Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Crash...bang...flooding and flying furniture

After a couple of sunny and relatively warm days, I woke up yesterday morning to blustery weather.  The skies were grey but no sign of the rain which had been forecast.

As the day wore on, the wind got stronger.  I decided to pop down to the village to get vegetables.  It's market day here on Monday.  Although I use the term "market" loosely, as it just consists of two vegetable stalls, run by village women who compete with each other to get customers by shouting loudly and glaring at each other.   I like to be fair, so I usually buy something from each stall.  And I always end up buying more than I  really need because these women are so persistent.

By the time I had reached home the wind had become gale force.    It can be quite terrifying at the top of this hill.  It feels so exposed.   I let the dogs out into the garden to run around but poor little Poppy was almost blown off her feet so I had to rush out and rescue her.

The following hour or so had me running around the garden   retrieving chairs, a table, shoes, and dustbin...all of which had been scooped up by the wind and blown off the balcony.   The plastic pipe from the aircon unit on the roof  had come adrift and was flapping about and crashing into the bedroom window.   There is no way I intended to risk life and limb by going up onto the roof to secure it. 

Temporary measures were called for and I found some washing line in a drawer which I used to tie the pipe from the roof onto the outside tap...the only secure object I could find.  It's not ideal of course but it will have to do for now.  Fortunately I had enough washing line to also tie the chairs, table and dustbin to the balcony railings to stop them being lost forever.

No sooner had I settled down indoors with a cup of coffee there was a terrific crashing and crunching noise from outside.   Part of Mr A's carefully constructed wooden fence had been blown down with such a force that it had flown about 50 yards, crashing into the side of the house.

Then came the rain, viciously beating against the house .....water pouring in through most of the window frames.   Within 10 minutes of placing towels underneath to mop up the water, they would become soaked and have to be replaced.   Again, the sitting room carpet is saturated, and I have had to move furniture to one end of the room.

By the time darkness had descended, there was a terrific storm with thunder and lightening overhead.  I rushed around disconnecting the modem and pretty much all things electrical.  I needn't have bothered because 10 minutes later there was a powercut.

The dogs and I have been up all night.  No lighting or heating.  Every room in this house is wet or damp.    Beki is terrified of thunder and is a nervous wreck.  Me?  I'm sick to death of it and would rather be anywhere else than here right now.  A Caribbean beach would do nicely!

Finally the power came back on at 5.30am, after the storm had subsided.  It's still dark outside and I am dreading daylight when I will be able to see the mess inside the house and outside that I will have to deal with.

Please let there be sunshine today to lift my mood and give me something cheerful to write about.


Edited to add.   It's now 9.45am.  The wind has dropped but now we have a hailstorm..damn great lumps of ice falling from the sky.  Whatever next?  


  1. Oh dear Ayak, what a dreadful night you must have had, I hope you can get a bit of rest today... inbetween trying to sort the mess out. I suppose it could have been a lot worse, and thank goodness you and the dogs are ok.

  2. Oh no! That's all you needed.

    Hope it's hot enough to dry everything out.


  3. Thanks Jan..we are fine. Just need some sunshine now x

    SP: no chance. It's dark and gloomy, drizzly rain and the forecast is more storms to come :-(

  4. Our electricity was off from 6pm to 9:30pm and why do all Turkish houses leak. I have never lived in one that didn't.

  5. Goodness knows why BtoB..This is our 15th home since I moved to Turkey and every one of them has leaked.

  6. Perking the Daisies is right the weather in Turkey is, to put it mildly, different. So much happening all at once...and the leaky houses! I can take a lot happening outside my apartment...but inside not so much! This is so lame...but I wish I could help you put things to rights!

  7. Theanne. It's the thought that counts and that was a kind thought. Thankyou. We always think we've blocked up all the leaks but they mysteriously re-appear!

  8. Aww Linda I wouldnt be able to cope hope soon that good old sun comes out or you win the lottery for a holiday in the Caribbean lol xx

  9. Oh no, Ayak! That sounds terrible. I wish you lots of dryness and heat, soon!

    Love the photos in your last post :-)

  10. (((HUGS)))) Wish I was there to help. Hope all is better today.

  11. Poor Ayak, I wish I could scoop you up and put you somewhere nice and warm and dry, while someone else clears up all the mess. There has been such odd weather all over the world this winter, with Europe freezing and the US having an amazingly mild winter for the most part. Roll on spring - especially in Turkey!

  12. I wish you were here....getting warm.
    You must be absolutely cheesed off!

  13. Keep buying the tickets Bomb and we'll both go!

    Deniz..Thanks...dryness would be lovely.

    Thankyou Erica x

    You're right Perpetua, the weather is really strange this winter, and yes I wish you could scoop me up and put me somewhere else!

    That's an understatement Flyxx

  14. Glad you are ok! I guess it was windy just about every where yesterday. We had toreential rains here in Georgia!

  15. Kelleyn, the weather everywhere is really strange..quite unpredictable these days.

  16. Huge storms are thrilling, to a point. Usually that point is around when they start to mess with your stuff. Then they suck.

    But at least I'm feeling less inclined to bitch about the perpetual icy wetness from the sky here.

    Hope your silver lining and sun are just around the corner. And that the laundry cord holds up! It was a good idea!


  17. Oh Ayak....... that sounded dreadful.
    Hope that the damage wasn't as bad as it sounded.
    You have my sympathy.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  18. Not even with a sense of humour is it fair to have to face such things. Beyond a joke, methinks. I just hope things improve quickly and without further problems. Warmest thoughts and best wishes. Axxx

  19. It has been fairly wild here, the rain last night was torrential at times, the wind strong, I guess stronger where you are.

    Hopefully spring will come soon and it will all calm down.

  20. Thanks Stranger. I'm so pleased I had the washing line..very useful stuff.

    Thanks Maggie..I'm grateful for all the sympathy I can get at the moment xxx

    Annie,'s really no joke!

    omentide. I think being up on this hill exposes us to the elements more. Oh I can't wait for Spring...or even just one day of sunshine so I can open the windows and get rid of the damp smell.


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