Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Wonderful washing line

Months ago when my balcony washing line broke I asked Mr A to bring me some from Milas.  He found some that was really strong.  It was made from wire, coated in plastic.  Very thin but very strong.

It has lasted so much longer than the normal stuff we buy, which is basically string that eventually frays and snaps.   He bought several bundles of the stuff and in recent days I have been very grateful for it.

I secured the outlet pipe from the aircon unit on the roof, and tied all the balcony furniture to the railings.  In spite of the force of the wind, nothing has budged.

Yesterday, I went out and repaired the fence with it.  I did search for nails to do it properly but couldn't find any long enough.  But this washing line has done the trick.  It doesn't look very pretty but it's very secure and should last until Mr A can do a more professional job on it.

Anyway...what else can I use washing line for?  Certainly not for drying washing in this weather!  The rain continues...where is it all coming from?  At least the wind has dropped so no more water is getting into the house.   Oh for just one rainless day, so I can open all the windows and get everything dried out.  And the smell...don't you just hate the smell of damp?


  1. well thank goodness for clothesline cord...I used to think duct tape was the best but I'm rethinking! ;-) Don't like the smell of damp either!

  2. I'm really pleased for you that the washing line was at hand and that it proved to be so strong. You also are a very resourceful person.
    No....... theres probably nothing much worse than the smell of damp.
    Hope Mr A will put things to right when he comes back.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  3. I think duct tape is pretty useful too Theanne...I've used a lot of it over the years.

    I hope so too, Maggie x

  4. Urgh, the feel and smell of damp is horrible! I shall cross my fingers that you get some rain free days soon *crosses fingers*

    C x

  5. Thanks Carol. The crossing of fingers is much appreciated xx

  6. Thank goodness for that strong are very resourceful and inventive so I'm sure you will find lots to do with that clothesline in the future.

    Hope the sun comes out so you can dry the house.....with arthritis I can only imagine how you feel with that dampness. The heating pad for me would be my best friend if I had those conditions.

    Take care and I will pray the sun comes out for you sooooooon.

  7. Amazing how ingenious women can be under pressure!

    I do hope for some dry days for you soon.

  8. Thanks Erica. I have to admit that both Beki and I are suffering a bit with our arthritis. Her new bed is helping and I cover her up with a soft blanket to keep her warm. My electric blanket really helps me too.

    Thanks Fly. There seems no let up at the moment...rain...rain and more bloody rain!

  9. Turkey is sure having some awful weather right now! My inlaws are in Kastamonu and covered with snow.. and more to come! SO glad you were able to get everything tied down! Funny how we manage to come up with solutions when we must. Hope things settle down, I surely don't like the smell of dampness either.


  10. Hi Terri. Winter arrived late this year but it's really made up for it now it's here!

  11. My car smells horrid of damp when it rains and there is a strange 'old man on bus' smell happening at one end of my kitchen :( but let's hear it for strong washing line, my fence is alo held up with it at the moment.

  12. It just shows we never know what will come in useful, Ayak. Your washing-line sounds so much better than the plastic stuff sold in the UK. Fingers crossed here for an improvement in the weather.

  13. Ah yes Kv "old man on bus" smell...that's it exactly!

    Perpetua..and to think I moaned when Mr A bought the washing line that he got too much of it.

  14. Today we used washing line to tie mattresses onto the beds that are on the roof on their foot boards. The street cats have been knocking them over so we are hoping that the washing line helps!

    Mostly, though, we are grateful that our house does not leak.

  15. Three cheers for washing line omentide!

    I love your house are so lucky it doesn't leak.


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