Saturday, 11 February 2012

This week's events

The weather has been awful, but I've talked enough about it this week and won't bore you further, except to say that yesterday it was dry. Although still cold, the sun came out and the skies were blue.

It was a great opportunity to fling open all the windows to dry out the house, and to finally be able to put washing out on the line.

Mr A arrived home yesterday morning.   This wasn't planned of course, as he was due to work in Istanbul until April.  However, on Wednesday he was laid off along with a couple of other men.  The reason:  the extreme weather in Istanbul seems to have prevented people from getting out and about, hence they had no customers.  Mr A being last in was obviously first out.  They did at least pay him for the time he had been there...something that doesn't always happen, so we are grateful for that.

He spent Wednesday evening and all day Thursday looking for another job, but found nothing, so he packed his suitcase and caught a flight back home yesterday morning.

I had mixed feelings about him coming home.  Part of me was pleased to see him, but I was also feeling disappointed at how this happens so often, and that we have spent so much money recently on new clothes for him, and the cost of transport to Istanbul twice, and to Denizli for a previous job opportunity that didn't materialise.

The cold weather in Istanbul has taken it's toll on Mr A.  He spent most of his working days outside the carpet shop trying to find customers.  He has returned with rather a nasty chest infection and is dosing himself with quite a lot of medication prescibed by a doctor in Istanbul.

There is yet another job lined up, in Kusadasi, to start around 1st March, or possibly sooner.  He will just have to sit and wait for the call.

Because I have been somewhat confined to the house this week due to the weather, I was unaware of things going on around me.  Mr A spent some time talking to one of our neighbours yesterday and we discovered that the old man in the house just below us had died this week.

I have mentioned him and his wife before.  He was not very bright, and almost deaf.  His wife has learning disabilities.  They lived in appalling conditions in the only room of the house that wasn't falling down.  It is an abdolute hovel, with no washing facilities or toilet.  They had a makeshift toilet in the garden which consisted of a pile of stones built in a semi-circle to provide protection.

The woman is very fond of cats and would feed all the strays, certainly better than she fed her or her husband.  Most people in the village have done what they can to help, including Mr A and I.  I have given food and clothes, and Mr A helped them to build their outside "toilet" a bit higher and provided wood to make a "roof".  He also built them a new gate, and occasionally went down there to make bonfires to burn their rubbish.  Mr A has also constantly expressed his concern about their plight to the Muhtar (village head), and he has done what he can.  But most of the time this couple resisted any help that was offered.

It's sad when someone dies, and I'm sure this woman is suffering the loss of her husband.  However, you may think I'm harsh in saying I'm glad it has happened.  This man was always ill.  He died peacefully in his sleep.  The woman has now agreed to go and live with her brother on the other side of the village.

They are both now in a better place....thank goodness.


  1. and life moves lost jobs gained...death and brothers on the other side of town!

    Hope the medication is help for Mr. A. So much sickness this winter!

  2. Oh dear, do hope work comes along soon and the chest infection clears up quickly.


  3. What another rotten stroke of luck. It's your turn for the good luck.

  4. I feel bad about complaining about no water for 3 days, when there are still folks living in these primitive conditions.
    Hope work comes along soon for Mr. A.

  5. Sorry about the job, Ayak and Mr A's chest infection. Home is the best place for him at the moment.

    It's sad about the old man, but death isn't always the worst thing that can happen.

  6. Thanks all of you for your good wishes for Mr A.
    I felt a bit heartless in posting about the death of the old man. It maybe seemed like I didn't care. I do..but he was living such an awful life that the very fact that he died quickly and in his sleep was a blessing. It could have been so much worse.

    I've just seen his wife and I am a good way. She has clearly showered, something I doubt she has done for years, and is dressed in clean clothes. She looks happy, well fed and clearly is being looked after by her brother. It's a joy to see her looking so good and I'm very relieved.

  7. I'm sorry about the just seems so much more precarious everywhere these days.

    As Perpetua says, death isn't always the worst thing that can happen and he died peacefully at home...but what a surprise about his widow! Looks as though someone's looking after her at last.

  8. Fly...I did a double-take. At first I didn't recognise her...the change was so extreme. It's a real shame that she and her husband resisted help from the family for so long. Still at least she will have a far better life from now on.

  9. Mr A does seem unlucky in work. None of it seems to be his fault. Hoping the next thing materialises soon.

    Sorry about the death of the old man but maybe it is a blessing and the wife will be looked after now. Seems the only creatures that are going to miss out are all the hungry cats that are used to being fed. What will happen to them?
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  10. Sorry about Mr A hope he feels better soon and that the other job materialises ok. Maybe with the old man it was him that didnt want the help and she felt duty bound to do the same u never know but am glad she seems to be much better looked after now xx

  11. sorry to hear that Mr. A got laid door closed but another window of oppurtunity will open. I'll keep all my fingers crossed. Maybe it's better he's at home while he's got some nasty thing going around....and can get rid of it sooner.

    Too bad about your neighbour...very sad, it's always better to cross over peacefully in your sleep....and not connected to miles of wires and machines UGH!and at home..... like you said he's in a better place and that's good the widow's brother is looking after her....and did a complete make-over on her.

    Well have a nice weekend, probably half of the day gone for you but here it is only 9 am.......cold and cold with a dusting of snow. Only to make the roads slippery.

    ...take care.

  12. Maggie they'll go back to raiding the bins, as do all the cats here. To be honest the leftovers in the bins look a bit more appetising than the food the woman used to give them.

    Bomb: Quite likely. Turkish village women tend to obey their husbands, but frankly neither of them had the mental capacity to make any sensible decisions.

    Thanks Erica. We have avoided the snow thats in many other parts of Turkey at the moment..thank goodness. I don't envy you.

  13. Hope the medication is helping! It's quite cold here today, but sunny - sending some more sunshine your way!
    It's sweet to see everyone in the village looking out for each other.

  14. Thanks Deniz. The forecast is dry and sunny for a couple of days with more rain to follow next week :-(

  15. I do hope Mr A's chest infection clears up quickly, they are horrid! Good luck to him on the job front, it's difficult but at least he keeps on trying and that's the main thing!

  16. thanks Jan...onward and upwards :-)

  17. I read all your post and had lots of little 'oh no,' moments on your and Mr A's behalf - and then the poor old couple. And whilst I do hope Mr A is soon feeling better and that the next job offers more stability, I was glad to read the follow up to the widow. They sound as though they lived in the most appalling conditions and that things have improved for her at least.
    And far from sounding heartless, I read your words and heard a lot of humanity in them.

  18. Thankyou Annie. Life was becoming more and more bleak for this couple and while they were together it was never going to get any better. I feel at least one of them now has a much better future.


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