Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Sleep and electrical appliances (again)

 I have some kind of flu bug, with sinus problems and a nasty cough.  It's left my head feeling quite fuzzy so I haven't been in much of a mood for blogging.  I do once remember my grandmother saying that sleep is good for curing most things.  I'm not sure how true this is, but I seem to have slept more in the last few days than I have for months, and I do feel a bit better for it.

This bug arrived on Friday, which wasn't welcome as I had decided to bus over to Bodrum to meet up with Gwen.  She and Suleyman have moved over to the hotel in Bitez that they are renting this year, to start getting things organised for the season.  I felt a bit hot and headachey on the bus but tried to shake it off.

We browsed the shops, which are pretty uninteresting at this time of the year.  The tail end of sales of winter clothes means that most of the bargains are gone, and new stock in many shops has yet to reach the shelves.  Not that we were buying, but there wasn't much to look at.

We decided to walk into Gumbet to a warehouse where we have previously bought bacon and sausages.  Items that are difficult to find in Turkey, and those supermarkets in tourist areas that stock bacon charge the earth for it.  And frankly the quality is not worth the price.

On the way we stopped for lunch in one of the few lokantas open during winter.  We had chicken shish, with rice, chips, roasted peppers, salad and lots of durum bread, and çay.  The total price for the two of us was 21 lira (about 7.70 pounds).  These are the best places to eat, and you will find that their prices stay the same even during the tourist season.   You can pay a small fortune for a similar meal in the restaurants geared up for the tourists, but with a bit of shopping around it is still possible to eat cheaply and well in Turkey.

The warehouse I mentioned has now opened a small shop at the front of the premises and stocks all sorts of  expat delights such as Branston pickle and Birds custard.  I bought a kilo of bacon and 20 sausages along with 3 tins of baked beans and some Lea & Perrins worcestershire sauce.  A few treats to cheer up a miserable winter.

By this time I was feeling pretty unwell so Suleyman collected us and dropped me off at the bus station to get the bus back home.

And that's where I've been ever since...sleeping most of the time. 

In between dozing I've cooked and cleaned a little and tried to keep up with washing.  One of the control buttons on my washing machine has been loose for a while.  But with a bit of fiddling and the occasional use of a small knife, I've managed to operate it.  However, it reached the point where it just wouldn't budge, so Mr A got the Beko engineer from the village to pop in on Sunday evening to take a look.   I didn't watch him work but apparently he took off the outer casing and stuck the button back in position with glue.   Yesterday morning I loaded the machine and switched it on.  It filled with water but when it started to rotate the whole machine shuddered violently, started to move across the room and then stopped.

I thought maybe I had overloaded it, so I took some things out.  Tried again and the same thing happened.   I took everything out and tried again...same response.  I washed some things by hand and put the rest of it back in the machine and closed the door, and there it will stay until the engineer can come out to take another look, which won't be for a few days as he is very busy.  

Hmm...I wonder if the volume of work is in any way related to the way in which he fixes one simple problem, but at the same time creates a bigger one.  Or maybe I'm being unfair and it's just a coincidence.


  1. I hope you're feeling better, and that you dont have to wait too long to get the washing macine frustrating. Enjoy the Lea & Perrins.

  2. Thankyou Janice. The Lea & Perrins is going down very well on my bacon sarnies...mmm

  3. OH my...that stomach virus that swept through here and kept everyone miserable. That's all I wanted to do was sleep. Diarrehea..vomiting and sleep. Be prepared for a few weeks of being miserable.
    A few questions for ya...what is that chicken shish with rice that you had for your meal? ...durum bread and cay? the "chips" are potatoes?...I love trying different foods!

  4. Geçmiş olsun. I've got the winter cough. Fine in the day, but miserable at night.

  5. Hi Charlotte Ann. Fortunately my stomach is OK but my head, neck, ears and throat feel like someones sticking hot pins in them.
    Chicken shish (or Turkish spelling şiş) is chicken cooked on skewers. I found a pic for you here
    Read about durum flat bread here :

    And çay if Turkish tea, served in tulip shaped glasses

    Chips are what you call french fries?

  6. Oh the cough BtoB...tell me about it. I swear sometimes I'm going to cough my lungs up :-(

  7. (((HUGS))) Hope you are feeling better. Everyone around me has caught this thing and I'm waiting to catch it myself.This year I got the Flu shot and I overdose on Vit. D and who knows whatever else, so not to catch what is going around.
    I hate when those appliances kick the bucket....last month my dishwasher broke after 7 years of service. So off we went and got a new one. While there I noticed a new stove with a double husband said NO we don't need a new one now.....well 2 weeks later mine went on the blink. Actually it started to smoke and a small fire...YESSSS my prayers were answered.A few months again my washing machine I got new front loader washer and dryer with those machines. Well this winter my vacation to Florida is not to be
    :-( ...but I got all new appliances. Here it is not worth it to fix b/c just for a repairman to ring the doorbell is around 100 just buy a new one.
    Glad you had a good time with your friend shopping and lunch. Love those cay (bardak) glasses, we use them at least once a day. I love the cay in them, but getting up from the table and keep refilling them, not so much for a crowd.....No Lea and Perrins there eeks! I throw that stuff into my koftes.I always have a bottle of that in my fridge.
    Hope you feel better and your washing machine will be fixed.
    By the way my husband enjoys reading your blog.
    Have a great day!!!! (sorry for the long post)

  8. Erica: I'd love a new washing machine and I guess if I had to pay as much as you do for the repairman I would think twice about repairs. But at the moment we can't afford a new one.
    ...and didn't I ask you if your husband would like to do a guest post on my blog? I'm sure I did! If I didn't...ask him. If I did...ask him again!

  9. I'm sorry the bug has hit you so hard...sleep and time seem the only things that help, but that cough sounds rotten.

    Your washing machine man must have been trained in France! I swear that they just did one thing which meant a return visit!

  10. oh my, so "engineers" are the same the world over! sad for everyone! sleep and get well!

  11. Fly: Most likely...or vice versa

    Theanne: It would seem that they are!

    And thankyou all for your get well wishes xxx

  12. Fly: Most likely...or vice versa

    Theanne: It would seem that they are!

    And thankyou all for your get well wishes xxx

  13. Hope you feel better soon, I know the feeling had it along with the sickness and diarrhoea felt rubbish for a couple of weeks. Love and hugs xx


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