Monday, 13 February 2012

This beautiful country

It's another horrible, grey, rainy day. It started off well and was dry enough for me to go to Milas to do some shopping and then the clouds opened. But I shouldn't be dismayed by this weather because winters here are short, compared with the warmth of Spring and Autumn, and the long hot summers.

Occasionally I stop dead in my tracks, look around me, and realise how lucky I am to live in this lovely country. It's all too easy to forget the positive side of life here when I'm in the depths of winter but I remind myself that summer is just around the corner.

I have been lucky enough to experience different areas of Turkey, all beautiful, but in often vastly different ways. For those of you have come to my blog fairly recently, you might like to have a look at some of my old posts which show you these areas, and my journey and experiences since I moved here. You'll find the links here: My Turkey Journey 

Turkey is a great country for holidays. If you've never been, give it a try. You won't be disappointed.



  1. We holidayed in Turkey quite a few times and loved it.
    My funniest memory is of Mr. Fly buying tobacco in the Antalya was being sold in huge binbags and the chaps were getting him to try different types. At one point he had more than three in his mouth and looked like a beagle used in those dreadful experiments....but I didn't have a camera!

    Such a beautiful, varied country, you are right!

  2. Haha that would have made a great photo Fly!
    You can still find the men selling tobacco from bin bags in most of the markets. They are usually off the main drag, hidden behind corners because I've been told they import the tobacco illegally. Although I think most of the zabita (market police) are smokers so they probably turn a blind eye.

  3. If I were going to travel across the sea I believe I'd like to come to Turkey...decided recently though I'd like to visit some of the state I'm in, so will be visiting Key West this December...exciting! And it'll be after hurricane season! Yay!

  4. Theanne, we often take our home country for granted. There are still many areas in the UK that I would still like to visit.

  5. I've never been to Turkey, Ayak, probably because I can't cope with great heat, but it does look very beautiful. So much world, so little time....

  6. Right on, Ayak. It's hard to remember the beauty, dragging my sorry ass through the rain to work at 7.30 in the morning on a dolmuş where the only heat comes from the other passengers and the bundle of boy in my lap. But then the boy starts wiping the steam off the windows and the beauty outside is ageless.

  7. Perpetua: I'm not good with the heat either, but the months that are best to avoid are July and August. May and September are my favourites..gorgeous.
    It's's a big world..there are so many places I'd still like to see.

    Stranger. There's beauty absolutely everywhere here. We just have to open our eyes more often.

  8. My ex and I travelled to Turkey by train in about 1978 and our plan was to go through to India... except that Turkey was experiencing an inflation rate of over 400% if I remember correctly, and we knew that we couldn't afford to get there and back. So we spent a while in Istanbul, and then caught the train to Kusadasi, where we spent the night with a Turkish couple we met on the train, and then on to Cesme the next day ready to catch the ferry over to Chios. Happy times.

  9. Jan if you haven't been back since 1978 you would find a lot of changes in the country, but probably not the people. They are still friendly and welcoming as you no doubt discovered back then.


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