Saturday, 25 February 2012

Good friends

I've only known Gwen and Suleyman since last year.  I met them at the hotel where they had a small shop,and where Mr A was working in the hamam.  Gwen and I hit it off immediately.  One of those friendships where you just click and feel like you've known each other forever.

Mr A and Suleyman are like chalk and cheese.  Mr A is a larger than life kind of man, quite loud and popular with most people.  Suleyman is very quiet and reserved.  But the two of them get along like a house on fire.

Gwen and I get together as often as possible.  Not always easy because they live in Aydin during the winter and in the Bodrum area for work during the summer season.  When they have made day trips from Aydin to Bodrum, they pass the road to our village and will take a detour to collect me, so that Gwen and I can spend some time together.  Gwen and I do lots of favours for each other.  There are things I can help her with because she has only lived here for three years, and she helps me out too.  It's a good, well balanced relationship.

They are now in Bitez getting the hotel that they are renting for the summer, ready for the start of the season, so I bus over to Bodrum whenever I can.   Other than that we spend a fair amount of time chatting on the phone.

This morning Mr A went into Milas in search of another repairman to fix the washing machine.  No luck at all so he phoned the Beko man again and discussed getting our machine repaired.  Beko man quoted 250 lira, and Mr A said that he wasn't sure we could afford to get it repaired this month.  Beko man said he would repair it this evening and Mr A could pay him at the end of next month.  So we settled for that.

I was chatting to Gwen on the phone at lunchtime and was telling her about the machine and the cost of the repair.   Her response was that it was ridiculous to think of paying that price when we could get a new machine for around 500 lira.  She said why didn't I get a new machine on taksit (monthly payments).   Of course this would be the ideal solution. Years ago it was possible to get taksit on goods here very easily.   But shops eventually got wise to the fact that many people defaulted on payments, so the system was tightened up.  Now it is only possible to get taksit if you have a credit card.  That way the monthly payments are taken directly from your bank account.

Unfortunately, as I was explaining to Gwen, neither Mr A nor I have a credit card.  Gwen told me to hold on one minute, then she came back to the phone and told me that Suleyman said he would gladly pay with his credit card and I could reimburse him each month. 

It was a wonderful gesture of friendship and trust, but my immediate reaction was to thank Suleyman and refuse, because I really don't like owing money.  In fact, I have had goods on taksit in the past but always settled the debt in full way before it was due.  But Suleyman insisted because it wouldn't cost him anything as I would be paying him each month, and said he would ring Mr A to see if he could arrange for the transaction to be carried out over the phone.

Mr A went to the Beko shop and asked if this could be done, and Beko man said it was impossible to do it over the phone.  I was quite pleased because I really wasn't keen to give this man any more business.  Mr A then went to a different shop where they were only too happy to oblige.  One phone call to Suleyman from the shop at around 3.30pm  and it was all arranged.

By 6.00pm my new washing machine was delivered, installed and is now working beautifully.

I phoned Gwen a little while ago to tell her how grateful I was, and although the taksit period is for 12 months, I will be able to pay Suleyman in full within the next couple of months, once Mr A is working again. " No rush at all", she replied, "and it's a pleasure to help and you do so much for me anyway ...that's what friends are for".

Aren't they just lovely?


  1. isn't friendship wonderful! an excellent solution to a clothes washing dilemma! so happy you're not going to be wringing out sheets and towels by hand!

  2. It is a relief Theanne. I had envisaged a couple of months of wringing out sheets and towels.

  3. What a wonderful ending to the washing machine story. I am so pleased. Friendship is pretty fantastic, and your friends sound like lovely lovely people, who clearly think you and Mr A are pretty lovely too.

  4. What a truly heart-warming story, Ayak. What good friends they are and now you don't have all that back-breaking washing to do. :-)

  5. Friend..... means they are there for you when you need it and they know you'll be there for them when they need truly have a good friend in Gwen. It's hard to find these days.

    I'm so elated that you got a NEW washing machine....I was getting a headache thinking how on earth are you going to do the 'wash' with arthritis you said you had. :-(

    Glad it was all installed and delivered today. I had trouble with my new the last 2 weeks they have taken it away and brought a second new one. First the digital numbers were flashing, the next one had a big they brought a third new one.... so far this one seems okay.

    Have a great day tomorrow.....let us know how the wash went?

  6. That is a lovely heart-warming story!

  7. Lovely people so nice to have friends like that they are few and far between xx

  8. That sounds a wonderful friendship. I like your description of a balanced one because I think that is very important.

    I hope my Beko washing machine is reliable for a bit longer yet. They seem quite popular over here.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  9. Janice: They are very lovely people.

    Fly: Absolutely!

    Perpetua: I have to admit my back was beginning to feel the effects.

    Erica: I am delighted with the machine. It's been going non-stop today.

    Bomb: I am very lucky to have them

    Maggie: It is important. The best friendships have to be balanced, give and take and being there for each other through the good times and bad.
    Beko are pretty good but it always feels like we get the "seconds" or not quite perfect products here.

  10. That's wonderful, Ayak! It's nice to hear of such friendliness and good will :-)

    1. HiDeniz...yes it is. They are very good friends indeed


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