Sunday, 22 January 2012

Nothing is ever straightforward!

It's been an interesting few days.  I set off to stay with my friend Gwen in Aydin on Wednesday.  The bus journey should take just over two hours.  Unfortunately mine took a fair bit longer.  The road going through Bafa Lake is being widened and there is one stretch where only single file traffic can pass.  As a result the bus, along with lots of traffic came to a halt, and we were stuck there for nearly two hours.

One of the reasons for going this week was to keep Gwen company as her husband Suleyman had been planning to go to Bodrum on Wednesday, then from there up to Istanbul for a couple of days.  Suleyman went down with a nasty cold in Bodrum, so decided to delay his trip to Istanbul and return home to Aydin.  He passes the road to our village on his way to Aydin,  and he takes a different route which avoids Bafa, so he could have collected me.  He phoned Gwen to suggest this, but it was too late because at this time I was already stuck on the bus.  So he set off much later than I did, but arrived before me!

After being dosed up with cold remedies, Suleyman was feeling much better by Thursday and decided to go to Istanbul in the evening.  Gwen and I spent the day browsing the shops, and catching up with all our news.  We are a couple of chatterboxes, and I think Suleyman was quite please to get away on Thursday evening!

Now I'm back at home, and should be feeling relaxed..but not quite.   Mr A was due to start the job in Denizli on 7th February.  The past couple of weeks has seen us shopping for new clothes and shoes for him as his wardrobe had become quite depleted.   Yesterday he had a call from the Denizli carpet centre to say that his job has fallen through...apparently they do not have as many group bookings for February as they had anticipated, so don't need so many staff.

Mr A is sick to death of sitting around waiting for something to happen, so today he is travelling up to Istanbul, staying with a friend, and endeavouring to find a job.

Oh...and it's raining again...the house is leaking once more.... and I am coming down with Suleyman's cold.

Roll on summer!


  1. Oh, catching Suleyman's cold is all you needed!
    Fingers crossed for Mr. A.

  2. Thanks Fly. Well catching the cold was worth it. Gwen and I had a great couple of days!

  3. So sorry about you catching that nasty cold....but happy you had a good time with your friend.Sometimes it's good to go away for a few days.

    Oh no...poor Mr Ayak, no luck with them jobs. Hopefully he will find something in Istanbul. Jobs are kind of bad here too, very hard to find one also.

    Hope the rain stops so you don't have to walk around the house with an umbrella. The weather here has gone nuts, one day it's warm then next it sort of snows with -15 Cel. at night....on Monday supposed to be 7 or 9 deg. and rain. So this means that it will melt the 1/2" of snow we have. My arthritis doesn't know what to do with my bones .:-( with this yo-yo weather.

    Keep well and as you guys say "Carry On".

  4. Oh Ayak....... you do seem to be beset by problems but glad that you always manage to come out smiling and that things tend to work out in the end.
    Hoping you'll fight the cold off in next to no time and that mr A will find the perfect job!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  5. Erica: The weather here is also very unpredictable at the moment. Torrential rain yesterday and a storm last night. Today the sun is shining and its windy..perfect for drying the washing that has been piling up over the last few days.

    Maggie: I guess I keep smiling because theres no point in crying. What will be will be. We have our health and a roof over our heads..more than a lot of people xx

  6. You are doing an excellent job at staying positive. I know that Mr A WILL find a job and summer WILL come and your cold WILL go. How do I know this? Well, yesterday, someone came and offered my husband a job - most unexpected, most welcome (and JUST at the time when his theatre project looks like it might start walking)so let's just say GOOD things come in threes ...(and we'll find our house soon too!)
    Big hugs, Axxx

  7. Quick! Eat choklit!

    It'll help,


  8. Annie: I absolutely love your positive attitude...thanks xxx

    SP: How did you know that's exactly what I am doing? yes it always helps xx

  9. So sorry to read that the job fell through. Hoping he has more luck i Istanbul.

  10. Poor Mr. Ayak! I feel for him, and you. I hope something comes through for him soon. At least you had a few lovely days with Gwen. As for the rain - heavy sigh. I wish there was something I could do.

  11. 'Cross the Pond: Did you wish for the rain to stop? If so it worked. It's been absolutely glorious today xxx

  12. Hi Ayak...hope all is well with you and you are dry out there.....we are getting heavy rains but warm. Better then a ton of snow.
    I saw this on my facebook you probably know this but I thought I would send it to you anyways.

    take care....

  13. Thanks for thinking of me Erica. Yes I have seen it. There's been much discussion and confusion on expat forums and blogs for months now concerning the new legislation about healthcare. Being married to a Turk and having dual nationality means that I am covered for any insurance that Mr A has and we recently sorted ours out. The confusion is modstly for those people who have residency here because the law states that they must have membership of the government health system sorted out by the end of this month or they wil be fined.

    This applies to Turks too, but the details are particularly misleading for British nationals. It's frankly a mess and as usual the Turkish Government don't seem to know what they're doing!

  14. Poor Yyak, sorry you had to pay for your nice break with Gwen by catching a cold and even sorrier to hear that Mr A's job has fallen through. Fingers crossed that this will improve for you both very soon.


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