has cost quite a lot and he did originally lie to me about where the money came from.  He told me his father had sent it.  I wasn't too happy about this and frankly I didn't believe it.  By the time the work on the walls and fences were underway, he confessed.  I knew he would in his own time..he's not a very good liar.  He had earned the money himself during his last hamam job.  Instead of taking money weekly from the boss, he managed on very little and had the boss hang on to the rest until the job was finished.

I was rather pleased with him as he isn't generally very good with money, but I wasn't happy that he had lied about it.  His reason:  he reckoned that if he had told me, I would have insisted on using the money for other things.  He may be right.  I'm more cautious.  He was counting on the winter job in Istanbul and didn't worry about spending everything he had earned on the garden before the job started.

The winter job didn't materialise of course.  Mr A was so sure it would.  I, of course, don't believe anything until it actually happens.  So there we were with a beautiful garden, and no money coming in.  However, we have managed.  We always do.  Mr A sold one or two things, including his precious iPhone.

A few weeks ago he was approached by a carpet centre in Denizli (he still has many contacts in the carpet industry) and informed about the possibility of a job with them to start on 1st February.  He would then be transferred to their branch in Bodrum on 1st May for the summer season.  The salary they mentioned was pretty good and there is a possibility of being able to work for 10 months of the year.

He set off to Denizli on Wednesday...a bus journey of some 5 or 6 hours...had his interview and returned home.  He has been offered the job, albeit the starting date is around 7th February, not the 1st, and the salary is actually half of what was originally mentioned.  Turkish bosses always do this...just to get you there.  Then you are so desperate for work, they know you will accept less.

On Thursday we set off to Milas on the motorbike to do some shopping.  On our return,  we were stopped by traffic police who were checking the documents of every vehicle entering the village. I can hardly believe what happened.  Mr A produced his driving license but was informed that this didn't entitle him to drive a motorbike.  It would seem that one has to have a separate driving license for a motorbike.

I can't believe Mr A wasn't aware of this, but due to the shock on his face, he obviously wasn't.  I also can't believe that he has not faced this problem before, in all the years he has been driving motorbikes.  It's not something that would have crossed my mind, as I understand in the UK for example one can ride a motorbike on a normal driving license.

Anyway...there we were laden with shopping bags, waiting while the policeman filled out various forms, and after telling Mr A that he would have to take his motorbike test as soon as possible...they then  took the motorbike Milas.

Mr A asked how he could retrieve the motorbike and was informed that someone (anyone) with a motorbike license could collect it!  Mr A asked if they could hang on until he could find someone in the village with a license...and they said no.   So off went one of the police officers with the motorbike, and Mr A then found a friend in the village with a motorbike license who went with Mr A less than an hour later,  to Milas to collect the bike.  What a waste of time!

Mr A doesn't need the motorbike for the job in Denizli.  He had intended to catch the bus there in February and leave the bike at home.  So with this in mind yesterday, he sold the bike.  All's well that ends well because he managed to buy back his beloved iPhone from the shop where he sold it for the same price (after much haggling).  He also desperately needed new clothes for the new job, so these have been purchased, and we are left with sufficient funds to get us through the coming weeks until he gets his first salary.

We will then endeavour to save for a car. 

So this morning the sun was shining and we were both feeling quite content.   We were having a lie-in when the phone rang.  It was dear father-in-law.  We haven't heard much from him lately, other than some weeks ago he informed Mr A that he wouldn't be coming here anymore (yay!!)  He'd had enough of the travelling and mother-in-law was no longer enthusiastic about making the long journey.  He told Mr A that he could do what he liked with the land in the village, and because Mr A has no interest in it, nor the time to tend it when he's working, he (Mr A) said we might as well sell it.  FIL said that was fine.

Of course as most of you know I don't trust FIL as far as I can throw I don't believe a word of it.

Back to the phone call this morning.  It would seem that FIL is the village...on the land...NOW!  Having travelled overnight from Ankara.  He asked Mr A to bring tools from our shed down to him. "So is he coming to the house?  Is he staying here?" I asked Mr A.  "I have no idea" replied Mr A, who set off with the tools about two hours ago, and I have heard nothing from him since.

