Friday, 10 February 2012

Laughter is cheaper than medicine

It's all too easy to get depressed or miserable, especially during winter.  I have to stop and give myself a shake up sometimes when my moaning and complaining creeps into my blog.  One sure way to snap me out of my mood is to go through the photos  I have of my gorgeous grandsons.  Thanks to the wonders of technology I can see these just hours or sometimes minutes after my daughter has taken them, because she uploads them on Facebook.

And talking of Facebook...there's actually a page called Laughter is cheaper than Medicine.  I subscribe to it because the pics they post, which then appear on my wall, often make me smile:

What do you do to shake yourself out of a miserable mood?


  1. Lovely pic of Jimi and Billy. I dream when Im miserable lol xx

  2. Take the dogs for a run up in the coffee...they love rooting about and one look at Arfurpup's excited stump of a tail going into overdrive is enough to make me laugh...and that gets me out of my rut of gloom.

  3. Love the lil' guy cute and adorable. I can see why looking at your photo's of your Grandson's would make your day and put a smile on.....Aren't they just the cutest.

    On my Facebook I have lots of those sites with funny captions.....I get streams of them daily.

    Do you ever go on have lots of good things funny and just great photos of about anything and lots of captions. I go on it every morning and get a good laugh.I'm on a diet now and staring at some food pics they have makes me even more hungrier.

    Hope all is well with ya' and have a nice sunny day. We had a gorgeous sunny day yesterday, today it's gloomy with 1/2 cm. of snow 'maybe' coming....and -2 cel. deg.

    take care....

  4. Kv. Yes it's a good one.

    Thanks Bomb. Dreaming of winning the lottery perhaps?

    Oh yes Fly. Dogs definitely have a knack of shaking us out of a mood.

    Erica: I have their photos as a slide show as my screen saver..they make me smile whatever my mood. Oh I'm trying to diet but it doesn't help when I keep watching Masterchef on the TV site.

  5. I visit other blogs and realize how darn wonderful my life is...well other than hating the heck out of the fact that Don isn't here to share with me.

    I like that last funny one...I really do have the hardest time remembering the password for my "real" life! Technology is definitely very useful for grandparents who live far from their g'kids...I mean where were cell cameras and Skype back when my oldest 2 grandkids were little?!!!

  6. Silent Disco!

    Headphones on and bop all around the house...I can't dance for toffees either, but it feels good.

    Give it a go,


  7. Theanne I often curse Facebook but wouldn't be without it. I haven't seen my grandsons on webcam for weeks due to problems with my daughter's laptop and my microphone..must get it all fixed, so FB is so useful for the photos.

    SP do you know I have done that but not nearly often where's my mp3 player?


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