Thursday, 16 February 2012

Blogging and change

...when everything is working well it's great.  When things go wrong it can become a bit of a chore.

There have been numerous niggly blips with Blogger in recent times. We've almost all experienced them.  The problem with being unable to leave comments on blogs, unless you either log in and out of Google, or use a different browser.  You try all these things.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.  And then, when you stop trying, without warning it starts to work again.

I follow quite a lot of blogs, and to save time I rely on my Reading List to inform me when a blogger has posted something new.  That's fine if it works.   But recently I've noticed that not all the blogs I follow are appearing on my list when they have published a new post.   So the result is that I miss new posts, and those people who would normally expect regular comments from me, probably think I've stopped following them.   Occasionally the list disappears completely, leaving me with a note telling me that I don't follow any blogs.   It's also difficult sometimes to manage the add a new blog.  You enter the URL, follow the procedure...and nothing happens.

Has anyone tried the new Blogger Interface?  I looked at it briefly when the message first appeared at the top of my Dashboard.  Oh's definitely not for I quickly reverted back to the old one.  Apparently the new interface will become I've I'll have no choice but to get used to it.

I felt the same when Blogger changed the design layout.  It caused me great confusion but eventually I got used to it.

I have an inbuilt reluctance to change.  It's silly really because often change can be good for you.  I can recall not wanting to change from a normal computer to a laptop, but being delighted when I did.  I was sure that going from a laptop to a notepad would cause me some didn't...and I am delighted that I changed.  Anything that makes us think, puzzle over, tackle, and eventually succeed helps the brain cells to keep functioning.  At my age that has to be a good thing.

I should strike a bit of balance here and say that I am delighted with Blogger's spam detection facility.  It really works.  I love the way all those Anonymous spam comments offering me anything from unlocking my iPhone to viagra, just pop into my Spam box, ready to delete at my leisure.

And talking of being Anonymous, I was recently asked the name of my village.  I did explain, and it was accepted that I don't use my real name when blogging, because it allows me to post more about my life and prevent certain people, ie family members, from reading my blog.  In this respect, if I gave the name of our village, it would be easier for those people to find my blog.

When it comes to people posting comments anonymously, this is a different matter entirely.  I do allow some Anonymous comments, because I know that sometimes people aren't registered with Google, or for one reason or another can't manage to comment any other way.  These people put their names at the bottom of their comments.  And that's fine, because if I recognise them, I will publish their comments.

One thing I won't tolerate however, are people hiding behind Anonymous to post malicious comments.  I experienced this the first time I posted about the Turkish Animal Group last year.  You wouldn't believe the nastiness that seems to be generated in areas of animal welfare.  There appears to be a lot of resentment, perhaps jealousy, when people see someone doing good.  The expat forums are full of it.  The sniping, misinformation and downright malicious gossip is rife.

I had another such Anonymous comment on my previous post.  I guessed I would.  It's a bit like someone lurking behind a corner, watching, waiting, ready to pounce.  I didn't publish the comment but I responded to it.   My choice.   I know the truth about the Turkish Animal Group from my own research and firsthand knowledge.   If I had the slightest doubt about the group I wouldn't support it.   And by the way, I'm due a visit to the TAG shelter next month.  When I do, I'll post up some pictures so you can see the work that's being done.

Well I'm now off to spend some time catching up with those blogs that have disappeared from my reading may take some time!

PS.  Whilst looking for a suitable pic to put on this post I came across a book Blogging for Dummies.  I wish I had discovered it a long time ago...I may still need to get a copy though!


  1. Your blog is one of those that flickers on and off my reader. It seems they appear for a few minutes right after you post, then disappear forever.

    So I stuck you in my bookmarks, just in case :)

  2. It's annoying isn't it Stranger? But I'm very flattered to be bookmarked :-)

  3. It's been a definitely bumpy ride since I started blogging last February. so I know just what you mean, Ayak. The commenting problem was sorted for me by using Chrome, but I know that doesn't work for everyone.

    I have however totally beaten the problem about following new blogs and wrote about it just after New Year in this post:

    When my dashboard tells me I'm not following any blogs I just shut it down and usually when I open it again they are all back. Annoying, but I can live with it.

    Stopping following blogs is my biggest bugbear, because whatever I do, they still seem to pop up now and again, so I just have to ignore them. Sigh....

    I sometimes wish I'd started my blog in WordPress, which seems to be a lot more stable, but hey - think what hair-tearing fun I'd have missed! :-)

  4. Perpetua, I too wish I had started out with WP but 3 years with Blogger now has made it hard for me to get to grips with spite of all your help and patience for which I am very grateful. I may well come back to tackle WP at some point but I have to be in the right frame of mind, which doesn't seem to be the case at the moment xxxx

  5. You've never fallen off my reader but I know I've fallen off other peoples. You feel like you lose friends when people fall out of those circles. Anonymous nastiness is cowardly. If you disagree with someone and want to voice it you should stand behind your word. I recall being concerned prior to pressing 'go' that my comment wasn't completely supportive. But if I felt I couldn't put my name to it then I would not say it at all. Nastiness catches up in the end and angry, bitter people will not fill their old with love and friendship x

  6. I am so pleased its not just me. I wonder with amazement at how you all seem to have beautifully presented blogs, with added gadgets, with loyal followers, who seem able to cope with all the instructions.....and to find that its not just me being stupid is a revelation. Now all I need to learn is how to explain to some of my friends who read my blog, what they need to do to follow it regularly. So, thanks for reassuring me !