Something's going on.  FIL is playing games again.  I don't know what he's up to, but no doubt we'll find out soon.  

Watch this space.


  1. omg to everything thats all I can say, welcome to 2012 lol xx

  2. Thanks Bomb...oh for a quiet boring life!

  3. Sorry you don't have the boring quiet life you think you crave, Ayak - but it does make for such fun in reading!!
    Right now, it's all a bit quiet for me - and I'm quietly craving a little excitement...fortunately, my FIL is a delight and I'm the one who earns the money!


  4. Can't I just see the male thought process....
    'She'll love the garden but if I tell her where the money came from she'll want to do something sensible with I'll just make the garden...'

    And as for FIL...! I always mentally add two more letters to his abbreviated name...

  5. Annie I'd gladly swap some of my "excitement" for some of your quiet!

    Fly: The male thought process? Spot on!

    Yes I can see which two letters you mean. Latest on FIL..Mr A phoned a little while ago to say FIL will be staying tonight. Oh joy! I have made up his bed in spare room along with Mr A and the soba. I am going to feign illness and take to my bed so I can avoid him. Otherwise it may get nasty and Mr A will be stuck in the middle.

  6. "OMG"!!! Your 2012 is getting on in the right direction. You sure don't lead a boring life, even just going shopping.

    Your FIL.....well I noticed in Turkey the oldest man in the family controls and has those tricks up their sleeves. My husband's Dad passed away when he was only 10 years old....but his Mother took the job over. She would phone all the way across the world and give him orders. UGH!!!
    Now that she passed away I don't dread those calls.

    Glad you have a lovely garden though.

    I only wish you a more quieter day...when FIL arrives lock yourself in your room play 'I have a migraine'.....take a good book and laptop and stay put. LOL. If I was near by you could hang out in my house for a cup of cay.....those mini cay bardaks drive me crazy.

    Take care....we are at -8 cel. and it is freezing here. ;-(

  7. Erica: FIL is very controlling, like most patriarchs in this culture. But he is also devious and downright nasty. I've written a fair number of posts here about him, but I think they may be before you joined my band of followers.

    Oh I don't envy you your weather. It's been quite pleasant here today. I even sat out on the balcony in the sunshine for a couple of hours.

    Stay warm xx

    Kelleyn: It's never boring that's for sure!

  8. *groans* what is the old bugger up to now? I shall keep my fingers crossed that its nothing bad although he doesn't have a good past record!

    (I am a bad person...I laughed at your motorbike story *hangs head in shame*)

    C x

  9. It's OK to laugh Carol. I often avoid crying. The traffic police are such "jobsworths". I mean what's the point in taking the motorbike away when Mr A could have produced a man with a license to save them the bother..They just like to feel important.

    FIL is staying tonight...just one night thank goodness. I am avoiding him.

  10. This is quite intriguing. I wonder what FIL is actually up to? Hope he isn't going to spoil the good work that Mr A has done in the garden.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  11. Goodness knows Maggie. No doubt we'll find out in due course xx

  12. I was so full of anticipation when I read the title of your post re Mr. A. I love that he surprised you and did the garden. It's something a lot of people put off till they have the money, so they wait and wait and it never gets done. At least now you have a nice garden to look at every day. Things will work out! Keep focused on getting that car and YOU WILL! Try not to let FIL get you down.

  13. Hi Noreen. You'd think after all this time, I would know whats coming next with Mr A but he never fails to surprise me.
    As for FIL..I refuse to let him get to me anymore.

  14. Ayak, it must be like living in a soap opera with so many twists and turns in the plot! No wonder you yearn for a quiet life. I can see why you weren't happy that Mr A lied about the money, but at least he spent it on the garden and didn't fritter it. The garden will give you pleasure for years.

    Glad there's a job for Mr A, even if the pay isn't what you were expecting and fingers crossed that FIL will take himself off as quickly as he came.

  15. I wonder where this land thing is going. Your FIL and my MIL would make a rotten pair of scoundrels. Good luck x

  16. Maybe we should introduce them Kelloggsville, so they can run away and be wicked together (I suspect my MIL would be relieved)


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