Thursday, 12 January 2012

A post devoted to Spam not THAT Spam.  Although the origin of the word spam in relation to unwanted email, blog comments, etc is indirectly linked to the tinned meat.

According to Wiki-answers:

"The history of calling inappropriate postings in great numbers 'Spam' is from a Monty Python skit (yes, it is very silly... see ) where a couple go into a restaurant, and the wife tries to get something other than Spam. In the background are a bunch of Vikings that sing the praises of Spam. Pretty soon the only thing you can hear in the skit is the word 'Spam'. That same idea would happen to the Internet if large scale inappropriate postings were allowed. You couldn't pick the real postings out from the Spam.
Spam is useless, therefore it is called spam"

That Monty Python sketch is one of my particular favourites.

I get very irritated with Blogger these days because it is becoming increasingly difficult to find solutions to problems such as commenting on other blogs...or even not being able to access certain has happened to me today.

However,their Spam filtering system is working perfectly.  And isn't that a relief?  Today I checked my Spam box and I had 47 comments to delete.  A lot of them are just gobbledegook, some are trying to direct me to links selling anything from viagra to handbags.  A few are downright pornographic....I'm not easily shocked but I have been pretty disgusted by some of them.  Others are in what appears to be Russian.   I've lost count of the number of comments containing lengthy paragraph upon paragraph on how to unlock my iPhone...pity I don't have an iPhone or I'm sure I would find the following instructions most useful:

"Systems for Unlock Iphone 4 you have g Anyone who has an apple iphone really should are generally shown for your needs and they also have to have unlock iPhone 4 gr ideas, commonly in connection with amazing software which is certainly all at once safe.Nevertheless, it may be very annoying as a way to open ones own my partner and i cell phone if you refuse to find very good brand-new iphone removing the fastener on utility.Web site in commercials everywhere you look, still, minus selected realizing in the market, truly stuck, consequently several options many massive revenue on the subject of next to nothing"

........clear as mud isn't it?   And what's this all about:

"There are some attention-grabbing deadlines on this article however I don’t know if I see all of them center to heart. There’s some validity but I will take hold opinion until I look into it further.  Added to FeedBurner as properly"

So to all you Anonymous Spammers out there:  Rest assured that Blogger are doing their job.  Make the most of  the spam I've quoted  in this post, but don't get too excited because none of them will ever appear in my Comments box.  They are mostly irritating...but sometimes they make me laugh.


  1. And I thought I was getting more spam since moving to the other side of the Atlantic....but what would I know!

  2. There does seem to be considerably more of it lately Fly. At least it's one thing that Blogger seem to have got right!

  3. Thankfully, I have only gotten two spam post on my 4 years of blogging. Daily though I get a whole mailbox of spam, but thankfully yahoo is good at catching them and puts them in a seperate folder where I can instantly delete them if I wish. Speaking of the other spam, I was caught of quard today when I saw Spam being sold in my local whole sale food store Costco. I know it is big in Hawaii, but do people really eat that stuff???

  4. Hi Kelleyn. There seems to have been a revival in sales of Spam...the tinned recent years. I can't imagine's pretty disgusting!

  5. It would stop a lot of your spam if you put word verification on your comments. I would prefer you didn't but it would help you stop them. Spam is quite nice BBQ'd.

  6. So far my spam folder in Blogger has stayed pristinely empty. I feel deprived! Why can't I have spam too? :-)

    Seriously though, the blogger spam filter system is very good, as is that for our ISP. It makes life so much easier....

  7. I get some hilarious ones too! In Chinese or Russian or pseudo-Polish, all about handbags and pills and unlocking phones and selling media and 'I like this forum you have great contents please link to this [insidious html for pill/phone/escorts]'

  8. Kelloggsville: Is "test" spam? ;-)

    I have used moderation for a while now which gives me control..I don't really like word verification. Oh never tried Spam bbq'd..I'll take your word for it!

    Perpetua: I can always send you some of mine..I get enough to share! It's the one thing Blogger has got right.

    Deniz: Ah have the same spammers as me!

  9. The *meat spam* used to be popular when I was a child. The nearest anyone got to eating meat.

    The cyber kind is most annoying. I think Blogger must be doing a good job to make sure we don't get completely clogged up with spam. Why people have to spend so much time spamming, is beyond me. It must be worth their while, though or they wouldn't.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  10. Oh.....I love Monty Python, I think I've seen every episode they ever made ten times over. John Cleese was my favourite, especially I couldn't get enough of Fawlty Towers.....anyways I do get some Spam the odd time, if they are Russian I can read them. Chinese, well I don't attempt to try and decipher them.LOL. But I do admit they are quite annoying.I also can't comment on some Blogs, so annoying. But I still get comments on my Blog.

    I got a good laugh at the IPhone sounds scary and I hope I don't get something on my IPhone that I shouldn't. I keep mine unlocked only because once my daughter put in a password and told me what it was.....well when the phone rang for the life of me I couldn't remember the password to unlock the damn now I don't keep it locked.

    Reminds me I should charge mine up b/c I have to go out and it is freezing cold out there with a ton of snow falling. :-((( will be like a skating rink out there with me and my car.

    Have a great day!!!!!

  11. Maggie: I do remember my mother making spam fritters when I was a child...hated them!

    Hi Erica: I don't understand why its possible to comment on some blogs but not others. Also I find it impossible to open the links to some blogs..yours for example...although I did manage to open it today but still couldn't leave a I'll just say here and now what a beautiful colourful blog you have.

    Be careful out in the snow in your car xx


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