  7. Kv: You've summed it up perfectly. Thankyou x

    Janice: I'm pleased that I have reassured you. Believe me, I really don't find all this blogging techy stuff easy. It's all trial and error!

  8. at one time or the other Ayak I've had all the blog problems you've had...I tried the "new" blog format and didn't like it...I wasn't able to put any thing on the posts except text and photos...nothing on the sides, nothing that I wanted to appear each time on my blog...if they decide to go entirely to that format...I'm not sure how I'm going to handle it! It's always interesting (and not always in a good way) to me to discovered that life on the internet so totally resembles life off the internet! I agree with you entirely about protecting your identity...I tried it once and my little group of everyday blog friends became completely confused. Good post...wish I'd had a copy of the Blogging for Dummies too!

  9. Well, I know how much I owe to your explanations of the - to me - inexplicable! You have the talent of being able to explain in language I can understand.

    I too am wrestling with Wordpress, under Perpetua's guidance...and don't run yourself down...if you hadn't managed to put up a photograph I'd still be wondering if I could or not!

    My blogs I follow thingy disappears regularly, but I click on 'manage' and then back to dashboard and they so far have reappeared.

    Blogs I follow is very patchy though...and really annoying when I see that I've missed some super posts and it's too late to comment on them!

    I don't put up anonymous comments...though I see your point about people without Google accounts and I'll change that policy if there's a name at the bottom...I hadn't thought of that.

    There is a lot of sniping about, isn't there! A friend who's been ill was reading the expat France forums recently and was struck by the venom flying about!

  10. Blogger drives me mad at times but in the end I sort of and I say that loosely know how to get round it! The trouble with the internet is because people cant actually see you face to face they say much more than they actually would in normal circumstances and it makes me sad that theinternet is so badly abused by people. I think the old saying that "if you have nothing nice to say then dont say it" should be used more often! xx

  11. Theanne. Yes I think Blogging for Dummies would have been really helpful for me when I started this blog.

    Fly: I'll have to try that clicking on manage for the reading list. I am pleased I found you because you seem to be the only person who speaks the same pc numpty language as me! We've muddled through a fair bit together.
    Oh these expat forums can be vicious places. I don't look at them too much, just for the occasional bit of useful info.

    Bomb: You're absolutely right x

  12. I know there are a lot of warped people out there, sorry that you have to be on the receiving end of it.

    On the blogger issue, as you know I don't blog (yet!) but I am having problems following blogs I used to read. Now I get messages for some blogs saying you have to be invited to read it, please contact the author but how do you contact the author when you can't access her blog? Is this new or is it just happening to me?

  13. Ah Vicky..this has happened to me a couple of times, not recently, and this seems to be a blanket explanation that covers several things. In one instance the blogger concerned had decided to have a more private blog so she invited followers. In the other instance, the blogger concerned had just stopped blogging, but obviously had not wished to delete the whole blog, so just stopped views.
    That was my experience but it would be interesting to know if anyone else has a different explanation.

  14. Thank you Ayak, I'll just delete those blogs from my Internet favourites, then. I can understand if people want to keep things private.

  15. You pretty well said it all about Blogger.....but the only problem I have is some Blogs example like yours. It doesn't scroll smoothly but very choppy. If I click it a
    few times with the mouse it scrolls past the current post and a couple of posts down... UGH!!!
    So it takes me clicking till I hit the current post.....

    But I do have your Blog on Favourites, my Blog followers list and I'm safe. LOL!

    Have a great Saturday.....I went to bed at 2 am with dry land, woke up at 7 am and it looks like winter wonderland out there. My husband won't be a happy camper today because he has to shovel the snow. :-(

  16. Blogger seems to have a mind of its own and some days allows me to view blogs and comment but sometimes not.
    Sometimes the word verification is so difficult to read that I have to have half a dozen attempts.
    I don't like change either. that is why my blog always seems to stay the same.

    I think we have to be careful about opening ourselves out to be too well recognised so I always respect a bloggers anonymity. However, people can write nasty things hidden behind anonymous comments so theres two sides to everything..
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  17. Erica I have exactly the same problem with the jerky scrolling on my blog and a couple of others. I wonder why that is?

    Maggie: I also have problems with the word verification and I've noticed that just recently there are now two words to verify instead of if one isn't bad enough.

  18. Good for you Ayak! I think you should be able to write whatever you want. If people don't like it they can go elsewhere. And you don't have to post Anonymous comments - if they aren't secure enough to come forward they don't deserve a voice on your blog.


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