Monday, 6 February 2012

Fun in the Snow

‎"Look Mummy it's snowing, look - big snow!!"

"The colour white!!"

"Grass is hiding!!"

These were Billy's excited words yesterday morning.  His first real experience of snow. Oh how I wish I'd been there to watch their excitement.

Watching the snow fall

I'm ready

I'm ready too

Such fun   

I love this snowman



  1. What great photos. I love the energy efficient arms on the snowman! Very, very cute!

  2. 'Cross the Pond...I love the photos and it's a great snowman isn't it?

  3. Aww, bless! Don't they love snow at that age? He would have been too young to appreciate how much we had back in December 2010.

  4. Grass is hiding! That's super!
    Lovely photographs.

  5. Yes Perpetua, he wouldn't have really noticed it then.

    Bomb:I agree!

    I love that too Fly!

  6. Adorable little snow boys...all wrapped up like presents ;-) Love those snow man arms...great job boys!

  7. Theanne; Gorgeous aren't they :-)

  8. Oh they are so cute!!! Wonderful snowman too! :)


  9. They'll be missing you too,'ll see them soon and I bet you can't wait.


  10. Lovely photos of the children, great to have the photos so quickly, isn't technology wonderful!

  11. So cute and adorable the lil'
    guys.....what a great snowman they built. They look like they are having a ball of fun....and with such excitement.

    Love how he said 'the grass is hiding' come up with the cutest things.

    You are lucky to have such two cutiest.....soon you will see them.

  12. Only a couple more months Erica. Looking forward to it. x

  13. SP: It can't come soon enough.

    It ıs amazing Noreen. I saw these photos half an hour after they were uploaded.


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