Saturday, 7 January 2012

Surviving winter weather

The weather here for the last two days has been atrocious.  Gale force winds, storms, torrential rain.

It's pretty much typical for January, but being stuck at the top of the hill in this remote village makes us feel very isolated.

I'm content to stay in bed to keep warm and dry, but Mr A is like a caged animal.  He can't cope with being inside the house for too long.   So most days he will brave the elements and slide down the hill on his motorbike and spend a couple of hours in the village teahouse.  Otherwise he will make a mad dash for his beloved shed and cut up wood or drill things...I have no idea what he is drilling but it keeps him occupied.

The dogs are extremely reluctant to set foot outside and Mr A has been forced to carry them out one by one and insist they go to the toilet.

In readiness for the rain this winter, Mr A spent a considerable amount of time sealing up all the leaks in walls and window frames...or so he thought.  It hasn't worked.  Thank goodness we have lots of towels left over from the hamam business as these are being put to good use, stacked up around the skirting boards and underneath windows to mop up the water.

The wind has been blowing full force in one direction bringing the rain with it, resulting in water pouring in one end of the sitting room.  We have had to move the furniture to the other end and take up the rugs.  The fitted carpet is now drenched.  It's spreading and every couple of hours we move the furniture further away from it.

The bedroom window is leaking and we have towels on the window sill and the floor to soak up the water.   Two of the kitchen windows are also leaking.  It's  worse than last year.  If we hadn't recently had the roof built over the balcony, it would be far worse...we may have had to relocate to Mr A's shed by now.

There is one room that is habitable...the spare bedroom.  We have moved the soba (wood burning stove) in there and although this room is prone to damp walls, having the soba lit day and night has helped to prevent this.  It's cosy...up to a point...but after a while it's far too hot for me.  Mr A like most Turks, loves hot rooms, and so do the dogs.   So the three of them are sleeping in there and I am back in the bedroom listening to the drip, drip, drip of water coming through the window frame.

There will be a lot of work to be done before next winter to make sure that this house is really waterproof, but in the meantime we will just sit it out for now.  

As usual, when Spring arrives, and the sun is shining...all this will be a distant memory..


  1. Oh, poor Ayak! It sounds like you're getting the same dreadful weather we had earlier in the week. My sympathies. So much worse for you, though, with all the leaks. I do hope the rain stops soon and you can get everything dried out.

  2. Oh me too Perpetua! There seems no let-up at the moment.

  3. And it must account for the wide eaves of the houses here.

    How miserable it is when there is no let up...and trust a man and the dogs to sleep through it all!

  4. Well I got my own back for my lack of sleep Fly. I had chores to be done in Milas but as I was too tired I sent Mr A off on the motorbike to do them and he returned looking like a drowned rat..hehe!

  5. (((HUGS))) Sounds like you are having a dreadful time with that nasty weather. I just can't imagine what you have to go through. Hope the weather lets down and you can dry things out.

    ahhhh.......poor doggy's. Must be bad that they have to be carried outside. I had dogs like that but the last Siberian Husky I had the worse the snow or rain she had to be outside and if you tried to get her in she would show you her teeth.......and absolutely hated anything warm.

    Hehehehehe... Mr. A looked like a 'drowned rat', that made my laugh of the day :-). I can just imagine the look on your face when he came home with his scooter.

    Well all the best to you and I hope that you get some sunny dry weather. Up here in Canada we never had a white Christmas, well actually we don't have any snow at all yet.We do get some rain though and the temperature today will be around 50 cel......which is rare b/c this is in Canada. But I'm sure we will get a nasty blast of something soon.


  6. Thanks Erica. Beki, my large dog, hates rain but she loves snow. We don't get any in this area of course but when we lived in Cappadocia we had very deep snow for 4 to 5 months in winter. Beki absolutely adored it and it was impossible to get her back inside.

  7. wet and wind abounds here too. At least you are guaranteed a hot summer to dry you out again :)

  8. Very true least we have that to look forward to!

  9. Oh you poor thing! I am willing some of our sunshine your way, though in the fear that the real winter will set in soon here. We're more the snowy and icy region but I've heard the rains can be bad too.
    I hope it passes soon and that you're free of the drip, drip noises which can be a tad irritating after a while. Don't let them get to you. It has to stop eventually and then the sun will come out.
    I think you should try singing things like 'The sun has got his hat on' and 'Who's been polishing the sun' and other cheerful, sun-inspiring ditties - I really do think it helps.

  10. Oh Annie your suggesting I sing sun-inspiring songs has just made me laugh out loud! Thanks for cheering me up :-))

  11. I feel your pain! We spent summer months putting putty and silicone on all the cracks in our wooden windows and I was horrified when the first rain arrived and it peed in through all the windows. In fact from the sound of it, I thought it was the dog peeing on the carpet and then watched the waterfalls coming through the windows! We're doing the same as you, eating, working, sleeping in one room; coal is too expensive this year so the soba is just decorative and we're making do with the electric Ufo.

    My dog is part Labrador and loves the rain and has to be whistled and called in after a couple of hours run-around coming back completely bedraggled and feet full of mud (a bit like Mr Ayak on his motorbike?)
    Anyway, spring will be here soon and as that old hymn goes "After the rain, the sun, this is the way of life, til the work be done" or something like that.

  12. Eeek! There is not much worse than being cold and damp! *crosses fingers and hopes that it wont last long*

    C x

  13. Oh dear..... that would never do over here as that type of weather seems to go on for weeks or months at a time.
    Hoping you get to the root of the problem for next year.

    I did smile at the description of Mr A taking the dogs to the toilet!
    I also wonder what men seem to find so fascinating about a garden shed, bits of wood & a saw. Hope something useful came out of it!
    Hoping the weather perks up soon.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  14. Vicky. We don't buy coal either because we can't afford it but we have plenty of wood to burn. Haha...sounds like dog peeing on carpet..yes that's the sound I have too!

    Carol: Keep those fingers crossed for a bit longer please!

    Maggie: The Turks seem to forget about the rain in winter when they are building houses. We've yet to find a house that doesn't leak.

  15. My parents are visiting and I've been in a constant state of shame about my house-- the leaks, the gaps, the black stuff growing on the walls with the blistered paint. I had roofer in while we were here to plug up some obvious flow...

    But really, it makes me feel better reading about this. My parents have all these helpful suggestions how to deal with these things and I'm all "Meh." Come summer it'll all suddenly become a non-issue, and I do so love our old house... Take care!

  16. Hi Stranger. It's funny how we forget all about this problem once the sun is shining. I can also recall hurriedly scraping black mold off ceilings in our house in Selçuk and re-painting because we had guests due to visit and I was embarrassed at what they might think of our living conditions. The only solution as I see it is to knock down the house and rebuild it! But then it wouldn't be the same house would it? And like you, I've grown to love this house with all it's faults.

  17. I feel for you. I really do. It's all so silly. I just can't understand why all Turkish houses leak and why they can't be built so that they don't. We've been lucky so far this winter but we've got towels stuffed everywhere as well. We learned our lesson last year. It's like the Dunkirk spirit!

  18. Jack I have a feeling the Turks just don't think or worry about winter when they're building houses. I don't know why this always comes as a bit of a shock every year. We know it's going to happen but we still run around like headless chickens stuffing up the holes where the water comes in.

  19. Do I wish for you freedom from the rain, or perhaps a tighter home, neither of which sounds like it's going to happen anytime soon! So I wish for you a tiny respite from the rain and lots and lots of towels!

  20. Theanne: Well your wishing is working. Not so much rain today..but I haven't put the towels away just yet!


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